Thursday, January 13, 2005

Things that we like

Things that Jeff and I are enjoying right now.


1.        Peppermint tea with raw honey

2.        The new song” Over and Over” by Nelly and Tim McGraw

3.        Satellite radio

4.        Netflix

5.        CSI (Las Vegas version)

6.        Sex and the City reruns on TBS

7.        Alyssa doing her homework as soon as she gets home

8.        Emma singing “Tomorrow” from the movie Annie that she has watched every day

9.        12 Italian sausages that I got from Albertsons for only $6.90

10.    Our couch


I haven't even gotten the girls thank you cards out from Christmas yet. If you sent them gifts, I am sorry. They will be coming to you soon. Hopefully everybody got our New Years letter. I wouldn't really know because NO ONE COMMENTS!!! Well, Stace and mommy do. You don't have to sign up for AOL to leave a comment! Any way, the cards will be out soon. And Luba, I still have your kids' gifts which I am so ashamed that I still have. So now they will be Valentimes gifts.



lanamartyn said...

I didn't get one, but i didn't send one either, so I don't deserve it.... :)

ewilliamsrj said...

I didn't get any letter either.  :(