Sunday, February 13, 2005

so it goes..

I had a pretty spectacular weekend. Nothing really happened either, it was just pretty pleasant. Yesterday we had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. We went over the see the lions and the girls had their picture taken with a baby cub. It was pretty cool because the baby cub was all frisky and jumped at his handler and bit his face off. The girls watched in horror as the lion licked out the insides of the guys eyeballs. That didn't really happen of course but the look on Emma's face is so fake that it could have happened and that was the fake smile she put on right after they cleaned up and made the children pose with the animal anyway. I will  post the picture later. Last night we went to dinner at Elizabeth's house. Jeff met Steve , her boyfriend, and the girls tormented baby Alexander. Elizabeth was pretty understanding and calm to my baby psychos. Being a new mom and all. Even when she laid the baby down and the crying suddenly stopped and we all thought he had fallen asleep. No such luck, It was just Emma sneaking in to give him a little pillow. HA, I am just kidding people!!! Get a hold of yourselves. But she did sneak in to see him and he stopped crying to look at her. By the way, that is Alyssa giving rabbit ears to Alexander as Elizabeth was trying to change him. Also, A big thank you goes out to Alexander for letting Emma laugh and point at your "noodle."

Today we went to the Hebrew Academy to sign the girls up for Jewish summer camp. They had the coolest slide where you roll down instead of slide. Way cool. I guess you would have a cool slide if you charged 40 billion a year for a semester at your school. I also saw something scary and confusing. A Hummer with a license plate that said Mashuga. (for all you goys out there , it means crazy in Yiddish.) but wait... the confusing thing was the #3 on the window which stands for that Dale guy from ...from....from... NASCAR!! How trailer is Nascar? I have mentioned my dislike for that nonsense before, but now I am confused. I mean a jew that enjoys Nascar?? Have I been too quick to judge the trailorness of this "sport?"

 No, I have not. Someone must have placed that sticker on as a joke.

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