Sunday, March 27, 2005

March always sucks

My Uncle Dennis passed away. My mother's only brother. We saw him last Saturday and he was in a lot of pain. He had Chrohn's Disease. So now my very sick mother has to get back on a plane and go back to New York. SHe is very sad. I am very sad. March sucks.


daymentedcom said...

Oh man Cyndi, your week keeps getting worse and worse.  I'm so sorry.
(Is this the Uncle Dennis I remember visiting you when we were kids?)

While packing our stuff I found something ridiculous that I got you TEN YEARS AGO and never sent - it's in the mail tomorrow - including the letter I wrote then.

cyndiblock said...

It may be. I had another uncle who was odd, Uncle Hymie. He used to visit us too. It is just odd because we just saw him last week. I am excited about what you sent me! I fly out on Wednesday for the funeral so I will get it when I get back. Is it a puppy?? (Remember Rich Hannano on Valentines Day? I" I got you something but it died, It was a puppy)    it was a rose

heygaber said...

March doesn't suck. It's one of my most special months. My most perfect nephew was born on March 24th.  My most perfect best friend was born on March 26th.

It sucks getting old.

All our prayers.