Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Happy New Month!

Happy New Month! February is a bevy of birthdays. My brother in-law, Rick’s is today. YAY! And then there is Emma on the 5th, My Mother in Law on the 14th, my brother’s on the 19th and my sister in law on the 20th. And none of them will get their cards on time. 


Sunday Abbe and I went to the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay. I had won tickets to the Gospel Brunch, which is church with food and music Mississippi style. It was loud and filled with ministry glory. I am sure that my Mother in law will be happy that I did anything religious on a Sunday.  We had really close seats to the stage. After we ate we moved to the balcony because our necks were hurting from looking up.  NOTE TO THE DAD SITTING NEXT TO US WHO WAS OBVIOUSLY JUST VISITING FOR THE WEEKEND: Lay off the son, He couldn’t do anything right in your eyes. You humiliated him in front of everyone and made him look foolish. You only get the weekend with him, make it a pleasant experience, jerk. If you don’t lay off of him he will turn out to be an angry man.  If you feel better as a man by beating down on a kid then shame on you. Look at yourself.  See where your own personal issues are.


 PIctures Later

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