Sunday, January 23, 2005

All is right. Well except for.....

Johnny. sigh.. he died this morning..Johnny Carson

It used to be such a thrill to be able to stay up late to watch him. I loved it when he had the animals on. This is sad.

But what isn't sad is that I have my computer back. YAY! I now have to put all of the pictures I took in from the last week. They are not that hot because when I got my computer fixed they had to take out all of programs including the photoshop and I haven't been able to find the software to reinstall it yet. The first is my friend Suzy who was a great friend in college up in Reno. She came down and we all went to dinner at Buca Di Beppo. The next is at Abbe's house when we went over to celebrate Martin Luther Kings B-day with some soul food and dancing. (we like to party with themes!) And the last few are from Monsters Inc. Disney on Ice show that we went to yesterday. We had Rink side seats and in the middle of the show the character Sully stopped short in front of me layering me with shaved ice. Thank you little angry, sweaty man in a Disney costume who probabbly thought he was going to the Olympics some day but is here instead in a hot sweaty character costume. I'm not bitter.

Goodbye Johnny.

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