Monday, March 28, 2005


So we fly out tomorrow night. The girls and Jeff are staying here. Abbe will watch them on Friday night. Hopefully this will be the end of my very bad week,  My favorite Chinese/ Thai restaurant closed down. But I guess that is the least of my bad week. Mom is feeling better but her legs hurt really bad. I have an annoying cough I can't get rid of. Jeff is sniffling and sneezing all over the place.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

March always sucks

My Uncle Dennis passed away. My mother's only brother. We saw him last Saturday and he was in a lot of pain. He had Chrohn's Disease. So now my very sick mother has to get back on a plane and go back to New York. SHe is very sad. I am very sad. March sucks.

Happy Birthday, Cyndi

I have to admit, for a day that started out pretty crappy, I had a great evening. My mom is still pretty sick and I found out that Otis had fallen from the vet's bench and hit his head and gave himself a concussion. We kept him at the vets for one more day. Poor guy. Spooky doesn't seem to be too disturbed that Otis isn't here. Hmmm. The girls and I dyed Easter eggs  and PAAS can kiss my butt because we didn't need any retail crap, no we dyed our eggs with good Ol' fashioned Vinegar and food coloring and they turned out great.  With everything, the trip, mom, and Otis, my birthday, I completely forgot about Easter. But Easter Bunny stopped at Longs last night and got what was left from their slim pickins. Abbe, her sister Jacque, and her son Joey took me out to the Cheescake factory last night. We had a totally rockin time. They got me some really cool things. I had so much fun. When I came home I saw that Jeff and the girls mad me a cake! My brother and Julia gave a me a fantastic piece of his art. I was so excited to get it. My brother is UBER talented. If you want to purchase his art,  go here.         I am  35. Yee ha

Friday, March 25, 2005

And the award for the crappiest day ever goes to....

March 25, 2005!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Turns out my mom has a kidney infection.  But Otis, he is a different story. He kind of took a turn for the worse. Alyssa came in our room hysterical saying that Otis is dead. Crying her head off. Jeff and I ran to the living room to see that Otis was not dead but breathing very hard and looking a tad lifeless. He wouldn't look at us. I called the vet and they told me to bring him right in. Jeff did and they are holding him overnight. He has an infection and a fever and his leg is really swollen from where he fell. Jeff told the vet the we were broke, nothing, nada, Like I said, that $280 vet bill for boarding threw us over the edge a little. The vet told him not to worry about it right now and to go home. I may have to have a telethon for Otis after I get his bill.

So yes, On the eve of my 35th birthday, This day sucked rocks. Birthdays are overrated anyway.

On the eve of my 35th birthday...

What a crappy day. My mom has been Uber sick since we have been back. Jeff has been sick too but not as bad. Today I woke up and with the migraine of migraines and my mom went to the hospital. I sat with her for 4 hours and they still hadn't seen her yet. The place was packed and loud which didn't help my headache. I switched places with my dad who was was watching the girls and came home. I am still waiting  to hear from them. Also, Otis took a bad step and hurt his hip.  He stayed in the same position for  a couple of hours and I new he was in pain. I know what you are thinking, take him to the vet but their boarding cost us $280 and we cannot afford it if something is wrong with him. I know that it totally sucks. I called the vet and he told me to give him a plain asprin.I folded it up ina piece of baloney and gave it to him. I gobbled up the baloney and spit out the asprin. We tried it with bread too and the same thing happened. I am going to wait until Jeff gets home to give it to him.Silly mutt. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. March usually sucks though.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The trip was amazing.  I will try and tell you what everything is throughout this entry. We all had a really nice time. Emma had a few "four year old moments" but for the most part, it was great.
The adventure started out last Tuesday evening when my parents hired a limo to pick us up. Alyssa was totally blown away. The plane trip was a little like a Chinese water torture for us because we had a lay over in Chicago at about 3 AM Vegas time. We were a little zoney at this time But the girls did great. We arrived in Boston at 10:30 AM rented a mini van and headed off to my dads cousin, Gladys' house in Avon.   Her house turned out to be this amazing spread. It was beautiful and decorated very modern in bright colors. There was a ton of snow on the ground and the view was spectacular.  We stayed there a while then we went to see her son, Marc and his family. ) Marc is my age and now he is a grown up with two beautiful kids!! Ava and Mikah were beautiful I haven't seen Marc since my wedding ten years ago and I have never met his wife, Michelle. Hopefully they will come to Vegas soon so the kids can hang. On Thursday we left to go to Mystic, Connecticut. The place where the pizza movie is filmed. It was totally cool town. Very old. We stayed at the Howard Johnson and was put in the Crayola room for the kids. It was nice except for the fact that people in Crayola rooms have kids and they put the Crayola rooms close together and others people's kids are so loud! Not my kids of course. Not my angels. Anyway on Friday we got up early and went to the Mystic Aquarium. A really neat place that lets you get really close to the fish and stuff. My father pet this manta ray type thing that really wanted him to pet it! We saw a Beluga whale up close for the first time ever and they had this amazing Titanic exhibit. From there it was the Big Apple. New York City! (pix 28-30)
We drove through the city to get to Rick and Julia's place on the West side. The pictures of the city are of their view from their apartment on the 33rd floor. (31 & 32) They had some people over that night. My cousins, Kara and Laura who are Marc's sisters and some friends of my brothers that are doing a documentary about Ebay. Merle is a real filmmaker and interviewed my father and I to be in herfilm! It should be compete and edited in about a year!  So I caught up with my cousins, Met Kara's boyfriend, Mario and got a beautiful gift from Laura. She makes Jewelry and gave me a necklace that she designed and made courtesy of Gladys who paid for it for me!! Cool! It was a really nice night.
Saturday was CHINATOWN!!! Yee ha! That included a trip on the subway, a first for the girls and entrance into Absolute Mecca for me, REAL Dim Sum! I thought I had died and gone to heaven when Julia announced that Chinatown had a a 99 cent store!!!!! Mecca baby, Mecca. After Chinatown we went to Nickelodeon where my brother is head of graphic design of We saw all of the conference rooms where the big decisions are made about Dick Van Dyke show and more! He gave us a way cool special VIP tour. On Sunday we went out to Harrison, New York to see my Mom's brother, Dennis and his daughter, my cousin, Stacy, and her daughter Vanessa. Uncle Dennis wasn't feeling very good unfortunately but we went all went to lunch after saying good-bye to him. More cousin love for Alyssa and Emma.
That night we saw CHICAGO on Broadway courtesy of Rick and Julia. It was totally great. On Monday I walked 200 miles. Not really but it felt that way. We walked 30 blocks through central park to get to the Museum of Natural History. We stayed there awhile then went back to Chinatown to complete the shopping I needed to get to Utopia. We had more Chinese food that day which was OK by me because I can eat it every day. But now we are home. Doing laundry. and watching the CSI marathon on Spike TV. It was a good week.

Home is where the heart is.

Totally rockin time. But it is 3:15 AM New York time and I is sleepy. Pix soon.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

we are off like a prom dress

New York vacation packagesWe are leaving for Boston tonight and then we are off to New York. I will try and write from my brothers computer. Maybe. Ta ta.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Alex and Alyssa

The birthday girl from Chuck E. Cheese, Alex and Alyssa. Aren't 2nd graders cute? With their missing teeth??

Sunday, March 13, 2005

It wasn't a good thing.........

The smoke billowing out of the oven... It wasn't a good thing to happen. All I wanted to do is make a nice dinner for my honey, the breadwinner, master of the house, etc..I shouldn't have put the asperagus on a cookie sheet with all of that olive oil cuz it runneth over. It was just like that Mickey Mouse cartoon where the flames had angry faces and legs. Then they would seperate and jump around. That is what happened. I wasn't prepared. I had no baking soda or fire extinguisher. Don't be alarmed. There was no damage and everybody is ok but the smoke was bad. I sent the chillun out into the cold 75 degree weather in nuttin but their skivies covering their hey nanny nannies. The smoke alarm went off and my night in shining armor rolled up on his steed. Well, it was Jeff in his Bass Pro shirt in my Ford Escort. He put the fire out with a manly blow from his billowing chest.... Ok, he put a wet washcloth on the flames and they went out. The whole thing wasn't quite as dramatic as this entry makes it. But I do have a picture of the kitchen after the flames went out.

 A lot of people ask me why I keep this online journal. (not a blog because some people tell me that it isn't a real blog) The reason I keep it is so I don't have to repeat my stories to family and friends. They can read it here and the less personal contact I have with anybody , the better. Just kidding. kinda.

Saturday, March 12, 2005


We had a nice night last night. We went to ZTejas to eat dinner and then played Bingo at the Suncoast where you breath in secondhand smoke like it is oxygen. We had a good time just being together even though we spent the entire evening talking about the girls. Today we went to ANOTHER party at Chuck E. Cheese's. yay I waited 45 minutes for my friggin apple dessert pizza! I can't blame the 16 year olds that work there. There are probably bitter that they only get $2 an hour to work there. The dessert pizza is actually an apple strudel that is so good!


Friday, March 11, 2005

10 Years in a row!!!!!

It is Jeff and my ten year anniversary today. Ten years from one the greatest days of my life.

 Just 10 of the million reasons why I love him.

1. He watches Top Model with me.

2.When I ask him if he can watch the kids he says that they are his kids too and I don't have to ask him to "watch " them

 3.He quotes lines from Napoleon Dynamite and makes me giggle.

4.He calls Emma "porkchop"

5. He has secrets with Alyssa

6. He bought Alyssa a cowboy hat like his only in pink because he promised her one.

7. He only pretends being angry with the girls because he thinks they are soooo funny when they are naughty

8. He is very supportive even though I can sometimes be kinda mean or sickly

9. He let me let him become the amazing husband and father he is today considering he was such a mess when I found him.

10. He loves baths with pretty smelling soap and is man enough to admit it.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Something is just not right

Spooky, my bassett hound, loves Alyssa. No, you don't get it. He LOVES Alyssa. He gets all sad when she is gone and hyperventalates when he sees her. He has to touch her and lean on her and snarf her. When she falls asleep on the 2 foot X 3 foot ottoman he finagles his fat self to be right next to her. He finagles his fat self to be all in her business.

Monday, March 7, 2005

Happy two year Anniversary!!!

To my brother and his wife!! Two years today (the 8th) you got married!!! Yay! I have never met a couple so right for each other. It is amazing what is meant to be. Julia, because of you we have this fabulous extended family that we love and adore. Rick, I am so proud of you. You kissed many froglettes to get your princess and she was so worth the wait. Thank you for giving me such a great sister.


Sunday, March 6, 2005

Sundays are not relaxing

So tired. All I have been doing is laundry today since we leave next Tuesday. Not this Tuesday, Next Tuesday. There is so much to get done. My hair, my nails, you know, frou frou stuff. The tile should be completed by Tuesday. This Tuesday, not next Tuesday. Then we can take the couch and chairs off of each other and put our living room back together.  The girls were very naughty today. All they did was argue. Apparently repeating every word a four year old says can make her fly into a rage that makes grown dogs whine and head for outside, makes paint flake off the walls, and ungrouted tile pop up and crack.

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Grouting is not glamourous

Now my nails are dyed brown.We are still not finished but we are doing the best we can around our work schedules. Plus, the two of us are in so much pain from bending over and stretching across the floor. We are old. This is why people hire people to do this.

Friday, March 4, 2005

Da floor

The floor has been going pretty smoothly. The hard part has been cutting the tile to fit the odd parts. We still have three more pieces to specialty cut but we are starting to grout tonight. Here are some pictures of the floor before. We found an "X" on the concrete under the carpet. Emma wanted us to dig it up because Spongebob had a map with an "X" on it and there was "tweasure."There is also the tile un -  grouted and a section that we grouted to see how long it will dry. We have to keep the dogs off of it so timing is everything. Otis is not happy about the tile. He lays on the 4X4 piece of carpet we have left over for our knees and sighs. So sad.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Last night

We pulled the rest of the carpet last night. We laughed and laughed and danced to old country music and classic rock and laughed some more.

 Today he layed tile. Today we didn't laugh so much. Today, we were silent.

 I hope to have the tile done by April. 


This April