Monday, February 28, 2005

no more shnot. Well, less shnot

So I am feeling better. Alyssa is better and Emma, even though when you ask her how she is feeling she says “not bettah yet” Is better too. 

We tore up the carpet last night. Not all of it. Just enough for us to get sick and disgusted with what we have been living with for the last 8 years. There are many stains. I can’t tell you if they are little girl or doggie yet. The DNA results haven’t returned from the lab yet. It wasn’t pleasant. But we are anxious to finish. I didn’t take pictures because it is embarrassing.

Sad about Leo not winning. But, he is young. He will do another amazing movie and get snubbed again I am sure.

*** Secret for Stace

Now I remember you telling me that you had the picture!! I remember you mentioning something about a secret mole?? I will find something that you have completely forgotten about one day. The tapes are funny though. I will try and make copies. Do you have a VCR?? I can get them on DVD.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

It's raining...again

I really think that the reason we are all sick is because it has been raining so much. Rain in Vegas is good for our drought but bad for our pollen. It blows lots of yucky stuff around and everyone gets sick. I went and got my prescription today. I have to take 4000 mg of Augmenton a day. 4000!!!! To give you some idea of how big those pills are I compared it to a Q-tip. This pill is 1000mg. I have to take two, twice a day. They are HUGE!!! This should wipe out every infection I have in my body and then some. I may even become a virgin again froom these pills. They are THAT strong.


It is almost 1 AM and I am just now getting to the computer. This house has been filled with sickness this past week. I am so tired of it. Yesterday the nurse from Alyssa's school called me to come and pick her up. When I got her we went home and we both fell right to sleep and slept for 2 1/2 hours. She was burning up and I had the worst headache.During the night my throat started to close up and by this morning I was on borrowed time.I was halfway to work before I realized that I didn't remember driving to the place I already was. I called in and crawled into bed and slept the whole day. Sometime during the day the doctors office called with my catscan results. I have a major sinus infection and some fluid on my brain which the dr suspected from my eardrum. I go on antibiotics tomorrow. I will keep you updated on that one. For everyone that has called me this week, I am sorry. I have been yucky and not so chatty. I will call you ASAP.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Project Runway is over

Hmm. A new reality/contest show is over. This was a good one. Jay won. He was amazing. I was very happy that they chose him. I was a little confused about one of the judges tho- Parker " Mr Hotel Manager" Posey. Hmmm a judge? This is one of my favorite movies. American Idol has become so old news to me. It's been done to death. The judges make the same comments, the contestants sing the same songs, blah blah blah. No more for me.


P.S. Alyssa's tooth fell out at school, which is what she wanted it to do because when the tooth falls out at school, you get a tooth case. Like a suitcase for a tooth except it is shaped like a tooth. It is all about the swag for Alyssa.


Sherri Ann Cabot: Leslie and I have an amazing relationship and it's very physical, he still pushes all my buttons. People say 'oh but he's so much older than you' and you know what, I'm the one having to push him away. We have so much in common, we both love soup and snow peas, we love the outdoors, and talking and not talking. We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about.


Golden ticket of a weekend

What a crappy weekend. You would think it would be cool to have three days off wouldn’t ya? Well. I had 5 days off due to the illnesses of the family. I wrote about Friday, but on Monday we all got sick. Do you remember Grandma Josephine and Grandma Georgina, and Grandpa George from Willy Wonka? That was Emma, Alyssa and I. We did not get out of the bed all day. We watched a back-to-back special of the Backyardigans on Nick Jr and ate soup. Emma was drippy and gross and Alyssa had 104 all day. I kept going to the Internet and looking up fevers and it said that you should really only be concerned if the child isn’t eating. She was and she was in a better mood then Emma so I just gave her the Motrin and rode it out. By Tuesday she was fine. I am just headachy and achey. Alyssa also has a tooth hanging on by a thread and refuses to pull it out. It is so gross that I just want to accidentally knock her into a wall or trip her to get it out. Jeff attempted to go in her room last night after she was asleep and put some ambasol (sp) on to numb the area. Everytime he went to pull, she would wake up and stare at him, which really freaked him out. He said that the tooth was his white whale and he was getting it sooner or later.

Yesterday I had my cat scan for my eardrum. The doctor wants to see if the fluid that is supposed to be draining is going in instead of out. A few years ago I was having some blackouts and on more then one occasion I felt the floor go out on me. I had a few MRI’s but nothing was conclusive except for stress. Which is a diagnosis that I hate.  But I have been feeling really yucky and lightheaded and I am torn between the diagnoses. I mean I don’t want anything to be wrong but I want someone to validate my yuckiness with something other then stress.  My eyes are getting much worse. I have an appointment with a new Ophthalmologist on March 9th. My previous one was arrested for cocaine possession and was caught with it in his car while wearing a dress. The dress part didn’t bother me, the cocaine part did. I really don’t need a dude working on my eyes with shaky hands. He was a pretty prominant guy here in town and has lost a major part of his customers. Jeff picked up our tile today. We hope to rip out the carpet by Sunday and get to work laying the tile by Tuesday. I will take pictures all the way.


Sunday, February 20, 2005

Here we go!

There we are. Fixed my little picture problem. If you have been watching the weather channel lately you will notice the big green blob over Vegas, It has been raining pretty hard lately. I took pictures of the West side of our house and then turned right around and took one of the East side of our house. The NOTHING was over the West!!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

what is up?

Something is up with my pictures and it is driving me nuts!!!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Uh oh Mommeeeeeee

I was going to tell you about this fabulous meal I made for dinner last night. Baby artichokes, Chicken Fettucini, and roasted garlic and baked brie. I was going to tell you about how Alyssa ate 5 artichokes. I was also going to tell you that we let our butterflies go the other day. But this morning I woke up to "Uh oh Mommmy uh oh." It was Emma throwing up.  She was telling me that her tummy hurt and her legs hurt. It was 6:00 AM and I knew her doctor didn't open until 9. So I took her to the hospital. Flashing our BRAND NEW insurance card, we were seen right away. (It had nothing to do with the fancy shmancy card, It was empty.) Well her little heart rate was going a little too fast and they were concerned. I thought that she had a UTI. Knowing what I know about kids and UTI's I should write a book. Anyway they had her pee in a cup, which let me tell you she was really good at. Something to fall back on if that food critic thing falls through. She was very proud of herself. Within a half hour they had her hooked up to an IV and had 4 vials of blood taken. I was a freaked by then. She was Pissed about the pokey thing in her arm. But it turns out all she has is a viral infection. No UTI and nothing else. Wheeeeew. We are home now and watching Dora the Explorer. She did just say to me, "Where the cup Mommy? I have to go potty." She also has her new hospital bracelet and a cotton ball covering the hole in her arm.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Maybe I will, Gosh

Jeff keeps calling me and saying that line from Napoleon Dynamite and I keep laughing like a loon everytime he does it. It just keeps getting funnier.

The 80's.

I found some of my old cassette tapes the other day. Three different Adam Ant tapes. Stace made me like him. I listened to every one of those tapes and they suck! Even "Puss in Boots" which I loved when I was 14 sucked rocks.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day Y'all

 Angelic Love

Wanting to wear red in honor of Valentines Day, I accidentally dressed like a Target employee.


I heart my husband. Without me saying a thing to him, he went out on his own to buy the girls’ valentine chocolates and cards and signed them “Love, Daddy”. That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen anyone do. He loves those girls so much and they think he hung the moon.  I am positive that right before they start to strip over at the Can Can room so they can support him in the old age home, they will say to themselves. “This one goes out to daddy”


OH lighten up!!!! It is a joke! You know that Alyssa will be a dolphin doctor like she wants to be and Emma will be a food taster for the New York Times.  Geesh. People in my life are so tense.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

so it goes..

I had a pretty spectacular weekend. Nothing really happened either, it was just pretty pleasant. Yesterday we had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. We went over the see the lions and the girls had their picture taken with a baby cub. It was pretty cool because the baby cub was all frisky and jumped at his handler and bit his face off. The girls watched in horror as the lion licked out the insides of the guys eyeballs. That didn't really happen of course but the look on Emma's face is so fake that it could have happened and that was the fake smile she put on right after they cleaned up and made the children pose with the animal anyway. I will  post the picture later. Last night we went to dinner at Elizabeth's house. Jeff met Steve , her boyfriend, and the girls tormented baby Alexander. Elizabeth was pretty understanding and calm to my baby psychos. Being a new mom and all. Even when she laid the baby down and the crying suddenly stopped and we all thought he had fallen asleep. No such luck, It was just Emma sneaking in to give him a little pillow. HA, I am just kidding people!!! Get a hold of yourselves. But she did sneak in to see him and he stopped crying to look at her. By the way, that is Alyssa giving rabbit ears to Alexander as Elizabeth was trying to change him. Also, A big thank you goes out to Alexander for letting Emma laugh and point at your "noodle."

Today we went to the Hebrew Academy to sign the girls up for Jewish summer camp. They had the coolest slide where you roll down instead of slide. Way cool. I guess you would have a cool slide if you charged 40 billion a year for a semester at your school. I also saw something scary and confusing. A Hummer with a license plate that said Mashuga. (for all you goys out there , it means crazy in Yiddish.) but wait... the confusing thing was the #3 on the window which stands for that Dale guy from ...from....from... NASCAR!! How trailer is Nascar? I have mentioned my dislike for that nonsense before, but now I am confused. I mean a jew that enjoys Nascar?? Have I been too quick to judge the trailorness of this "sport?"

 No, I have not. Someone must have placed that sticker on as a joke.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Emma has informed us this morning that her favorite color is no longer purple but blue. Not just any blue,


Cinderella blue.Zoom in

The first official blogger

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

This Old House

Don’t quote me on this but The Tatum’s are making some changes! Uncle Sam was very kind to us this year and some changes to our house are coming. We will be ripping up our carpet in our living room and placing ceramic tile down. That carpet is 8 years old and between Otis, Spooky and two potty training babies it is a tad stanky. Even with steam cleaning it is just a flat urine bed. Ummmm visual. Anyway, we are doing that as soon as the big check comes in and we are redoing the kid’s toy room and their room. In their room it is getting a coating of pink, pink, pink, and maybe a little pastel blue. Right now it is all Curious George, whom I adore and insisted on putting on the babies walls. The problem is that the baby is now almost 8 and she hates that friggin monkey. And whatever Princess Alyssa hates, Princlette Emma hates too. As for their toy room / computer area we are putting in some built in shelves so they can get their toys off of the floor. I also want to put in some glass block but I am having a hard time located some.

I love a redo. I love HGTV and I love shopping!

Sunday, February 6, 2005

may I add?

I think that my kids are very nice looking. Pretty.. Beautiful even.  I love it when I get a perfect shot of both.





I am so exhausted. The party was a huge success. 20 children showed up!! Emma made out like a bandit! Of course Alyssa was standing by telling her which presents were good and which were bad. She would take the bad one , of course. Present opening time is something I usually do in the privacy of our own home because I can't keep track of who sent what and things usually end up missing. Well This time wasn't any different. Have you ever seen the documentarys on  crocodiles when they get served a lunch of fresh young chickens?? Well, it was kind of like that but instead of feathers and wings flying all around, it was wrapping paper and bows. In a matter of 2.5 millaseconds, 20 presents were opened and thrown about. I do highly recommend a birthday party at McDonalds. For what it cost me last year at Satans cave A.K.A. Chuck E. Cheese for 7 kids, it cost me for 20. which included happy meals for each kid, goodie bags and a cake.  A couple of gifts I stashed away for our trip to New York. We had a good time. Emma is now officially four. 

* Note about picture #8. That kid in the batman shirt with glasses.... We don't know who he is.. He just decided to get in the picture and put his arm around my kid.


Friday, February 4, 2005

I'm not a girl, not yet a woman......

So tomorrow is the big party for Emma. We had gone to another little girl’s birthday party from her class just a few weeks ago and only two other kids from the preschool showed up. The rest of the kids were family. So I thought to myself, Self, I will invite every kid from Emma’s class thinking that only three or four will show up. 17 kids RSVP’d!!!!!!!!! 17!!!!! Not to mention the kids that we play with on a regular basis like Abbe’s daughters. There will be aprox 22 kids there tomorrow. So today I am trading in my plasma and liver for some cold hard cash to pay for this extravaganza.

Emma Lemma ding-dong will be four years old. I had thought for a nano second that I had wanted another but now I don’t want to even think about it. 

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Mr Sandman, bring me a dream.....

I had the worst dream last night. I dreamt that we were in the middle of a tornado and Jeff was swept away. It was horrible. I just remember that in the dream I could not cry everybody was consoling me and there was this huge lump in my throat. It was horrible. Obviously much more detailed then I want to write about but this was the jest of it.  Well I woke up after it next to Emma’s bare sweaty butt next to my arm and realized that it was a dream and saw that Jeff was lying next to me. I just broke down and starting sobbing. He woke up to me crying telling me that it was just a bad dream. I felt 10 years old. I have dreams like this all the time. Not just about Jeff but about the kids and my parents too. I can’t handle the responsibility of loving someone so much I dream about them going away.  I think about death all the time. Horrible isn’t it? But I do. In fact, the idea that my parents and the kids, Jeff and I will all be on a plane in March is freaking the crap out of me. We would all have to go together. No one left behind. Our best bet is to fly into Rick and Julia’s apartment so they can’t be left. And I guess her whole family would have to be there too. Not to mention Jeff’s side. It would be a huge domino effect of death. A mass destruction of the Tatum, Rosner’s, Ward’s and Julia’s family, which last name, I can’t spell because it is Russian.  No one left behind to mourn us. Pretty ugly.   Did I mention that I was a tad neurotic?


My brother sent me this. It is a "special" little film.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Four years ago today I ........

Four years ago today I was having some major Braxton Hicks. One of my bestest friends, Nikki was home from Seattle the entire month with me and was going to be in the delivery room with me when I had Emma. Her mom had just passed away and she was getting things straight at home for her dad before she went back to Washington. I loved every minute she spent with me, taking care of me. Emma’s birth was very emotional for her since her mom had just died. I will find a picture of Nikki and post it. I met her 13 years ago at the same camp that I met Jeff at. I miss her and hope to visit her soon. Maybe for my birthday???? I am not sure.

I am doing our taxes online and I am terrified of making a mistake. I always go to an accountant. (Well, la de dah)  but this year I figured that I could do it on my own. Turbo tax. Com is for idiots. I figured it out all by myself.

 I am not sure if I had mentioned them or not but my brother had sent the girls a butterfly kit for Christmas. We received the larvae about three weeks ago and they grew into humongous caterpillars. They just formed their cocoons and we transferred them to the butterfly net home where they will become butterflies. We will then take them to the park to release them to the wild we call Las Vegas. Then it will be up to them to get little butterfly jobs and little butterfly relationships. I hope that setting them free in Vegas doesn't make them little butterfly degenerates.


Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Happy New Month!

Happy New Month! February is a bevy of birthdays. My brother in-law, Rick’s is today. YAY! And then there is Emma on the 5th, My Mother in Law on the 14th, my brother’s on the 19th and my sister in law on the 20th. And none of them will get their cards on time. 


Sunday Abbe and I went to the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay. I had won tickets to the Gospel Brunch, which is church with food and music Mississippi style. It was loud and filled with ministry glory. I am sure that my Mother in law will be happy that I did anything religious on a Sunday.  We had really close seats to the stage. After we ate we moved to the balcony because our necks were hurting from looking up.  NOTE TO THE DAD SITTING NEXT TO US WHO WAS OBVIOUSLY JUST VISITING FOR THE WEEKEND: Lay off the son, He couldn’t do anything right in your eyes. You humiliated him in front of everyone and made him look foolish. You only get the weekend with him, make it a pleasant experience, jerk. If you don’t lay off of him he will turn out to be an angry man.  If you feel better as a man by beating down on a kid then shame on you. Look at yourself.  See where your own personal issues are.


 PIctures Later