Friday, January 28, 2005

I ummm... used to really like this book.

This used to be a great book for my mom and I to cry to. Not so much anymore.


PS If you are noticing all these entries today it is because it is extremely slow at work. So just suck it up and shut up about it.  I'm sorry. I am still a little grumpy.

Emma is a good litle girl

Emma likes to fall. Emma, when she hears something she dislikes falls to the ground flat and tucks her legs in and tries to disappear into the floor. She does this often:

When I do not have a clean pair of Nemo, Princess or Dora panties and she is forced to wear her plain jane Hanes her way panties.

When she wants her milk out of the Shamu cup and it is dirty.

When Alyssa wants to watch Zoom and something intruiging is on Playhouse Disney

When she wants the BLUE beads, THE BLUE BEADS< THE BLUE BEADS not the light blue beads the BLUE BEADS.

I think this is because she is nervous about turning 4 next week. I, myself am nervous about turning 35 in March so I can see her frustration. You live 4 years and you know what you want and if you don't get it EXACTLY the way you want it you must exhibit your emotions.  Emma is a little me and it makes me happy to have the freedom to give birth to little Cyndi's legally. It is kinda cool.

I'm in a pissy mood today

This is how I feel today. It is an original EBR. I am feeling a little droopy and grumpy. I think I am getting ill. I could not keep my eyes open last night. The girls were watching some inane show on Animal Planet on my bed and jumping around me while I kept dozing off.  I am now chug a lugging a Red Bull fighting off the beginings of a headache.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


So, I got myself wrapped up in another show last night. Project Runway on Bravo. It was pretty good. Bravo is one of my favorite stations. They aren't afraid of anything. I was going to watch American Idol since it was based in Las Vegas but it was so boring. I don't think that I will be watching this year. It has so jumped the shark for me. Jeff and I have really gotten wrapped up in CSI. On Thursdays it is on for three hours in a row!! Two hours on Spike and one hour on CBS. We get obsessed with some shows and lose all reality. I am planning to get sweatin with Richard again tonight. My thighs hurt. I am so out of shape! Listing on Ebay again. I know, I am a glutton for punishment.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

work out day two

So I went to my local community center today where they have a work out area that you can go for $3 a day. I went today and worked out for all of 5 1/2 minutes. The orientation on how to use the machines was longer then my work out. I started on the bike and after a few seconds got the most intense headache on my right side. Funny enough, as soon as I left the headache was gone. I knew it was a bad sign that when I changed from my Birkenstocks to my sneakers my shoelace broke.I am going back tomorrow. I think.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


We are going to New York in March. I need to lose weight. I need for my numerous relatives to not look at me with pity and think, “my, she is healthy.” So, last night I put on sweats. MMMMmmmm sweats. And put in an old classic. Sweatin to the Oldies starring Richard Simmons and a bunch of sweaty fatties. You may think that is cruel but when you are Jewish you are allowed to tell Jew jokes and when you are ummm larger than the average bear, Fatty is a word you can throw around like a beach ball. Anyway. I really enjoy this tape. It is a lot of fun. I do have a few problems with it.

  1. The fatties never lose weight. No matter how many times you see the tape, they will always be the same size. That is discouraging.
  2. Richard Simmons insists on hugging the singer after a song not really thinking about whether he is sweaty or if she wants him to hug her.
  3. I’m gonna bet a fin that these fatties are not working out throughout this entire tape and some careful editing was done as well as tanks and tanks of oxygen was used to keep them from passing out. Because after 20 minutes of “It’s my party” I was spitting up blood and waiting for my left eye to pop out.
  4. The dancers/ fatties obviously had instructions to keep smiling because that is what they do. THE WHOLE TAPE.

Emma started working out with me.  But after a few minutes went to “pway” with her Boo doll. Boo did a few kicks and jumps too but then realized that Barbie needed someone to do her hair and Boo had just gotten her cosmetology license.  My plan is to jump and kick every night with Richard. I will then move up to Pilates but not until I stop the internal bleeding in my left side.

Monday, January 24, 2005

crazy little town, Las Vegas

What the Hell? It is raining right now. This town has the funkiest weather I have ever seen. This morning it was 65, so I dressed the girls in short sleeves and a sweater. Now it is 50. This is the only town that gets colder later in the afternoon. I don’t mind rain, in fact, I love it. Jeff and my 5-year plan is to move to Seattle so rain is not a big deal for us. It cleans the air.

So I got my computer back as I said and realized that all of my documents are gone. Including my “book” that I was writing. That was part of my five-year plan too. I am so bummed about it. I had a 10-page outline on it and now my motivation is completely gone for starting it. It was just a silly book but it was funny and I wanted to finish one freakin thing in my freakin life. I also need a new word program since apparently that is gone too. Hopefully Best Buy or someone will have Microsoft office on sale somewhere. Bummed!!! Jeff is working all week long. No days off. Much overtime. Happy wife. Tired, studley daddy.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

All is right. Well except for.....

Johnny. sigh.. he died this morning..Johnny Carson

It used to be such a thrill to be able to stay up late to watch him. I loved it when he had the animals on. This is sad.

But what isn't sad is that I have my computer back. YAY! I now have to put all of the pictures I took in from the last week. They are not that hot because when I got my computer fixed they had to take out all of programs including the photoshop and I haven't been able to find the software to reinstall it yet. The first is my friend Suzy who was a great friend in college up in Reno. She came down and we all went to dinner at Buca Di Beppo. The next is at Abbe's house when we went over to celebrate Martin Luther Kings B-day with some soul food and dancing. (we like to party with themes!) And the last few are from Monsters Inc. Disney on Ice show that we went to yesterday. We had Rink side seats and in the middle of the show the character Sully stopped short in front of me layering me with shaved ice. Thank you little angry, sweaty man in a Disney costume who probabbly thought he was going to the Olympics some day but is here instead in a hot sweaty character costume. I'm not bitter.

Goodbye Johnny.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

my pueter

So my pueter caught a nasty virus and has no memory of it. Get it? no memory. That's right. wiped out. :( So Geek squad restored, cleaned and fixed. $120 later, I can pick him up today. I have to reinstall all my goodies. I am in a mood. It is not pretty.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A computers cry for help

My computer is in a coma. It took its mouse and tried to hang itself with it. There was a suicide letter on Microsoft word but it was pretty cryptic. I rushed it over to Best Buy’s Geek Squad to fix it but they told me it may take up to a week to revive him .I am so sad. Sad for him, really. It didn’t even recognize any cries for help. He did offer me some of it’s records / music downloads but I honestly thought he was just trying to be nice.  And there was that one time where he wanted to talk but I insisted we play You Don’t know Jack for the 50th time. I will update you via the county computer at my work.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Somethin I made

This is another scarf I made in about one day. I was really proud of myself because I learned to add in color and frogging which is when you take something apart to use the wool. The cream color wool used to be another scarf. I actually taught myself to purl and I HATE it! It is annoying and when a pattern calls for knit and purl I keep forgetting to count and lose my place. With knit, you really don't have to pay attention. any advice Stace??

Things that we like

Things that Jeff and I are enjoying right now.


1.        Peppermint tea with raw honey

2.        The new song” Over and Over” by Nelly and Tim McGraw

3.        Satellite radio

4.        Netflix

5.        CSI (Las Vegas version)

6.        Sex and the City reruns on TBS

7.        Alyssa doing her homework as soon as she gets home

8.        Emma singing “Tomorrow” from the movie Annie that she has watched every day

9.        12 Italian sausages that I got from Albertsons for only $6.90

10.    Our couch


I haven't even gotten the girls thank you cards out from Christmas yet. If you sent them gifts, I am sorry. They will be coming to you soon. Hopefully everybody got our New Years letter. I wouldn't really know because NO ONE COMMENTS!!! Well, Stace and mommy do. You don't have to sign up for AOL to leave a comment! Any way, the cards will be out soon. And Luba, I still have your kids' gifts which I am so ashamed that I still have. So now they will be Valentimes gifts.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005

EBAY bleeech!

So I am back playing Ebay again. I don't have any bids on my stuff. It is so frustrating. I may not have the best goodies to sell but I am a firm believer that there is a collector for everything. I am trying to get some money to buy the shirt that John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever. No, I am kidding. Seriously, I just need some extra cash to buy us some time at the day care. Emma needs to learn her letters.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Previously on Cyndiblock...

Jeff and I were up late last night talking about his job, my job, the kids and us. I told him that I was afraid of getting to comfortable with being ordinary. I am getting bored. I want us to be the fun, exciting couple we used to be. Except with kids. I want to go camping again and fishing and take off in a RV to God knows where.  Instead we now have a routine that is getting as stale as the toast I found behind Emma’s car seat. I am part to blame for the boringness of our life. I begged Jeff to quit driving a cab. I couldn’t take it. With the rash of burglaries and murders of taxi drivers it was killing me. There was a reason that most of the drivers had no family and were older and single. He was practically the only one with small children. And, he was always tired. Even on his days off. The money was good but inconsistent. BUT. Jeff loved it. He loved it. He loved that he had no boss looking over his shoulder and that everyday was completely different than the day before. He liked always having cash on him. Etc. However with this job, he loves getting his hands on guns again and he LOVES being with gun guys again. But he does have a boss right there at all times and he never has cash in his pocket for his Diet Dr. Peppers and his Marlboro lights.  So we came up with some decisions. Within 6 months there will be a few changes. After May he will request weekends off so he can get back into competitions. It is so important to him and me. He was getting so good when he was let go at PMC. It shattered his confidence and he didn’t want to face the regulars and tell them what happened.  But now he wants to get back in the game. He is so good and he knows it. Me on the other hand will concentrate on going full time with the county to start accumulating some wicked benefits. We are going to get off our tush’s and start making some changes. Keep in mind, in 76 days I will officially be middle aged. Things have to change before our life gets in a rut. In the middle of this fabulous conversation Jeff mentions having another baby. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. Don't get all excited Mom's It ain't gonna happen. Not with this wife, anyway.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Please don't eat the yellow snow

It snowed today in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! Otis celebrates by peeing in it.

she is famous, I am not

I would rather start out somewhere small, like London or England." -- Britney Spears, who is considering a role in a musical.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Blue Steel

Baby Alexander

Nothin to do

Went to see the Baby yesterday. Elizabeth’s baby. I snorted the baby smell right from his soft skull.  It was great to see her again. I really get along with Elizabeth. She was married to Jesse. Jeff says I got Elizabeth in the divorce and he got Jesse. But I think that Kim, Jesse’s girlfriend is pretty cool too. He really gets these dynamic women to take care of him. Anyway, The baby is way cute and does a great impression of Zoolander’s “Blue Steel.” I will add the pics soon.

The city is bracing for a huge winter storm tomorrow. Last year it snowed but I don’t think that it will get that cold here.  The mountains are beautiful. Snow on all sides of us. I haven’t been feeling too creative or motivated lately and it is bugging the crap out of me. I think I am just experiencing some post holiday blues. I had something planned to do since early November and now nothing is in the works. (Laguna, Thanksgiving, in laws, Christmas, New Years) I feel like there is a void. We even put the Christmas tree away in such a timely and efficient way that is uncommon for the Tatum’s. I don’t have anything planned to do until March. We may take the girls to Disneyland. I kinda want to throw myself a 35th birthday party but wouldn’t know where to start of how I would want it. And I kinda want it to be a 10 year anniversary/ 35th birthday party extravaganza. But my parent’s 41st anniversary is March 22nd and my brother’s anniversary is March 8th. So a March everything party ALA Stace seems to be in order. We could even throw in St Patrick’s Day and make everyone wear green. I don’t know but wheels are turning.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

I hate hatred

For the people out there that feel that their hatred is justified. Hate is so unnesesary. Hate makes War. Please read THESE stories.


So I am not feeling that hot.  I went back to the ear doctor yesterday for a follow up. It turns out that my hole is still there. It has not healed and he is very concerned. There appears to be an infection behind my ear that is not clearing up. It is causing me to be very dizzy and a little confused. More then I usually am. I need a cat scan but that will have to wait until I ….SAY IT WITH ME…  GET INSURANCE. Again. Jeff also has a horrible toothache that he has been nursing for the last few nights. I am not feeling too good and I can’t explain what I actually feel like. I have no energy and I feel a little down. We did have a nice evening last night. Keven, Jeff’s other close friend took us to dinner last night. Along with Jesse and Kim. Jesse, Jeff and Keven were like the three musketeers at PMC ammunition where they worked together. They all got let go one by one. Jesse being first due to him completely destroying the company truck.  It was a fun night but I wasn’t completely at ease. It was our first time out with Jesse since the accident. He did ok but it wasn’t us. Everyone was sort of holding back. Jeff said it was just me and that he had a great time. Oh well.

Monday, January 3, 2005

For my brother...Who we did NOT lie to...exactly

For the record... We did not lie......... exactly. We did receive your fabulous gift of 13 Lobsters. However. They arrived D.O.A. We took each and every one out and placed them in a line on the floor of Abbe's kitchen and watched for movement. (Probably thinking that they had been through a lot and were most likely in a state of shock.) We even placed little plastic dolls on their back to add to the hilarity of the evening. We then proceded to get Uber - drunk to deal with the guilt that we had placed 13 dead lobsters on the kitchen floor and put little plastic dolls on them. Abbe's daughter, Allie and Murray bonded as they then stuck five of the lobsters in a boiling pot of water anyway. We then went over dialing directions with 5 year old Julia and 7 year old Alyssa on how to call 9-1-1. Linda and Murray DID eat some of the lobsters. They turned out to be a tad too gelatanous for our own good and we had a great laugh and went to the store to buy shrimp. We had a fabulous evening BECAUSE of your gift. AND for the record, we did leave the box of rotten, dead, stinkin lobsters in Abbe's backyard. It really was the gift the keeps on giving.

Art for sale. Fab, crazy art

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