Wednesday, January 5, 2005


So I am not feeling that hot.  I went back to the ear doctor yesterday for a follow up. It turns out that my hole is still there. It has not healed and he is very concerned. There appears to be an infection behind my ear that is not clearing up. It is causing me to be very dizzy and a little confused. More then I usually am. I need a cat scan but that will have to wait until I ….SAY IT WITH ME…  GET INSURANCE. Again. Jeff also has a horrible toothache that he has been nursing for the last few nights. I am not feeling too good and I can’t explain what I actually feel like. I have no energy and I feel a little down. We did have a nice evening last night. Keven, Jeff’s other close friend took us to dinner last night. Along with Jesse and Kim. Jesse, Jeff and Keven were like the three musketeers at PMC ammunition where they worked together. They all got let go one by one. Jesse being first due to him completely destroying the company truck.  It was a fun night but I wasn’t completely at ease. It was our first time out with Jesse since the accident. He did ok but it wasn’t us. Everyone was sort of holding back. Jeff said it was just me and that he had a great time. Oh well.

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