Monday, January 24, 2005

crazy little town, Las Vegas

What the Hell? It is raining right now. This town has the funkiest weather I have ever seen. This morning it was 65, so I dressed the girls in short sleeves and a sweater. Now it is 50. This is the only town that gets colder later in the afternoon. I don’t mind rain, in fact, I love it. Jeff and my 5-year plan is to move to Seattle so rain is not a big deal for us. It cleans the air.

So I got my computer back as I said and realized that all of my documents are gone. Including my “book” that I was writing. That was part of my five-year plan too. I am so bummed about it. I had a 10-page outline on it and now my motivation is completely gone for starting it. It was just a silly book but it was funny and I wanted to finish one freakin thing in my freakin life. I also need a new word program since apparently that is gone too. Hopefully Best Buy or someone will have Microsoft office on sale somewhere. Bummed!!! Jeff is working all week long. No days off. Much overtime. Happy wife. Tired, studley daddy.

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