Saturday, April 30, 2005

Poor Emma. Apparently she was playing hide and go seek with me but forgot to tell me. She fell asleep hiding under her bed. Alyssa got her hair cut just like Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, her idols.The cut is MK & A circa 1999 when they made their first billion. She looks way cute. She wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love but it was about 2" too short. She couldn't go to the chin. She can barely get her hair in a bun for ballet as it is right now.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Listing on EBAY again. I am home now and really want to make this work. The girls started a new class last night. Alyssa is in Kids in the Kitchen, where she made BLT's and pasta salad and Emma is in Tot Art's and crafts, where she made slippers. I was in the waiting room and all I heard was Emma's tiny voice. 10 kids and all I hear is her. When the class got out the teacher opened the door. I said that my daughter was a bit of a talker, and she said "Emma?" Yes, out of ten kids, she knew which kid I was talking about. Stace, thanks so much for the large font tip. Sometimes when I lean over my boob changes the font on the internet and I never knew how to change it. Stace has been a lifesaver the past few days. Ok. I am off to clean our nasty ass bathroom. OK. bye.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

pain in legs.. not good.

Jeff and have been kicking some house ass this week. On Tuesday, he cleaned out the living room of unused crap and I took on the girls room. 4 HOURS later, I had two full trash bags and a nice neat orderly closet. I give it a day. On Wednesday we tackled the back yard. It was pretty bad. Apperently, Otis had a stash of eaten stuffed animals and french fry wrappers hidden behind our canoe. (long story) He had the addest look on his face when Jeff uncovered his treasures and started to put them in a  garbage bag. The back of my thighs were killing me from weeding and cleaning out our vines. I am in really bad shape. We watched Closer too which we really didn't enjoy too much considering we are huge Natalie Portman fans. I have a very busy "mommy week" this week so I will update later.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Stace Rocks

Stace, YOU ROCK!!! You know why. Thank you!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


I forgot my camera on Saturday night but Passover was nice. My mom's matzah ball soup can cure herpes. It is that good. We forgot to open the door for Elijah so he went to the next door neighbor's house. Unfortunatly there was a anger management group meeting going on and Elijah was severly beaten. If you are not Jewish then you don't know what the heck I am talking about. We broke matzah, reclined in our chairs and dipped our bitter herbs in tears. Not really because we forgot the salt water too. We are not what you call "strong" jews. Today was SO busy!! We had a birthday party in the morning, then we went to the library, then we went to Abbe's where we stayed for 6 hours!! It was great. We haven't done that in ages. All we do is hang and talk while the girls play. I knitted while Abbe did her students grades and Jacque watched TV. It was an awesomely, relaxing day.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Happy Passover

Happy Passover to my Jewish friends. Funny thing is, we are having Passover dinner tonight and the only Jewish people there will be me, The girls and my parents. Everybody else is of the goyish religion. And, They are all my friends. MY parents are throwing this fab gala for my peeps. Abbe and her girls, Elizabeth and her clan, and Nicole and Gage. I will take many shots for the ol' blogger but in the mean time, check out THIS hottie. The one on the right, thank you very much!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

“ Mommy, come quick, something in your room fell!”


Mommy runs into her room sees side table drawer on ground with contents on floor.


“ Did you do that?”

“No mommy I didn’t do it, it fell by itself”

“No, I don’t think that is possible, did you do it?”

“No, it fell by itself”

“Did you do it?”

“ I think a ghost did it.”

“ No, we don’t have a ghost, did you do it?”

“Am I in big trouble?”

“Did you do it?”


Excerpt from Emma and Mommy in morning concversation  April 2005

So Ladies and gentlemen, Emma has officially started using the computer. I didn't think her little paw was big enough for the mouse but it is. She is now officially addicted to the Polly Pockets site and She is four and so cute downloading her porn. Just kidding. Caillou rarely gets nude.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


SO after a long agonizing brain process I have decided that tomorrow, Thursday, April 20, 2005 will be my last day working part time for the county. Hopefully not the last time I work for the county, but the last time as a part timer because as much as I love the county, they don’t pay diddly to their PTer’s. If you email me at work, please stop. As I said before, I received my surgery date for May 16th and I must have the next three weeks to prepare for many things. My house looks like a Toys R Us going out of business sale and I must purge many items. I must do this when the children are away because when I pull out ANYTHING to throw away, they claim that they have been looking for that particular item and must have it right now.  I have applied to many jobs and hope to hear from them during my hiatus as the working class.  I need to prep a room for my mom to come and stay, I must prep for long needed, much anticipated garage sale, and I must prep for the 8 year old birthday extravaganza of the year in June. It will be a combo pirate / mermaid bash and I must prepare accordingly to my daughters wishes. You’ll be lucky to get an invite from her!

 My headaches have gotten a little bit worse over the past few days. Granted I am stressed about not having a job, the surgery, cleaning my house, and the big 8-year-old blow out, but my head is overshadowing many of these tasks making want to do nothing but sleep it off.


By the way, if anyone has a Microsoft Office CD that I can look at, please email me so we can make arrangements. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005



I think that Las Vegas is Bipolar. That or menopausal. Yesterday it was 90 degrees and today it is 56. And raining. This town is so confused and I think a nice dose of Valium is in order

Saw Garden State last night and now I am craving the soundtrack. It was an interesting movie. I love Natalie Portman and she was really cute in this movie.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Daily dirt

Had a troubled night last night. Alyssa got another UTI and she was in pain. I just rubbed her feet until she fell back to sleep. It sucks but they have been tapering off. Poor kid. I got approved for a loan for my eye surgery. I am so relieved because my part was $2044. It is due on the day of my surgery. I was going to hold yet another telethon for donations. My insurance is covering 80%. The total cost is $10,000 per eye. WOWSERS! I hope it works.

Friday, April 15, 2005

April 15th

Happy Birthday Murray! You are 65 years old today. What a big boy! Taxes are due today, Murray, and the Titanic sunk today too. And you were born, many, many, many, many, many years ago.  The kids think you are hip and that is all that counts. Keep up the good work. Did you hear me???? I SAID KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Oh, you are napping? I am sorry. Well, happy birthday anyway. We love you here at Tatum Palace. May your birthday be filled with White Castles, boiled chicken, Julia's lox, and lamb chops. Oh, and curry, anything curry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I watched this tonight. It was all about Dr, Suess. It made me think of my camp days at Camp Foxtail. The Lorax was a very important story up there. It is a story about the environment and a little man that tries to save his Truffala trees from being massed produced for profit and greed. For the three years that I worked there we must have read that story over 500 times. We even had a Lorax Island where the girls would leave environmental gifts for him like birdfeeders and things made out of twigs. It made me think of camp and my friends that I made up there. Not to mention my husband, the love of my life. 

Monday, April 11, 2005

Hello there

I am feeling better. These vitamins kick ass. I am taking a multi vitamin, ginseng, green tea, and magnesium. I just signed the girls up for a Care Bear party, cuz that is what you do here in the big city. Sign your kids up for parties for bears. AND.. I am on a Pro - Jeff Campaign. Jeff used to shoot competitively. But he quit when he lost his job at PMC. They were one of his sponsors as well as Oakley.  He is really good. No,. seriously GOOD. He went to a shoot in Arizona and came in 14th out of 400 people. He has trophies and awards and then he quit. But I am on the campaign to get him to start again. He got rid of a lot of his gear and we need to start a letter writing campaign to get some donations of equipment.  If you know anybody with professional gun equipment ties PLEASE email me ASAP at

WE really appreciate anything you can do to help.

Saturday, April 9, 2005


I am not very happy in my body right now. Besides it being terribly large, I have bad skin, my ear is hurting again, My shoulder is killing me, I can't see out of my left eye and my hair needs washing. Plus I still have an annoying cough I can't get rid of. So today I am changing....again. Today I start my vitamins and herbs. No more soda and I am trying to pump up the energy and attitude. Lets see how this goes, shall we?

I watched part of the royal wedding this morning. I know that the Brits don't like Cammie but I think their story is so romantic. Call me a sucker. I love romance. Jeff is romantic. Before we were married and living in sin we both got sick with some sort of stomach virus at the same time. We were living in a one bedroom , one bathroom apartment. Well, he was in the bathroom keeled over from cramps when I told him that I had to get in there right away. So he came out even though he was still in a lot of pain. That was sweet. And when I was pregnant with Alyssa he held my hair when i puked. Of course when I had Emma and was throwing up he said, "babe, can you go in the other bathroom? You are scaring Alyssa."

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

daily dirt

So of course my life would not be complete if everyone in the house didn’t have a cough like a seal. Emma still has something going on and now Alyssa has random laryngitis. What’s that? Oh well it is when she loses her voice every now and then so her sister thinks she is losing her hearing or going crazy or both. This morning Alyssa could speak and she spoke quite well as she told me that she already ate breakfast by herself. When Emma had woken up her voice was gone again and she was whispering that she couldn’t possibly get her shoes on because her throat hurt. 30 minutes later when she asked me for lunch money it was back again. She is an interesting kid. Yesterday she collected 20 ladybugs from the schoolyard. It was pretty cool. Jeff put them in a jar for her and they went on a ride in a 56 Chevy to our house. The ladies were a bit jaded and didn’t much care for the vintage ride. Much like our children. Alyssa eventually let them go in our flower bush later. Ladybugs aren’t all ladies don’t ya know? I learned that from A Bugs Life.

On to other things

I have Keratoconus.

What is a Keratoconus?<oThe normal cornea is usually has a spherical curvature. A disease called keratoconus causes the cornea to undergo progressive thinning and thus protrude outward, forming a cone-like curvature, which leads to distortion and decreased vision. The disease is thought to be inherited and begins to manifest itself sometime in the late-teen through early adult years.<


I need corneal replacement surgery.


I am scheduled to get this surgery on May 16. I am scared and I have a lot of anxiety about having sutures in my eye. But I cannot see anymore and it must be done. I was diagnosed three years ago and have not done anything to take care of it.

Monday, April 4, 2005

The last few weeks

So, let me tell you about the last three weeks. My mind is a complete blur. As you know we went back East for a family vacation. I was very excited because Jeff had not been on vacation in three years. We were all going together. My parents, the girls, and Jeff and I. Of course I was nervous about all of us flying together but I made everyone do my ritual to ensure a safe trip. We touch the plane before we go on it. I know it sounds silly but I have always gotten off a plane safely when I touch the outside!! That was sort of nightmarish trip since we had a layover in Chicago.  The girls did well though. Alyssa slept and got a bit grumpy. She refused to touch the outside of the plane on the 2nd flight to Massachusetts so I had to push her into the side of the plane. I felt a little bad but not too bad after she stopped crying. That week was fun. And like I had mentioned before, we did get to see my Uncle Dennis on Sunday for a short time. He was very sick.  He knew he wasn’t going to be here long. He told me on that day but I “ pee-shawed” him. But the weird and strange part is Emma. She hates everybody pretty much and on that day when we saw him she held his hand walking to my cousins house. She probably didn’t remember him from the last time we saw him which was at my brothers wedding so it is a mystery on why she all of a sudden felt the need to hold his hand willingly. I need to say that one of my favorite memories of my uncle is when he and Jeff and I would play these pony races at the casino. It is a way cool game where you bet on these little electronic horse races. I also had a really nice time with him during my brothers wedding where we drove around looking for cigars for him. He was a good guy who LOVED Elvis and gave my daughters their birthday money on Elvis checks.

Anyway, that is that. We came home on March 22. That was my parent’s anniversary. 41 years IN A ROW! We celebrated by spending aprox 150 hours in various airports then driving home to a torrential downpour. Then the illness’s came. Jeff was sick, my mom was sick and the girls were kinda yucky too. We slept all day Wednesday. Jeff went back to work on that Thursday but my mom was still way sick. That Friday I took her to the hospital and she found out she had a kidney infection. Otis fell down so we took him to the vet. He fell again while he was there and done knocked himself out. He is ok now. And it may be our imagination but we think his lump is getting smaller. On Sunday we got the word that Uncle Dennis had passed so we made the arrangements to fly back to New York for the funeral on Thursday.

We flew in on Wednesday and spent the whole day sleeping. My mom was still really sick and had a hard time walking even short distances. On Thursday we went to the funeral and Friday my mom, Julia and I spent the day together and had an amazing time. I was a little bummed because Rachel Ray from 30 minute meals on Food network was signing autographs at the Williams Sonoma at the Time Warner building from 1-3 PM. We got there at 3 but she was already finished. I love her and think she is totally cute. I just wanted her picture.  On Friday night I got a call from Jeff saying that Emma had 103 temperatures and she was really sick and pukey. Nice. I had no choice but to release the “take care of it and make it better” responsibility to Jeff. He took her to quick care where she was diagnosed with a viral infection and pink eye. Yes, I said pink eye. My eyes are a little itchy today but shhhhhh, I am back at work again and let’s keep that our little secret. I took some of her drops just in case.  We left on Saturday and spent 14 hours in various airports. We were at the Newark airport when the pope was gravely ill. By the time we reached Atlanta he was dead. Bummer. I remember when he was placed in his position. I think I was 7 or 8. So now we are back and I don’t know what time it is. This “Spring forward” crap is really throwing me for a loop. I have been in so many time zones that I wasn’t really surprised when at 6 pm last night I got incredibly sleepy.   But like I said. I am back at work and it feels good to get back in the groove. March was pretty crappy for me. April has a lot of pressure to be a good month.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

I'm back...again

So I am back. And despite it being a somber occasion, it was really kinda nice. The funeral was Thursday. Just my brother, mom and dad and I went. Julia had to work and had class. But let me tell you something. Being just the four of us was surreal. It hasn't been the four of us in about 20 years. The funeral was very nicely put together. My cousin did everything and it turned out great. I got to see Grand Central Station for the first time. I was really impressed. I will write more this week. I am still getting over the million hours of flight time I have had in the last two weeks. I can go a long time before hearing the words " We are now seating zones 4 & 5."