Friday, February 18, 2005

Uh oh Mommeeeeeee

I was going to tell you about this fabulous meal I made for dinner last night. Baby artichokes, Chicken Fettucini, and roasted garlic and baked brie. I was going to tell you about how Alyssa ate 5 artichokes. I was also going to tell you that we let our butterflies go the other day. But this morning I woke up to "Uh oh Mommmy uh oh." It was Emma throwing up.  She was telling me that her tummy hurt and her legs hurt. It was 6:00 AM and I knew her doctor didn't open until 9. So I took her to the hospital. Flashing our BRAND NEW insurance card, we were seen right away. (It had nothing to do with the fancy shmancy card, It was empty.) Well her little heart rate was going a little too fast and they were concerned. I thought that she had a UTI. Knowing what I know about kids and UTI's I should write a book. Anyway they had her pee in a cup, which let me tell you she was really good at. Something to fall back on if that food critic thing falls through. She was very proud of herself. Within a half hour they had her hooked up to an IV and had 4 vials of blood taken. I was a freaked by then. She was Pissed about the pokey thing in her arm. But it turns out all she has is a viral infection. No UTI and nothing else. Wheeeeew. We are home now and watching Dora the Explorer. She did just say to me, "Where the cup Mommy? I have to go potty." She also has her new hospital bracelet and a cotton ball covering the hole in her arm.

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