Monday, January 3, 2005

For my brother...Who we did NOT lie to...exactly

For the record... We did not lie......... exactly. We did receive your fabulous gift of 13 Lobsters. However. They arrived D.O.A. We took each and every one out and placed them in a line on the floor of Abbe's kitchen and watched for movement. (Probably thinking that they had been through a lot and were most likely in a state of shock.) We even placed little plastic dolls on their back to add to the hilarity of the evening. We then proceded to get Uber - drunk to deal with the guilt that we had placed 13 dead lobsters on the kitchen floor and put little plastic dolls on them. Abbe's daughter, Allie and Murray bonded as they then stuck five of the lobsters in a boiling pot of water anyway. We then went over dialing directions with 5 year old Julia and 7 year old Alyssa on how to call 9-1-1. Linda and Murray DID eat some of the lobsters. They turned out to be a tad too gelatanous for our own good and we had a great laugh and went to the store to buy shrimp. We had a fabulous evening BECAUSE of your gift. AND for the record, we did leave the box of rotten, dead, stinkin lobsters in Abbe's backyard. It really was the gift the keeps on giving.

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