Friday, March 25, 2005

And the award for the crappiest day ever goes to....

March 25, 2005!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Turns out my mom has a kidney infection.  But Otis, he is a different story. He kind of took a turn for the worse. Alyssa came in our room hysterical saying that Otis is dead. Crying her head off. Jeff and I ran to the living room to see that Otis was not dead but breathing very hard and looking a tad lifeless. He wouldn't look at us. I called the vet and they told me to bring him right in. Jeff did and they are holding him overnight. He has an infection and a fever and his leg is really swollen from where he fell. Jeff told the vet the we were broke, nothing, nada, Like I said, that $280 vet bill for boarding threw us over the edge a little. The vet told him not to worry about it right now and to go home. I may have to have a telethon for Otis after I get his bill.

So yes, On the eve of my 35th birthday, This day sucked rocks. Birthdays are overrated anyway.

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