Sunday, February 6, 2005





I am so exhausted. The party was a huge success. 20 children showed up!! Emma made out like a bandit! Of course Alyssa was standing by telling her which presents were good and which were bad. She would take the bad one , of course. Present opening time is something I usually do in the privacy of our own home because I can't keep track of who sent what and things usually end up missing. Well This time wasn't any different. Have you ever seen the documentarys on  crocodiles when they get served a lunch of fresh young chickens?? Well, it was kind of like that but instead of feathers and wings flying all around, it was wrapping paper and bows. In a matter of 2.5 millaseconds, 20 presents were opened and thrown about. I do highly recommend a birthday party at McDonalds. For what it cost me last year at Satans cave A.K.A. Chuck E. Cheese for 7 kids, it cost me for 20. which included happy meals for each kid, goodie bags and a cake.  A couple of gifts I stashed away for our trip to New York. We had a good time. Emma is now officially four. 

* Note about picture #8. That kid in the batman shirt with glasses.... We don't know who he is.. He just decided to get in the picture and put his arm around my kid.


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