Sunday, March 13, 2005

It wasn't a good thing.........

The smoke billowing out of the oven... It wasn't a good thing to happen. All I wanted to do is make a nice dinner for my honey, the breadwinner, master of the house, etc..I shouldn't have put the asperagus on a cookie sheet with all of that olive oil cuz it runneth over. It was just like that Mickey Mouse cartoon where the flames had angry faces and legs. Then they would seperate and jump around. That is what happened. I wasn't prepared. I had no baking soda or fire extinguisher. Don't be alarmed. There was no damage and everybody is ok but the smoke was bad. I sent the chillun out into the cold 75 degree weather in nuttin but their skivies covering their hey nanny nannies. The smoke alarm went off and my night in shining armor rolled up on his steed. Well, it was Jeff in his Bass Pro shirt in my Ford Escort. He put the fire out with a manly blow from his billowing chest.... Ok, he put a wet washcloth on the flames and they went out. The whole thing wasn't quite as dramatic as this entry makes it. But I do have a picture of the kitchen after the flames went out.

 A lot of people ask me why I keep this online journal. (not a blog because some people tell me that it isn't a real blog) The reason I keep it is so I don't have to repeat my stories to family and friends. They can read it here and the less personal contact I have with anybody , the better. Just kidding. kinda.

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daymentedcom said...

This is SO TOTALLY a blog!  You post entries and people can leave comments!   Therefore it's a weB LOG.

Nice job on dinner, btw.