Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The trip was amazing.  I will try and tell you what everything is throughout this entry. We all had a really nice time. Emma had a few "four year old moments" but for the most part, it was great.
The adventure started out last Tuesday evening when my parents hired a limo to pick us up. Alyssa was totally blown away. The plane trip was a little like a Chinese water torture for us because we had a lay over in Chicago at about 3 AM Vegas time. We were a little zoney at this time But the girls did great. We arrived in Boston at 10:30 AM rented a mini van and headed off to my dads cousin, Gladys' house in Avon.   Her house turned out to be this amazing spread. It was beautiful and decorated very modern in bright colors. There was a ton of snow on the ground and the view was spectacular.  We stayed there a while then we went to see her son, Marc and his family. ) Marc is my age and now he is a grown up with two beautiful kids!! Ava and Mikah were beautiful I haven't seen Marc since my wedding ten years ago and I have never met his wife, Michelle. Hopefully they will come to Vegas soon so the kids can hang. On Thursday we left to go to Mystic, Connecticut. The place where the pizza movie is filmed. It was totally cool town. Very old. We stayed at the Howard Johnson and was put in the Crayola room for the kids. It was nice except for the fact that people in Crayola rooms have kids and they put the Crayola rooms close together and others people's kids are so loud! Not my kids of course. Not my angels. Anyway on Friday we got up early and went to the Mystic Aquarium. A really neat place that lets you get really close to the fish and stuff. My father pet this manta ray type thing that really wanted him to pet it! We saw a Beluga whale up close for the first time ever and they had this amazing Titanic exhibit. From there it was the Big Apple. New York City! (pix 28-30)
We drove through the city to get to Rick and Julia's place on the West side. The pictures of the city are of their view from their apartment on the 33rd floor. (31 & 32) They had some people over that night. My cousins, Kara and Laura who are Marc's sisters and some friends of my brothers that are doing a documentary about Ebay. Merle is a real filmmaker and interviewed my father and I to be in herfilm! It should be compete and edited in about a year!  So I caught up with my cousins, Met Kara's boyfriend, Mario and got a beautiful gift from Laura. She makes Jewelry and gave me a necklace that she designed and made courtesy of Gladys who paid for it for me!! Cool! It was a really nice night.
Saturday was CHINATOWN!!! Yee ha! That included a trip on the subway, a first for the girls and entrance into Absolute Mecca for me, REAL Dim Sum! I thought I had died and gone to heaven when Julia announced that Chinatown had a a 99 cent store!!!!! Mecca baby, Mecca. After Chinatown we went to Nickelodeon where my brother is head of graphic design of We saw all of the conference rooms where the big decisions are made about Dick Van Dyke show and more! He gave us a way cool special VIP tour. On Sunday we went out to Harrison, New York to see my Mom's brother, Dennis and his daughter, my cousin, Stacy, and her daughter Vanessa. Uncle Dennis wasn't feeling very good unfortunately but we went all went to lunch after saying good-bye to him. More cousin love for Alyssa and Emma.
That night we saw CHICAGO on Broadway courtesy of Rick and Julia. It was totally great. On Monday I walked 200 miles. Not really but it felt that way. We walked 30 blocks through central park to get to the Museum of Natural History. We stayed there awhile then went back to Chinatown to complete the shopping I needed to get to Utopia. We had more Chinese food that day which was OK by me because I can eat it every day. But now we are home. Doing laundry. and watching the CSI marathon on Spike TV. It was a good week.

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