Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Golden ticket of a weekend

What a crappy weekend. You would think it would be cool to have three days off wouldn’t ya? Well. I had 5 days off due to the illnesses of the family. I wrote about Friday, but on Monday we all got sick. Do you remember Grandma Josephine and Grandma Georgina, and Grandpa George from Willy Wonka? That was Emma, Alyssa and I. We did not get out of the bed all day. We watched a back-to-back special of the Backyardigans on Nick Jr and ate soup. Emma was drippy and gross and Alyssa had 104 all day. I kept going to the Internet and looking up fevers and it said that you should really only be concerned if the child isn’t eating. She was and she was in a better mood then Emma so I just gave her the Motrin and rode it out. By Tuesday she was fine. I am just headachy and achey. Alyssa also has a tooth hanging on by a thread and refuses to pull it out. It is so gross that I just want to accidentally knock her into a wall or trip her to get it out. Jeff attempted to go in her room last night after she was asleep and put some ambasol (sp) on to numb the area. Everytime he went to pull, she would wake up and stare at him, which really freaked him out. He said that the tooth was his white whale and he was getting it sooner or later.

Yesterday I had my cat scan for my eardrum. The doctor wants to see if the fluid that is supposed to be draining is going in instead of out. A few years ago I was having some blackouts and on more then one occasion I felt the floor go out on me. I had a few MRI’s but nothing was conclusive except for stress. Which is a diagnosis that I hate.  But I have been feeling really yucky and lightheaded and I am torn between the diagnoses. I mean I don’t want anything to be wrong but I want someone to validate my yuckiness with something other then stress.  My eyes are getting much worse. I have an appointment with a new Ophthalmologist on March 9th. My previous one was arrested for cocaine possession and was caught with it in his car while wearing a dress. The dress part didn’t bother me, the cocaine part did. I really don’t need a dude working on my eyes with shaky hands. He was a pretty prominant guy here in town and has lost a major part of his customers. Jeff picked up our tile today. We hope to rip out the carpet by Sunday and get to work laying the tile by Tuesday. I will take pictures all the way.


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