Thursday, December 29, 2005


The resolutions I would like to make the resolutions I will make

Lose weight

wear lighter clothes and darker colors

Read at least one classic book

Re read all of the Harry Potters


Do the video instead of watching the video

Get better organized

pay the bills for the current month

Do more crafts and activities with the kids

Stop telling them that the craft store is closed when they want to go.

Read to Emma every night

Rewind her movie to the very beginning instead of telling her that the middle is actually the start of the movie.

Clean out my car and keep it clean

take out old food the day (or week) that I eat it.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

There will be changes this year so help me......

We had a wonderful and relaxing Holiday. On Friday the 23rd we went to Abbe's for some festive frolic and food. We had so much fun. This year we picked names to hand make a gift. This was incredibly stressful for us. Jeff picked Jacque and made a plaster of Paris mold of his hand (ala preschool!) He was so very proud of his gift to her. She had his name and made this absolutely amazing blanket with pictures of his life on it. It was so thoughtful and beautiful that the little school bag I made for Abbe seemed really small and stupid. I owe her a scarf HANDMADE by me. Abbe had Alyssa's name and she was amazing. She made a mezuzah out of clay. She MADE A MEZUZAH!!! With the torah parchment inside!!! And I gave her a school bag that I colored on.  Allie had my name. She made a fish terranium with a live betta in it. And I made Abbe a dopey book bag with a picture of a bird on it.  As you can guess, I am not happy with the gift I made for Abbe.  Anyway. we had a great night. My father was extremely bitter that I won trivia pursuit. I think that these happy pills the DR gave me are making me smarter.

On Saturday ( Christmas Eve) My mom, the kids and I went shopping!! That's right, shopping. It wasn't too bad. The girls would stay in the car with wither my mom or me. We would switch off.

We had a fabulous, homey dinner that night. It was so relaxing and sweet.

The girls went to bed surprisingly early after putting out the reindeer food, milk and key lime pie for Santa. (we didn't have cookies)

Christmas rocked. My parents gave me a new diamond pendant. We had a killer bagel and lox brunch.

The girls made out like bandits.

On Sunday evening we lit the first candle of chanakah at my mom's friend, Sue's house.

It was really nice.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

There is a fungus amung us

Everybody at work is sick. They all have the same thing. We are seriously working with a skeleton staff. It kinda sucks when you work in a news station because the news doesn't wait for the robotussin to kick in.

4 more days until Christmas and Chanankah. This year Jeff and i will attempt to make latkas. We got each other new cell phones. They are nifty. They have a camera on them. We each downloaded a song that would ring when the other called. When Jeff calls on my phone it plays the theme to the Dukes of Hazzard. and when I call him it plays "Brown eyed girl" It took us forever to decide what to use. When Abbe calls me it plays the theme to "the People Court" She is really into that show and got me into it too.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

no doubt

This has been an emotional and trying week for me. Not only did I find out I was loopy but I had to go one and be Super mommy. We had so much to do and it isn't really fair to take my crazies out on the kids. Thursday night was Alyssa's Holiday show. She was wonderful!! I was so proud of her. She sang and danced her little heart out.  But then there was Saturday. The story I am about to tell you is true. The names have not been changed to protect anyone.

We had two birthday parties to go to on Saturday. I have to honestly say that this the worst part about having kids. All these friggin birthday parties. Well the day started out wonderful. We (my mom, me, Alyssa and Emma) Went to IHOP to have breakfast. While we were there, The hostess told us about the Christmas festival they were going to have in the shopping center we were in.  The best part, it was all going to be free! Me likeeee free. They were having pictures with Santa, free stockings, petting zoo, balloon maker and face painter and then after you could make a Christmas craft. It was great. The best part??? I didn't have to go to the mall to get the girls pictures with Santa!

So we did this for an hour then we went to Target to finish up some shopping. All a very pleasant experience.  Then it changed.

Our first party was at 1PM at McDonald's for Emma's friend, Kayla. We get there at 1:10. Kayla and her dad and brother were there but nothing was going on. People were showing up but nothing was happening. The father was just sitting there. I asked Kayla where her mommy was. She sad the MGM. That didn't sound right so I asked her father, He said she went to the DMV and was on her way back. That was odd, Who decides to go to the DMV on 1. her daughter's birthday party 2. On a Saturday at 1 PM.  Apparently the father didn't want to start anything (Ie: Food, cake, presents) until the mother arrived. By 1:40 she still hadn't arrived and he was still sitting. The party was supposed to be over by 2.PM and our next party actually started at 2 PM a was across town at the strip. (Yes, the strip on the first day of Winter break, on a Saturday) We left at 1:45 because NOTHING WAS HAPPENING. SO we drove to Circus Circus Adventure Dome. AKA the other white meat of Hell other then Chuckee Cheese)  This place was mobbed. My mom asked who would make people drive to the strip on a Saturday?? These freaky ass rich moms that's who. So we get there at 2:30. after an 8 mile walk from the parking garage to the actual party place. Remember the party was supposed to start at 2PM. We walked in and a lady, or rather I say 16 year old employee walked up to us and asked us if we were here for Ann Mari's party. We said yes and she told us that they weren't there yet. That's right, 30 minutes late to their own party. Just then another mom and kids walk up to us and tells me that she is a friend of An Mari's mom and they had gotten into an accident on the way to the party. They were OK but were waiting for the cops to come. Would we like some complimentary rock climbing tickets in the meantime?  Did you see what my kids were wearing? We walked and walked and walked around and around and around looking for the rock climbing wall. I really wish they would've told me to go right because it was right on the right hand side of where we were standing.  Alyssa didn't want to do the rock climbing wall once she saw the skeezy man running it and I wasn't happy with her climbing up with a rope that may or may not beattached properly because this guy makes $1.85 an hour. But we did bump into the birthday girls mom's friend again. At this time it was 3PM. She told me that she called her and they were still waiting for a tow truck because  car was undriveable. Probably another our to two hours. That was our cue to go. As soon as we walked the 8 miles back to the car and got ourselves buckled in, Emma said she had to go potty. I said "hold it because there was no way I was getting out of that car until we were miles from it. The girls were starving so we drove back to the McDonald's by my house which also happened to be the same one that Kaylas's party was at. We get there at 3:40. My mom takes Emma to the bathroom while Alyssa and I go through the drive thru. And lo and behold. Kayla's party was still going on. 2 1/2 hours later. I almost went in but I was exhausted by then. Besides, Emma was crying because she got a "boy toy" in her happy meal and I could feel myself going nuts, well, nuttier. Well anyway, pictures are here of the day.

The end.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

MS stands for Mental Stability.

 Which apparently, I have none. I got the results of my spinal tap yesterday and even though my visual EEG and my MRI show the disease, my spinal tap came up negative. My neurologist says that the ST is 100% accurate. So we are stumped. Actually, that was his words. I was too busy crying about the pain I have in my legs and the electrical shocks I get through my body and headaches, blurred vision, loss of memory, etc….. I am more or less, nuts.

I am probably creating these symptoms as a way to relieve my stress. Stress. It should be a four letter friggin word because I hate it. For the past three years that was my diagnosis. There is nothing I can do for it. It was always be there. And as many yoga classes I think about taking and as many baths I relax in or trips to Laguna I go on, It isn’t going away.

I am very sad. I don’t know why. I don’t have a debilitating disease. I should be rejoicing. However, I am not. I am in pain and I was basically told that it was in my head. Jeff got the mother load when he married me. I am such a prize. A crazy, stressed, neurotic, blind fat woman who fills his life with guilt, anger and pain.


I had a whole day to think about it. I am now going to concentrate on my job and my children and the fact that it is Christmas and Hanukah. My favorite time of the year.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Friday, December 9, 2005

Another one???

For five minutes today I seriously thought about having another baby. I mean seriously!! I thought about where the baby would sleep (with Emma, Alyssa would get her own room out of the den) and what the baby’s name would be. (Jackson or Jacob for a boy and Maya for a girl)

 I am probably getting all these thoughts because Stace is pregnant and my sister in law in pregnant and another friend, Candace is pregnant. I also thought about how Jeff’s sister and brother both have three kids (Leann soon).

I am also curious as if we would have a boy or not, and what possibly would the next one look like. I have a blonde haired blue eyed girl and a red head, green eyed girl. (Go figure)

 But then I thought about how tired I am now, how my hips hurt so badly in the morning, about how I just want to be alone with Jeff and travel the country in a RV. Besides, I am going to be 36 in March and if I were to do this sperm/ egg thing, it would have to be soon. And then there is my mental health. Could I handle it? I cry all the time as it is now.

 And why can’t I live vicariously through Stace, LeAnn and Candace. Alyssa doesn’t want any more brothers or sisters anyway.


I figure that I have three more good fertilizing years on me.

So I was going to send out my usual place Holiday update letter again this year. I started writing and realized that besides my new job, this has been a kinda crappy year for me. My Uncle passed away in March, My Cornea was removed and replaced in May and I have been neurologically ill since about August. Some nice things did happen though. We had a fab time in the Big Apple for a week, we had a fab time in Laguna and as I mentioned before, I have a fab job here now. I didn’t really have too much to write about because everyone here at Cyndiblock Talk knows how amazing my girls have been and how beautiful I think they are. And for the most part I do wish everybody to have a happy holiday. And as for the usual family snapshot, Emma and Alyssa will be drawing family pictures this year using a finely sharpened crayon.


We didn’t get our tree yet because I was insanely exhausted last night. I barely kept awake during CSI. This one was adequate. The last couple of shows have been tearjerkers and I am very happy that they made George Eads shave off his 70’s porn star mustache.

Hopefully tonight we will get our tree.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

I’m in a foul mood today. My legs hurt and it is payday. Payday means bill day and I have so many friggin bills this week. I hate giving away my money. Now that I have steady pay I want to keep all that money stuff to myself.


Just about finished the shopping. I have three more things to get and I am done. Hopefully we will get our tree tonight. Ever since Jeff got the 56’ he likes to get the Christmas tree and tie it to the roof ALA The Christmas Story. I love having a Christmas tree. When I was growing up my father would never let us have it. He was raised as a religious Jew and basically thought that a Christmas tree was a stupid purchase. I got my first one for $5 at a flea market. Funny enough, most of the things in my life growing up came from the flea market. My dog, Coco, my cell phone, my car, my Radio flyer wagon, and my second born.  My father is a connoisseur of the flea market. If you tell him to find something he will.

The girl’s holiday plays are coming up. Emma is singing “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” Not a solo but it should be, the kid can belt out a tune. In her 4 yr old head, this song is the funniest thing she has ever heard of. SANTA kissing her MOMMY! It cracks the kid up. I may have to get Jeff a Santa suit so we can get a picture of me kissing him.

Hello to my sad big brother who is all alone because his wife Julia flew home to Russia. Oh you poor little baby has to fly out there to spend Christmas with her. W-ah. Christmas in Russia, what a huge sacrifice. Although I do hear that it is 900 below there. Bring me back one of those funky dolls that fit in to each other, that or some vodka.  

I told you I was in a foul mood.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The Facts of Life

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and their you have, the facts of life…The facts of life.

This song has been in my head for about a week now. Ever since the lawyer quintet on Scrubs season 2 were singing it. We LOVE scrubs and it makes us sad that 1. It may not return and 2. We are brand new lovers and season three is not on DVD yet.

So I have been busy. So busy.  I am almost done with Christmas shopping. I have a few more things to get after my payday. Santa is Alyssa’s homeboy this year. Her Christmas will ROCK!

So, I have a tad bit of news. For the past few months I have been going through a series of tests to figure out why I have been having some problems. Problems like, achey pain in my legs and thighs, tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, headaches, double vision and exhaustion. So I gave in about 30 vials of blood, (no joke), two EEG’s, an MRI and a lovely spinal tap.  I have not received the results of the spinal tap yet but up to now the doctor says he sees the disease of MS in my visual EEG and there are lesions in my MRI.?????  So there is an 80% chance I have Multiple Sclerosis. Yee ha! I was really torn about all of this because I didn’t want it to be something major yet I wanted something to justify how I am feeling. Which is pretty damn crappy. I will keep up with any news I get.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Baby Factory

My friend Stace  got herself knocked up real good. My sister in law, LeAnn also got herself knocked up real good but we aren't supposed to know (giggle) It 's not like we wouldn't notice in April Baby girl Tatum. And Marti, if this is supposed to be a secret then forget everything you just read and no, Jen didn't tell me anything.

Friday, November 25, 2005

The Holidays

Thanksgiving was very nice. We were at Abbes and it was perfect. My parents stopped by and everyone laughed a lot.

The day after Thanksgiving is not only a huge shopping day but the kick off of 24/7 Christmas music on one of our radio stations. I actually enjoy listening to Christmas music. This year I seem to be very emotional. Certain songs make me tear up. I have doing that a lot lately. Videos make me cry. Commercials and the songs Happy Birthday sung by children and the National Anthem, Our what we were thankful for speeches last night and the fact that Alyssa said her friends, family and God and that Emma said that she was thankful for the turkey.


My obsession with my Harry Potter book has turned into something not unlike a heroin addiction. I can't get enough, I think about it all the time and I am alienating my friends and family to be closer to it. If I could liquefy it and inject it I would. I actually started on the last book and was miffed by the fact that it is smaller then the last and in a larger font. I have not seen the movie yet but will do soon. I am hesitant to start this book passionately because once I finish I will be like the rest of the muggles waiting for the 7th and final book.  

Monday, November 21, 2005

It was Joe Lewis not Frazier

Silly me, A Joe is a Joe is a Joe. Anyway, came home from Laguna last night. Despite Alyssa imitating Reagan from the Exorcist on the first night we were there. I don't know what happened but I do know that Emma was doing a pretty good imitation of her the whole week before we got there. Pictures are here.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A tale of many Joes

Joe Montana came to our studio today to talk about his fight with high blood pressure. The station was in a frenzy. The girls were all giddy and the guys were acting cool. One of our reporters, Cheryl was very excited and went home to pick up about 10 footballs for him to sign. Mericia went to the sports store to buy her boyfriend one for Christmas. We were all pretty excited. He was so cool and signed everything we had. This is really strange but I have this thing with sports stars named Joe. When we were little and hob-nobbing at the Dunes, My mother asked the boxer Joe Frazier to look over us for a minute. The exact details are sketchy but I know he did it. Oddly enough, I am not sure if my mom actually knew who Joe Frazier was and basically asked a stranger to watch her kids. The second Joe was Joe Dimaggio. Once again while hobnobbing at the Dunes we met Mr Coffee and took our picture with him. I will get that picture up soon. And then at CES show in Vegas I met Joe Namith. Apparently a huge football star, I asked him about appearing on the Brady Bunch. He told me at the time that it was one of the worst experiences of his life, and then he laughed and kissed me. (I was way cute then) I later met him again at a senior event years later and asked him the same question about the Brady Bunch and he said that it was one of the best experiences of his life.  I now need to meet a Basketball player named Joe. Is there any? Pictures of Joe here

Monday, November 14, 2005

Wizard of Laguna

We watched Wizard of Oz the other night because it was on. We have the DVD but we never watch that. Catching it when you least expect it makes it so much better. Well, we watched it and after the 100,988,876,544,300th time watching it you start to focus on other issues then Dorothy and the witch. First off, isn’t anyone concerned with the fact that there is a dead woman under a house? As nasty as she was, she still dead and it is pretty morbid that that are all singing about it. Gary Larson had a cartoon once that had Vikings coming back to their ship after a hard day of raping and pillaging. They came back and you can see that the dog on the boat was wagging his tail because he was happy to see them. As nasty as they were, someone will be happy that they are home. Which brings me back to TWOO? The wicked witch of the West was angry that someone killed her sister. I’d be pissed too.  Also why is Dorothy so quick to decide that she wants to go home so bad?? As far as I am concerned, Aunt Em wasn’t so nice to her.  And  seemed so dreary and dusty. Oz was pretty and clean. She didn’t even give it a chance.  Jeff and I were discussing another favorite movie of ours, Clerks. In it they discuss the fact that the Death Star was being rebuilt in Return of The Jedi. They must of had hundreds of contractors and their families living on it while it was being rebuilt. Then Luke and his friends blow it back up again. What about the innocent people just trying to make a hard earned living??  They are all dead.

So the family is off to California. They left this morning. They just called to tell me that they were at the airport waiting for Rick and Julia to come in. I was a nervous wreck last night. Not that Ididn’t trust my mom with my kids, it’s just that I don’t trust Emma with my parents. She is a bit on the “do only what she wants to do” side.  And my 65 yr old father loves to argue with the 4 yr old waif. Alyssa is usually pretty godd and the only one that knows how to use the car DVD player. Jeff and I will be there on Friday. We actually slept through the night and didn’t have a sticky sweaty butt in our face this morning.  Or Emma’s large face right next to mine talking in a loud whisper “Is it wakeup time yet?”   

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I have so many scarves to make for Christmas. I want to make one for each of my bosses. I owe one to Jacque and one to Abbe's daughter, Allie. I am so behind. I hope to get some done this week while the girls are away. I may have to put Harry Potter down for a moment. Did I mention that I am on book 5, Order of the Phoenix? I cannot wait until Goblet of Fire opens. I have a little sick crish on 16 year old  Daniel Radcliffe.   *gush*

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Life is just moving along. This week is going slowly. That is because we are going on our trip next weekend. The girls of course are leaving on Monday. We have big plans for that week. Hopefully we will actually do it. We want to separate the bunk beds and paint the room pink. The girls don’t know yet because I want to see if we actually do it first. I would like to get new bedspreads too.  We also have huge plans to do all the laundry. Exciting stuff. Jeff and I have tons of stuff to go through. We also plan on walking around buck-naked the entire week so you may want to steer clear of this house for a while.

We have no real plans for Thanksgiving except that we are hanging at Abbe’s. They love Thanksgiving and actually have it several times during the year. So we may be different and not do it on actual thanksgiving. Jeff has to work until 7 anyway. It is Christmas that I care about the most anyway. 

We are planning a trip to East Texas in April and I cannot wait. The last time we drove across the states, Emma was still in my belly.

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Is anyone there??

So I have lost 6.5 lbs already and I know that it is a small pebble in a large pond. It's something. A very slow moving something. But I am not going anywhere. I am staying on this train. I mean, c'mon, its November already and time is going fast enough. We saw Zathura yesterday and the whole time I was saying" What a rip off of Jumanji." Then I found out it is from the makers of Jumanji and it was friggin wonderful. The girls were a little freaked  but I loved it. We had preview tickets so we saw an advanced screening. I adore Jon Favreau Because "let me ask you, Am I the Ultimate Champion of the world?" He was good with Dinner for Five but you could never find it on cable. The girls and my parents are going to Laguna next week. They will be joined  my brother and my sister in law. Jeff and I will be joining them on the following weekend. The shopping season is starting at Bass Pro and November is sweeps and no one gets time off.  So we can't go any earlier. But let me tell you, I adore those kids but a week with Jeff alone is way yummy.

Monday, October 31, 2005


happy halloweenie

I see a pattern that I am only writing on Mondays. I will try and change that.

Busy Busy weekend. On Saturday the girls and my mom and I went to a pumpkin patch. A plethora of employees without teeth helped us on some of the attractions as well as buying three perfect pumpkins. They had a petting zoo where I could’ve sworn that the employee there was wearing those fake hillbilly teeth. To my surprise, she was not.  And let me tell you something about my mom. People without teeth LOVE talking to her and telling her personal things about themselves. Mom is well knowledged on the fact that Toothless Tina‘s birthstone is a diamond, that her birthday is in April and she hates it because engagement rings are diamond.  

They also had a trapeze set that Alyssa went on which scared the crap out of me. I think she was a little frightened too because it went really high.

They also had a slide that Emma had a hard time climbing because she had decided to wear a prom gown that day. The best thing was that when she slid down the slide, her dress acted like a parachute and flew up to show everyone her yellow panties. The pictures are great and will be ready to see tomorrow after I upload them to flikr. Saturday night the girls and I baked cupcakes and when Jeff came home we carved pumpkins. It was a real Beaver Cleaver Halloween. Tonight we go to Abbe’s to beg for chocolaty goodness and eat a potato bar.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Thank you Grandma, Pop Pop and Abbe

I had an amazing weekend with my husband. We were sans children and we were a couple in love instead of mommy and daddy for 48 hours. Not that there is anything wrong with mommy and daddy, but we had 2 days where we were simply, Jeff and Cyndi. And it was perfectly groovy.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Deeper into the dork forest. past the Buffy people.......

CSI was so good last night. It ripped me apart. We were getting worried because the last few weren’t that hot. We are upset that they only have one story instead of two now. But it was really good.

I finished my 4th Harry Potter yesterday and immediately turned it over and started reading it again. There were too many details that I missed. Plus I want to be on top of it when the movie comes out next month.  I am such the 11 year old boy!!! I just get so lost in this world. I haven’t been so excited by a book since Judy Blume and Are you there God it’s me Margaret? Where I learned all about being a pre pubescent teen.


I hopefully have an exciting weekend planned but I don't want to jinx it so I will tell you about it when I come back.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In all of the commotion..

I forgot to mention that it was baby boy Tatum's 35th birthday on Sunday. The girls and I made him dinner, ( Pot roast and mashed taters) decorated, (crepe paper and plastic blow bubbles -the ones you put a dab of goo on a straw and blow) and gave him gifts ( A stretch lizard from the Utah museum, daddy cookies and truffles from Harry and David and 4 tissues from Emma) She wrapped them herself with another tissue that she colored. We had a fabulous chocolate cake which we put sparklers on. We then threw out the cake because the metal sparks from the sparklers were all over it. We ate the chocolate truffles instead and Jeff tried to stop Alyssa fom crying about the cake. A good time was had by all.


PS: to Julia and Rick ; I haven't stopped laughing about " Not funny Baby." That cracks me up.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tuacahn Part deux

So we attempted it again but this time it was a successful trip. We had a blast! We saw Beauty and the Beast and Joseph and the Technicolor Dream coat. Both were amazing and made me sad for my old theater lifestyle and friends. We went to “Beauty” on Friday night and “Joseph on Saturday. Saturday afternoon we went to a museum with loads of stuffed dead animals. As Alyssa said,” This is just like daddy’s work” For some reason, Alyssa got a little weepy about all the dead animals and started moping about the dead stuffed Dik Dik. Emma on the other hand was shaking hands with the dead, stuffed Kangaroo. Ying and yang. It was a fabulous trip and we had a neato time. PICTURES

Sunday, October 9, 2005

renaissance fair

Abbe and I took the kids to a major freak show today. The Renaissance fair. It is where the deadheads and trekkies go during off season. It is a huge freak show and if you don't believe me, the pictures are here. Feel free to comment and read the extra notes I put in.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

What is worse?

Having to pluck a hair from your chin or having that hair be white?

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Happy New Year

Leshanah Tovah! It is the Jewish New Years and my mom had a fabulous spread. We had a great time and ate tons of foodage. Pictures are here.

The Tao of pee

I go to the bathroom at least three times a day at work. Less if I am busy. Why an I telling you this? Well, it is really something that I don’t think about. I get that little feeling, I go to the bathroom, and I pee. Well, at work we have two stalls. Two stalls for about 50 women. Funny enough though I usually find myself alone in there which is how I like it. But when a small town celebrity such as one of our anchor women goes there at the same time as I do, I feel pressure to perform correctly. I feel as though they are listening and I find it hard to concentrate of my urinary duties. And God Forbid I have something else going on then I have to wait until the bathroom is empty because it just won’t happen. Is this too much info? Because lets face it, everybody has the same thoughts, nobody talks about it. If I have to do a two then I have to literally wait until the other person flushes so I don’t make noise. But at least I can go in a foreign bathroom. I know several men who can only do a two in their own home. That is just silly. It’s bad for your tummy to hold in.

And while we are on the subject… Emma who is already established herself as an odd duck, sings when she pees. That is how Jeff knows when she is really going and not faking us out. She sings a little song. I proved this last March at my brother’s place in New York Emma had to go and we muted the TV to hear her little tune. I don’t know why she does this, she just does. If she has to poop she wants no one in the room at all. She has to have the door closed and it is really serious business for her.

Alyssa likes company and wants me to tell her the story of when Jeff and I met. She has heard it a million times. “In prison….”   “Oh… prison”

Emma also refers to sleeping naked as sleeping in her butt.

Too much? Well that is what you get when I don’t write for awhile.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Whole foods is not for geeks like us

So, we go to Whole Foods yesterday to pick up a special dessert cheese for my Noodle pudding that I am making for Rosh Hashanah on Tuesday. I know that I can probably get this cheese in a million other places but I always feel cool going into Whole Foods.  They have cool stuff. However, Square pegs do not fit into round holes. And by that I mean my mother and I. Everyone there is very sophisticated and hip. They know exactly what they need and they shop there all the time. We are sniffing the soaps, eating the gluten free muffin samples and sipping the whey milk.  We bring our purchases up to the checkout and after scanning two or three items, the lady tells us that we are in the express lane. My mother is very sorry and embarrassed and apologizes to the waif with the one item behind us.  The cashier tells her the amount and my mom hands her the checks. $20 short of the actual amount because she heard her wrong. Apologizing again to the waif who just nods and shifts from one foot to the other and watches her lettuce wilt from her salad.

My mom writes out a new check and hands it over. The cashier hands it back and politely tells my mom that we are in Whole Foods not Wild Oats and she made her check out wrong. Completely flustered and shaking now, my mom starts on her third check and can’t even make eye contact with the waif.


Rushing out in a hurry, we decided that we are not Whole Foods material and we should stick with your run of the mill supermarkets.


Fun weekend otherwise, On Saturday the girls and I went to the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk at the J. W. Marriot. They had over 5000 people show up and it was very emotional. My work was one of the sponsors and it was cool to see everybody casually.  This was a big day because it was the first time the co workers met the spawn, as my father likes to call my children. It was very early and Emma is far from an early bird so she was a tad grumpy but Alyssa did well. The Marriot is right next to the Suncoast so Emma kept asking if we can go there after. (Such a Vegas kid) But if anyone knows Emma well, she has a tendency to repeat herself every three seconds until she gets what she wants. Not so cute. Pictures are here. It was a really cool event to kick off National Breast Cancer month.


Alyssa became class representative for the student council on Friday which is no doubt the start of her political career. We are very proud of her

Friday, September 30, 2005


I have been horrible on the update desk lately. I used to write very friggin day and now it is lucky if I update once a week. Believe me; things are going on my friend. Exciting, thrilling family things.  Why only last week did my mom and I take the girls to Las Vegas to go on a boat ride and eat a fabulous lunch in an outdoor café. Of course it was really windy so the boat ride didn’t happen and Emma’s plate of fries ended up on my moms blouse and in her drink. And then there was the …..No, nothing happened. The same ol’ stuff. Wake up, work, and go to bed. I can say that I finished the THIRD book of Harry Potter last night. I was up until midnight. It wasn’t my favorite of the three that I have read. The first definitely won me over. I can’t believe how fast I am reading these! I guess that is why I am not blogging. It is hard sometimes. My eyes go out and I have to kind of refocus. My left eye, in case you were wondering, is not better. It is not healed and still very blurry. The real problem is that my right eye still has the eye disease and that is getting worse. So I really have no good eyes and that is sort of a problem. I have a really hard time driving at night because the streetlights turn into one bright blob. I am dreading the time change later this month. This month?!!! October done come up and bit me in the ass! Where did September go? Halloween arrangements need to be made soon.


I didn’t do too well on weight watchers this week. I know, I know, the 2nd week??? But I wasn’t really paying attention on the last two days and I am starting fresh today. I am just so tired and my hips hurt and and and and I can still manage to shovel food in my mouth.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Remember when I used to write very day? Remember?? Well I used to go sit at my computer all day and blog every thought that went into my head.

Well, now I have one of those job things and I am at a computer all day but rarely get an independent thought at all.

The news is amazing. Last night in particular. The Jet Blue plane landing was unbelievable, the hurricane is unbelievable and then there was this.

We didn’t know what to report first.

So about me.

I am so tired. I wrote to Stace and asked for advice about what vitamins to take. She gave me a few ideas.

I also miss my husband. Yes we see each other every night and watch TV and play with the kids and eat dinner but, I still miss him. We haven’t been alone in ages. Last week the girls slept over my moms but Jeff had to work late and didn’t get off until 8 PM. By that time I was exhausted. We went over to Elizabeth and Steve’s for awhile but I was so tired that we left way too soon.. I just want to go out on one date. A real dinner and maybe a movie.

 Alyssa signed herself up to be a peer mediator or something like that. She wears a red jacket at recess and if kids have a problem with something they can speak to her. She signed herself up!!! I am so proud of her.  

 I joined weight watchers again for the millionth time.  I wasn’t going to say anything about it but I think it will help. I lose 5.2 lbs in the first week. I have to stick with it because lets face it, I ain’t getting any younger. My hips hurt and I get winded going to the bathroom. That ain’t pretty.  SO, I will try again and write about my progress and maybe get shamed into losing the weight.  It is a real vicious circle (bark bark bark)

Because I know that I would lose more weight if I exercised, but I can’t exercise until I lose weight. My hips hurt too much. Not as much as your back Mom, I know, but it hurts very badly.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Only in Vegas!


This weekend we celebrated Abbe’s daughter, Julia’s birthday.  Vegas style!  We dropped the kids off at the Kids Quest, which is like a giant circus inside a casino! A lot of the local hotels have them and they are great. We go to the Suncoast hotel and in their kids place there is a sleeping room where movie are played and kids can take naps, a mini diner where kids order their own food, a giant jungle gym of tubes, arcade games and a Barbie room. Saturday we went to the Texas hotel and their Kids place had Karaoke, face painting and a tub of balls room. The kids were ecstatic.  Abbe talked Julia into having her 6th birthday there;  and while they were gambling with fun, we adults gambled with funds we didn’t have. We had great time. We then went back to her house to have cake and ice cream. Pictures

 I want to welcome a new reader to my blog. Jill Bryan. An acquaintance of mine from high school who I've been emailing and getting to know a little better. I was so excited to talk to her. She is freakin funny. And should start her own blog. Stace, this is Jill (Kimmel) who says hi and has already read your entire blog and loved it.,

Monday, September 12, 2005

*** WARNING if you are some of those people that I know and love that are against the reading of the book I am about to speak about, please kindly keep your thoughts to yourself. You know I love you but this is America where one may read ANYTHING they choose and form their own opinions about.  If you are against such reading material, then do not read it. I don’t believe in anyone telling anyone what to read, watch, listen to or do with his or her bodies. Thank you, now read on.


5 or so years too late and I am finally getting into Harry Potter. I got the first book from a thrift store for a dollar. It took me several tries to get into it but I finally did and could not put it down. It is so much fun!!!!  I finished it after three days. That may seem like a while for some of the 6th graders that read this site. (I have a huge 6th grade fan base) But hey, wait until you sniveling little brats pop out a few kids and see how long it takes you to finish a whole book. The only time I get 5 minutes of straight through reading is in the bathroom.  Anyway. I love it!!!! I am one of the millions of people that get it. Everyone talks about the book and I never got what they were speaking about. I am deep inside book two and I found this site that has a glossary and pronunciation guide. Plus fun facts.

I have been a tad ill for the past few days too. I get sick about twice a year. I am achy, hot and hoarse. Not a real big hoarse, maybe a little pony. HA. But I was sent home today from my fabo job and that made me kind of sad. Who will run the teleprompter???!! Who will answer the 11am contest line??  How did they do it all two months ago? Just kidding. They did quite well actually. 

Yesterday we went back to Abbe’s for some grubbins. Above is a picture of Nicole talking to her son, Gage and Emma because they were just kissing on the lips. She was trying very hard not to laugh because face it; it was all Emma’s doing and Gage is just a pawn in her hand. She wears the panties in that relationship

Friday, September 9, 2005

It is Friday again! I have been at my job for 6 weeks. A month and a half.

I spoke to my GA. Sister in Law a few nights ago. We used to talk a lot more but we have nutty schedules. Oh and she has three kids which she home schools and are all involved in a sport and all play an instrument and they go to church three times a week and and, and ,and  I work.  That’s it; I work, come home, make dinner and sleep.  I can’t imagine her schedule. PLUS she has MS. Which she has been amazing dealing with. When I spoke to her the other night she was feeling pretty good. Some days are bad. And what is worse is when the medication that is supposed to make you feel good, makes you feel crappy.  They are not coming out this year like last year. Just Rick, Jeff’s brother is. But he is working his rodeo convention all week so hopefully we can see him.

This weekend is the big ballet bash. Starting off the girls again. The weather has been awesome. Jeff and I call it Chevy weather. His 56 has no air conditioning so it has to be at least 85 to drive comfortably in it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

She gets it from Jeff's side of the family

Alyssa made the choir at school! And the best part.... Some kids didn't make it!!! That means that they just didn't take everybody!! I am so proud of her. She didn't even tell me she was trying out. She would have gotten her voice from Jeff's side of the family because mine dont sound so good. She is so grown up. She got her first pair of Chucks. Stace should be proud.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

situation sucks big time

I have questions about this Hurricane situation but I am too intimidated to ask anyone.


1. They say it is the worst natural disaster in US history. What about the San Francisco earthquake in 1906?


2. Is the MDA telethon held yearly going to suffer because of this?

3. Why are people stealing TV’s and electronics? The whole city is under water, wont they get electrocuted if they plug anything in? And where do they think they will store these things?


This whole situation sucks big time. It looks uncontrollable but I guess if they can clean up after 9-11 they can clean up after anything.



Monday, August 29, 2005

1st day of school!!!!!

3rd grade. Wowsers. Why it seems like yesterday I pushed that kid from my loins. This year was different. Jeff took over and walked Alyssa to her class. He took the pictures and made sure she was OK. I worked last night from 4AM to 1PM this morning so I could meet her after school. I worked the morning shift to answer a back to school hotline we had at the station. I thought the people who called were a little dense because if you don't know where your kid goes by now then you are pretty dumb. But we were there to answer anyway.  The day went super fast and I came home to nap a little. But it wasn't very relaxing because I kept looking at the clock even though I had the alarm set. pictures of new haircuts and back to school on flickr

Friday, August 26, 2005


One of the 12 cent fish died. Emma doesn't know. In fact, Emma couldn't care less. She doesn't even like the dogs. They just get in her way and eat her stuffed animals. She is always yelling at them.  She is not an animal person which she gets from my mother. Alyssa LOVES all animals. She gets that from my father. 

School starts on Monday!!!!! Yay! I have to be at work at 4:30 AM to run some phone banks about the schools.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

well hello

I am so tired all of the time. My day goes super fast, which is good, but I am exhausted.

Good news! The recipe I submitted to recipezaar got reviewed with 5 stars. Yee ha! That is flattering.

Jeff bought me fish yesterday and set up the tank right next to the kitchen sink so I can zone out while doing the dishes. Last night we took the girls to Pet Smart to buy more fish. Emma picked up three .12-cent feeder fish so Jeff bought a net to get with them. Alyssa picked out some mollies. I got two black gold fish with googly eyes that I named Amos and Andy. I love them.  I will have pictures later. I am too tired to do anything. Can you believe that Monday I will have been at my job 4 weeks?!  I was on the assignment desk today training. You have to listen to 5 scanners at the same time and listen for codes that tell you they found a dead body. Unfortunately they had a homicide yesterday. In a really good neighborhood. Jeff and I go there to play bingo all the time. The kids love to go the kids’ center

Friday, August 19, 2005

So, Jeff and I have decided to not keep in touch with Jesse anymore. I can't go through another accident or anymore drama. I have my own family to think about. Does that make me a crappy friend? I have always been there for him and if he wants to destroy himself, he will have to do it on his own.

My boss had mentioned to me that he wants me to start observing the newsroom more closely because he claims that I will not want to do my job forever. He is afraid that I will get bored. Not likely but he doesn't understand. What he does want me to do is think about producing. Producing really interests me. It is a lot like stage management except you have to write the stories that come off the news wires. You also have to include graphics, llive shots and directions. I will keep you posted. I am literally Mary Richards. She started out as an assistant too!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This is Cyndi......with the 8:00 news

I can’t believe I get paid for it!! Still lovin the news.

Last night Jesse called us from a bar. Those who have been reading me for awhile know that Jesse is Jeff’s closest friend and that Jesse is an alcoholic who has been in at least five accidents and was in a coma for a month with his last one last November. It is killing us. Jeff went to pick him up and I was “at least he called us.” Jeff was very angry with him. This totally sucks. He will not survive his next accident and I don’t think he wants to.

Anyway. In other news, Alyssa’s last day of school was Friday. She is above where she needs to be in reading and I am so proud of her. Soon the busy days will begin with ballet starting and the girls want to take ice-skating. So I will soon be complaining about all of that.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Broadcast Cyndi

Did you know that there is news everyday????? new stuff, everyday!! 

Jeff and I get to  go on a date tomorrow. Mom is having the girls over for a sleepover. We are gonna party like it's 1994. I got some killer shrimp and scallops for a great price.  

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Abbe always says that if anyone wanted to put a hit out on me and my family all they had to do was to go to The Cathay House on a Saturday. We would be sitting there eating Dim Sum. We haven’t done that in several weeks and I am starting to get withdrawals. I need my Dim Sum to function properly.  I may need to take some rice noodle straight in the veins

 My job is very exciting. It is never the same day twice. They changed my title from Newsroom assistant to Newsroom administrator. And yesterday they told me that one of my jobs was to run the teleprompter during the 11AM newscast. Which is way cool but would've been nicer if they gave me 3-5 minutes notice. They told me at 10:57. It was nervewracking (sp) But it was cool. I will be doing that everyday.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

You can't just have a clown anymore.

Baby's got back... pack

My first week was very exciting. The newsroom is so fast paced. I love it. I am using my brain and I am busy. I love it so far. There are a few stressful issues but I am feeling pretty good about it. I like working with local celebrities. For the most part, they have their head on straight. One or two need a lesson in humility. Working in a newsroom makes me feel smart. I am so on top of the news that I am looking down on it. It is crazy.

Today was little girl time. We went to see a crazy little play about Alice and Wonderland and Dorothy of Oz. Kids in their early teens put it on and they were very good. The girls loved the play. Emma wore her ruby red shoes and the wicked witch sort of yelled at her after the play at the meet and greet and totally freaked Emma out. Pix on Flickr We then went to Target to do the back to school shopping. New backpacks, lunch boxes and sneakers. My baby is in third grade!

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

So...How is it??

I will not tell you about my job. I am just too happy and I do not want to jinx it. I will tell you that not one person called me a lard ass Jew. Not one. I will tell you that I cannot wait to get there every morning. I will tell you that my boss is a huge Meatloaf fan. (The singer, not the entrée) I am very happy. Being in a newsroom is so exciting. Everyday is completely different. Break ins, teasers, and Action news!! Yee Ha! Everybody is very cool.

Tonight we had dinner at Mom’s. Some old family friends were there. Mom made a totally awesome sweet and sour chicken. Which really isn’t sweet or sour. She bakes chicken with orange marmalade jam and Russian dressing and it is to die for. She also made bitchen lasagna with sausages.   Pictures on Flickr

Anyway. Thanks you for all of the nice emails. Amy, you are so nice!! Congrats on your marriage! Also, thank you Stace and Nikki, and Nicole for calling me. And my friend Abbe who is always encouragement me and always has something nice to say to me. Elizabeth, Beer and wings are on me. I get paid on the 22nd! Also to my family that kindly whispered behind my back about how they only needed two family signatures to get me committed. I’m glad that one of you held out.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Yeeeeee Frigggin Ha!!!!!   I got my dream job. Yes, me Cyndi here, I am telling you, my dream job. Ever since I was 16 I wanted to work backstage of either a Vegas show, theater, radio station or TV station. Well I did it!! I got a job at KTNV as the news director’s assistant. I am so excited. I am actually waiting to hear back from my 2nd drug test in a month. Hopefully I can start on Monday. AND it is 50 cents more then the last job! I got a raise in one week!! I don’t care if I am getting coffee, I just want to be in that environment. They loved the fact that I am a long time Las Vegas Resident. I knew that little tidbit would come in handy someday. Finally I can actually use what I went to college for. And it only took me 13 years!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Not so good news.

So, I quit my job on Monday. WHAT????!!!!!! Yeah, I did. It was a horrible place to work. That horrible woman I spoke about, well, on the first day she made a “Jew” reference to describe a resident. I didn’t tell her that I was Jewish nor should I have to. She kept making several Jewish references. She was terrible. And this was only about 4 hours after I had worked on THE FIRST DAY. You would think that in the year 2005, this wouldn’t happen.  But more things happened. The staff would go to Starbucks and never ask me and one time they had a party for another staff member and didn’t invite me. It is petty I know, but I have never felt so unwelcome in my life. Especially after the Jew comments. But now I have been in a deep deep depression. I have been crying every day and I only want to sleep. Jeff has been a saint. He has been taking care of the kids and everything. I have promised my self to snap out of it by Friday. Get my crap together and look for a new job. But once again, I will not be writing for a while. I can’t get out of this funk.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Happy 65th Lin Lin!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy! We love you so much. You are everything to this family. You look beautiful. I hope that you had a great birthday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So today a man came up to me and said, "Yeah, the last activity girl was big like you." All I could say was "really?"This really wasn't the first time I have had a senior call me a lard ass. At Carefree, I had comments like that all the time. One old guy from Cuba told me that big asses like mine were practically a delicacy where he lived. His name was Oscar and he had three teeth. He was an artist in Cuba a long time ago. He liked to draw nudes and offered to draw me on many occasions.

Alyssa's school has called us to pick her up both yesterday and today because she said she was sick. She wasn't but since Jeff was home from work he did pick her up. When I asked her why she wanted to come home both days she was really hesitant to tell us. She kept telling us that she was really sick. After about ten minutes the truth finally came out. She didn't want to go to PE. She said that she would have to do sit ups and she didn't like that. So Jeff jokingly asked her if he should go up to her PE teacher and beat him up. And she freaked. She said, and I quote, " No Daddy, He is a lot bigger and stronger than you he could beat you up. He has muscles on his muscles." Jeff sort of went into a funk after that. Later when she came in to ask Jeff to open up her bag of popcorn, he yelled at her. "Why don't you get your PE teacher to open it up for you?" Poor Jeff. He wanted to be Alyssa's hero. And some 25-year-old muscle head teaching dodge ball to 2nd graders took his thunder.

Monday, July 18, 2005

work :day one

I started the job today and after 3 ½ minutes there I thought to myself, what have I gotten myself into? Yes, it is everything I have done before but the getting out of bed at 6 AM and working until 5PM?? What is up with that? It seriously cuts into Cyndi time. One of my bosses may or may not have been a man at one time. Tomorrow I am focusing on “her” Adam’s apple. She is an unpleasant woman who was “fake” being nice to me because she was so sick of filling in for the activities director. The seniors have been pleasant but it only day one and tomorrow I have to tell half of them that they can’t get the free lunch anymore. The good thing is that if they rush me I could probably take them. The heat has worn them down and they are weak. Plus, I can swipe their walkers and their big giant sunglasses. I wont talk about work because I do not want to get Dooced. Well not until 6 months go by and I can collect the unemployment.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Utah is freakin hot.

Our summer vacation is officially over. The girls summer camp is over, Alyssa goes back to school for a remaining 4 weeks and Emma starts pre-school. I start my job tomorrow and we all get a little serious. We decided to end our summer by taking a trip to Utah to see a play. Mom, the girls and me. We drove up to St. George, Utah to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at Tuacahn. The drive is only an hour and a half. It is 115 in Vegas but it is 120 in St. George. 120 degrees! Go put your oven on 120 and put your head in for a second. That is how hot it is. The first night was fun although I had a cold. We went swimming and just kind of chilled out. The second day we went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the morning and in the afternoon the electricity went out. ALL OVER ST. GEORGE. The entire city. That means no air conditioning, no restaurants, nothing. All we could do was drive around for an hour. At least the car was air-conditioned.  We drove up to Tuacahn, where the play was and they told us that the show would not be canceled until 8:30 when the play starts. So we would have to come back to see if it was going to go on. We found out that there was huge fire in the hills and it knocked out a transformer. Finally the power came back on and we resumed our trip. However the power did not go on in Tuacahn so the play was canceled. The whole reason for us to go and it was canceled.  We got our tickets back and we will try it again in September when the temperature is a little cooler.  I start my new job tomorrow and I am excited but very nervous.  PICTURES ARE HERE

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

For their love

This may sound a tad sappy and pukey but I love my kids. There, I said it. I love them, I don’t just love them, and I want to eat them up. I love them so much that I feel guilty and scared. Guilty because I am a Jew, I always feel guilt. And scared because I am neurotic as well as a Jew and every time I get too happy I have a tendency to shoot myself down. Like when I first started dating Jeff, I fell head over heels in love, I mean I LOVED him. I knew it the second he kissed me. I was nutty about this guy. And when we got engaged, I felt guilty that I was so happy. Guilty that my best friend at the time measured her self worth by whether or not she had a boyfriend. She went out with these total losers and eventually married one of them just so she could say she was married. I am not afraid of saying my true feeling about her because I know she does not read this blog and if she did she is too proud to tell me that I am wrong. She married a jerk that beat her up and cheated on her and actually told her that he never loved her. He made her give up her friends and even though her friends gave her an intervention, she blamed them for not trusting her love. But he still knocked her around, humiliated her in public and screwed around, but hey, she could at least say she was married. She of course, no longer speaks to me because I do not support her and her husband hates me.ANYWAY, back to me. After the guilt wore off, then came the fear. The fear that I was too happy, that something was going to happen because I was too happy. This is how I feel about my children. I knock on wood all the time when I look at them or when they are snuggling up to me or just even sleeping. They are such cool little girls. If I were 8 I would want to be Alyssa’s friend and if I were 4 then I think Emma would be a groovy little playmate. But then again, I am their mommy.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Hurricane

That is why I do not live in Florida, That and the bugs. I have been watching the news and I always wonder about the reporters that have to go in the middle of the storm to report. Did they lose a bet? Did they pick the short straw?? Who would volunteer to sit in that storm and tell you that the town was abandoned and it it very windy and wet?

Friday, July 8, 2005

I don’t have the passion to write anymore. I hardly read anyone else’s blogs either. I usually save it up for one day and read them all at one sitting. I got my drug test yesterday and filled out all the paperwork I needed. Secured my salary and found out when my pay dates are. Now I am nervous about working full time again. I haven’t done so since December of 2003!! Full time/ 40 hours. My hours were cut down at the other senior place from 40 to 30 hours. So this is going to be rough for the first couple of months.  I had to go to the chiropractor today because the back of my hips were hurting pretty bad. He took X-rays and did an ice treatment on me. IT numbs the pain quite a bit. He didn’t want to do any adjustments until he saw my x rays. Rick, I already felt better. GO TO A FRIGGIN CHROPRACTOR, YOU FREAK!!!  Enough with the holistic healing and the acupuncture already. And that is coming from someone who really believes in the healing power of reflexology.  Anyway, I go back tomorrow to see what the x rays say. I have just about had it with doctors.

Alyssa and Emma have been at summer day camp for the past two weeks and they love it. Alyssa had a sleep over on Wednesday and Emma was too young. To fill the hole of guilt in our hearts, Jeff, my mom and I took Emma to see Madagascar. It totally sucked. Emma liked it though. 

Saturday, July 2, 2005

an A+ day

There are 2 hours left but I can honestly say that this has been the best day my family had in a VERY long time. It was just perfect. Jeff had Friday and Saturday off this week, which he never does. We all slept in late. (8AM) Then we had a HUGE breakfast. All of us!! We then cleaned up the backyard, washed the dogs then went to my friend, Stephanie’s son, Donnie’s 9th birthday party. Now let me tell you, it has been a LONG time since Jeff had a chance to go anywhere with me and the girls.  It was such a cool “boys” party. They had a safari man there that brought the most incredible animals. See them HERE. Alyssa held everything so most of the pictures are her. Emma was a tad freaked.  But it was an awesome day.  Hopefully there will be more like this.

Friday, July 1, 2005

What's in a name

I think if Jeff and I were to have another baby her name would have to start with an “I”. Because subconsciously we have named our children after the vowels A,E,I,O,U. First Alyssa and then Emma. Our next kid would have to be Irma or Inga. We also end our children’s name with “A’s” for some reason. So, next would be Inga, then Olma, then Uma. There aren’t enough Irma’s or Inga’s anymore.

Jeff calls Alyssa “Princess” and Emma, “Pork chop”. Alyssa calls Emma, “dorkchop” or Em –d-uh. Emma calls Alyssa, “Awissa” Jeff used to call me “Baby doll” and would only call me “Cyndi” if he were mad at me. Now he only calls me Cyndi. But he is still my Honey Bunny but doesn’t always answer to it when I call.  We call Spooky, “Pooky” and Otis, “Dotis”  My mom calls me Goochie and my brother used to call me “Dindy”. Jeff’s sister calls him “Bubba” and I call my brother, Rick but his name is really Eric.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

So, I waited and waited and waited and finally I gots me a job! I will be doing activities again for seniors. I feel that it is where I belong, where I am comfortable and where they offered me a job! I start in two weeks and I feel pretty good about it. A little nervous and a little nutty. Thank you to all the people that were patient with me and were there for me. It will still be tough the next three weeks because I probably wont be getting a paycheck for another month but we can get over it. I hope we can. I wish we were ahead but we are starting way behind. BUT we are starting.  

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The last entry for awhile

I have nothing to write about. No job or good news. I am in constant pain and I cannot see nor hear. I am so bummed. I have applied to 32 places in the last 2 weeks. 32. 32 places that looked at my resume laughed hysterically and probably threw them away. 32 people looked at my resume and didn’t even think I qualified to get an interview. I have tested for jobs for the City of Las Vegas as well as the State of Nevada. I failed the Nevada test and I am having a hard time thinking positively for the city. I am feeling so low right now I am having a hard time getting out of bed. This has been an extremely crappy year. Starting from November. .

Therefore, this is my last entry until I have something good to write. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I am not feeling really good.  My ear is bad, my eye hurts and I have been seeing a little bit of double vision. The medicine that I take for the ear is knocking me on my butt. My back hips are killing me. So I will write soon. Right now........... PFFFTTTTTtthhh.

Monday, June 20, 2005

uh oh

Well it happened. The seperation of the ages. Alyssa's best friend is Abbe's daughter, Julia who is 5. Alyssa is 8 as we know and Emma of course is fabulous 4. Now, we have known Abbe and the girls for four years. Ever since Emma was 3 months old. The girls all love each other very much and the age difference between Julia and Alyssa was never a problem. But Abbe and I saw it last weekend. The seperation. Alyssa wanted to hang more with Allie, Abbe's 11 year old and her friend, Ashley rather than  Julia and Emma.  Abbe noticed it first. Alyssa was too "old" to hang. Which suited Emma and Alyssa just fine.They played great together. It makes me kind of sad because Abbe's house and her daughters is sort of a "safe Haven" I know them, I love them and I just know that Alyssa is going to want to hang with friends from her class now. "Others" with parents that I don't know.  She will soon start with the " How comes??" The "How come we don't have clean white carpet like...?" "How come ... ..'s mommy wears makeup and does her hair and you don't?" At Abbe's house all I get is how come we don't have this cereal and how come we don't have this toothpaste. It was manageable "how comes" And of course the "how come their house and garage is so clean?" I don't mind those. These anonymous mommies will anger me before I even get to know them. Alyssa is just too old and too cool for her own good. I knew it was a mistake getting her that bra.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers Day!

First to my Big daddy - Thank you for the intelligence, the street smarts, the sense of Humor, the creativeness, the curiosity and the advice to “put more lipstick on”. And of course the cool Ebay stuff. You can be a pretty cool cat, you just need to relax a bit and enjoy life. Happy Fathers day.

Second to my baby daddy. You are an amazing father. You are funny, sensitive, strong, and loveable. You are the girls' shining star. you are their hero, their prince and their cherry on top. They love you so much because you deserve to be loved like that. You hang their moon. You are so much more than just a father, You are a daddy. I love you.

Friday, June 17, 2005

My eardrum blew again. I can't believe this. I am literally walking cockeyed. My left eye is out, my right ear is out and my smell isn't what it used to be. Not one person called me from my resumes. nope, none, nada. Yee Fricken Ha.

If only there was a legal and moral way to make $100 an hour.If only I wasn't to stupid to get caught doing anything that paid $100 an hour. I am in one of those moods again.  A pissy one. If I don't get a job soon I will be forced to selll my body for Ramen noodles. I hope to hear back today from some of the 1000 of resumes I have sent out this week.

Alyssa got her zone variance for the school she is now attending. It is not really her school but it it is a great school and right next door to Emma's day care. I love it and I have had to beg and plead to the principal every year to get Alyssa in.

My ear is bothering me again. I am running out of senses. Next will be my sense of touch. My eye is Ok but that is it OK. I still can't see clear but they did tell me 3-4 months. I got a letter from the eye bank telling me that I can possibly contact the donor family if they have chosen to be contacted.I may do that.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Alyssa had a really cute patriotic performance yesterday at her school. It was only the 2nd graders. They signed a few America songs. I was really far away but the pictures are here. A couple of guys from Nellis Air Force base were there to demonstrate the 13 flag fold. It was pretty cool. The pictures suck because I was so far away.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Life is back to normal. I keep having these mini anxiety attacks that I still have a party to throw. Alyssa went back to school yesterday and her friends told her that they all had a great time.

Once again I am in full force looking for a job. Sent out 5 resumes yesterday.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

my hips hurt

Just like a senior. Yesterday was the party. Never again will I have a party at my house.

1. I hate people in my house. Abbe can tell you that is true, She has only been here about 4 times and I have known her for 5 years.

2. 8 year olds are nuts.

3. I don't want to be responsible for other peoples kids.

4. When Alyssa has her friends over, she is nuts.

The party was fun, for her. We had a giant birthday cake jumpy house, a treasure hunt, pinata, and a sandbox treasure hunt game. I think she had fun. I don't have any pictures yet because Jeff took my digital for his shoot so I had a disposable. The boy she has a crush on, Max, came with his sister. Alyssa was beaming but his sister was very protective of him. I timed everything perfectly but I couldn't have done it without Abbe and Nicole's help. Everybody picked their kid up right at 6. Yee Ha.

Jeff finished his shoot with shrimp, lobster, and crab. He had a great time but said it was poorly organized. He met a bunch of actors and made a lot of great contacts with some professional shooters and important sponsors. He is trying to get a local Bass Pro shooting team together. I will keep you updated on that.


Friday, June 10, 2005

sad bunny

I had a moment of great sadness today. For about an hour I couldn't stop crying. I was tired, stressed and my eye hurt a little. It's been a bad week. On Monday I got this really bad, short haircut that I am too ashamed to even show you. On Tuesday, I had this amazing interview with this amazing place that had an amazing salary but today they called to tell me that they chose someone else. On Wednesday, I had this test for a city job and went the wrong way which led me on I-95 which was down to one lane. I spent 30 minutes looking for a spot to park and missed the test by ten minutes. I have spent over three million dollars for this party tomorrow.

I am better now. I have gotten over the sadness and I am now focused on the party for my 8 year old. In other news, THIS is the celebrity that was on Jeff's team. You know him from THIS. I saw the roster and I really use the term Celebrity lightly. SHE was the biggest there.  He had fun though. The rest of the shoot is tomorrow.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Happy 8th Birthday Alyssa

Alyssa is 8 years old. That means that 8 years ago my water broke the night before and we rushed to the hospital to have a baby. She came the next day at 4:16 PM. Baby girl Alyssa. She is amazing, beautiful and smart.

Here is a picture of her doing her new favorite hobby, Archery. She is good too!!!

Happy birthday baby girl!!!! Mommy and Daddy love you VERY MUCH!!! Emma does too even though she shows it a little differently than us.

Also, Happy birthday to one of my best friends in the world, Nikki. I miss you so much! I hope that you are having a blast being old like me!

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Busy week, I am trying to tie up loose ends with Alyssa's party. We have 11 confirmed children but this is Vegas. No one knows how to RSVP so we may get a few stragglers. This party has turned more into a pirate party then a mermaid party. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow. Hopefully I can cut down on some of the drops.  Jeff is getting very nervous about the shoot.

Monday, June 6, 2005

The longest day of the year

Was yesterday. UGH! The recital was yesterday. We had to drop Emma off at 12:00 The show started at 1:00. We scrambled to get good seats since it was general admission. Thank goodness we had a spry 8 year old to leap around like a gazelle and hop in front of the seniors to save us good seats in the third row. My father chose to come on his own. He said that watching children dance all day was not his "thing" He came at 1PM for Emma's dance and left at 1:05 when Emma finished. He then came back at 5 PM for Alyssa's show and left at 5:20 when Alyssa finished. 

So let me tell you about the shows. Emma's 1PM show were all the toddlers that take ballet. It was painful yet adorable. 10-15 little deers in headlights. It was pretty short. about 35-40 minutes long. But after the show we had roses for her and Alyssa gave them to her. She was blown away. She loved them. Especially coming from Alyssa. We left there around 2PM then went to eat at Olive Garden since Alyssa didn't have to be at her show until 4:00. Her show was a little different. It was more, with the better students. It was amazing. Ballet is a true art form that takes dedication and patience. These teens were just beautiful. Her show was 2 hours long complete with an intermission! But it was very good. I know he doesn't want me to write this but my father lost it when Alyssa came out. He put his sunglasses on because he didn't want anyone to see him crying. He lost it when Emma came out too but it was a combo cry/laughter thing. It was amazing to see my little girls dance their heart out. I remember my first recital. I was about four and at the end, all of the dancers came out and got flowers from their parents. My mom didn't know that there were supposed to bring flowers so they sent my brother up with a five dollar bill to give me. Ahhh. It is memories like that that make my heart pitter patter. When I told Alyssa that story she said that she would've wanted the five dollar bill instead of the roses that she got. My baby. She so loves money.

SO we were at the hall from 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM!!! A long friggin day!

 Anyway, The pictures are here. My camera battery died right before Alyssa got her roses but my mom took some with her ordinary camera. Those pictures will be developed in a couple of months!

Sunday, June 5, 2005

It's a Ballet weekend

I am exhausted!!! Yesterday was the 2nd dress rehearsal for ballet. Emma's in the morning and Alyssa's in the afternoon. We were there from 9 AM to 1:00 PM They did their dances and checked placement on the stage and took group pictures. It is pretty tough to wrangle 20 3 and 4 year olds.  Today is the actual recital. Emma's in the morning and Alyssa's in the afternoon. Pictures will follow.

Friday, June 3, 2005


It is 4:24 in the morning. Tweep! Why is it that when the battery on a smoke alarm goes, it starts tweeping at 3:00 AM?? Every five minutes, loudly. That is how long I have been up.  I have also been up worrying. I hate that. I worry and stress about everything. It has been a month since I brought in a paycheck and Jeff is busting his butt doing all the work. Tweep! I have a couple of prospects in the next few days that I pray will turn out.  Ebay is a steady flow of nothing and I can't rely on it. Tweep! The dogs are nervous right now because of the Tweep! They are restless because I am up and now they want to play. 

Emma wanted to know what Yoda's last name was. Jeff told her that it was just Yoda and she wasn't happy Tweep! with that so she gave him the last name of Yodi. Yoda Yodi. She has been kinda obsessed with Star Wars because the marketing has been all over TV. She calls Darth Vader Doc Ador and Tweep! she likes him. Emma also hit her head on a pole today at Preschool so her thinking may be a little fuzzy. I can't believe that I was Alyssa's age when I saw Star Wars for the first time. 1977. My brother was obsessed with it and slept on Darth Vader sheets or something. Tweep! I am gonna try to go back to sleep for a few more hours.

Thursday, June 2, 2005

I was just looking over my 100 things about me list and realize that is is outdated. Jeff doesn't drive a cab anymore. He in charge of the Fine Gun Room at Bass Pro Shops. And with that comes a few perks. Other than a dazzling 40% discount, they are sponsoriing him for the upcoming Celebrity Shoot. They paid his $500 entrance fee and are bombarding him with the Redhead brand clothing line. He will be decked out in shoes, pants, shirt and hats. PMC, his old employer, is also sponsoring him with the guns. He is very excited. He hasn't competed since he left PMC. He is a very good shot. He has several plaques and prizes for placing. Cowboys are so sexy. The bummer is that he will be missing Alyssa's birthday party on Saturday. But on the plus side, he will be hobnobbing with Tom Selleck.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

eye see you

Went back to the doctor today. Last week I saw three feet, this week six, so it is getting better. He also gave me some of my drops in samples which saves on prescriptions. Samples rock. We were in the waiting room for TWO hours!!! They had Gilligans Island playing. The movie where they get rescued. It was so bad it was sad. Sad and funny. Why didn't Mr and Mrs Howell ever give the Skipper. Gilligan or the professor any new clothes to wear?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I think Yoda has dyslexia

Saw the big flick today much to my left eye’s dismay.  It was ok but honestly the whole story could’ve been told in thirty minutes. The last thirty minutes, which was wonderful. It did prompt us to scamper home and put Star Wars IV on VHS on and watch it. The acting was atrocious.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

computer bad

I got in big trouble on Friday. I sat and listed on Ebay for about three hours. When all of a sudden it felt like pins and needles were in my eye. My left one of course. I freaked. I thought that I had heard the slight “twang” of a teeny tiny bungee snapping which of course would be one of my stitches. I am slightly neurotic now since the stitch popping party of 2005. My eye hurt and I was watering and dripping all over the place. I called my less then compassionate tech nurses at my Dr’s office. They told me to continue with my drops. D-uh. I think they you need to have had an actual eye surgery to qualify as a tech nurse so maybe there would be a little understanding when I call you hysterical. She then asked me what I had did that day. I started with the beginning. “Well, I woke up about 7:30 and went pee, I then got the remote and turned on Buffy…” Oh and I spent about 16 bazillion hours on the computer.” Ummm, That was it. I had a tad bit of eyestrain. AND IT HURT!!! I closed my eyes for a few minutes and it helped.  


PS: Thank you fo the five people that emmailed me that they read my blog. All five of you are my best friends evah.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Pathetic. That is what the show should be called, instead of "Chaotic". The Britney Spears show. It was painful to watch so we had to turn it off. We watched the Anna Nicole show longer. I don't know what she was trying to prove but if it was "Look how stupid I am and how stupid the people around me are" then she did it. She has really hit the wall. 

 I have a picture of me now. Look at my left eye. It is totally trippy. The camera picks up the light off of my stitches and the whole cornea makes my eye look gray. It still hurts pretty bad sometimes. When it gets dry between drops or when I sneeze it hurts pretty bad.

 This will be a long weekend. Alyssa is off for a staff development  day. Saturday is another birthday at Chucks house of cheese and Monday is Memorial Day. We have nothing planned yet.

Who is reading this blog??? I have no idea since nobody comments. If you can read this email me here: and write "I am reading" in the subject line. IT TAKES TWO SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Oh, by the way

Alyssa wanted it so Grandma bought it. A bra. Yes, she is almost 8, it was about time. Poor kid, lugging those boulders around without any kind of support. Well not boulders really, more like rocks. Well maybe stones. Pebbles? ummm a fine beach sand? Ok, stalagmites, no stalagtites. WHATEVER< the ones that go inward.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Eye surgery retraction!!

So, I am not completely upset about my surgery. It is turning out ok so far. I had a bad few days. I went back to the doctor today and he said that everything is healing the way it should and to be honest with you, I see clearer everyday. The stitches in my eye are kind of annoying but that is the least of it.  I am actively looking for full time jobs now because I think that by the time I actually start working, I will be fine.  We had a busy weekend. On Saturday the girls had their first dress rehearsal for their recital. Emma’s was in the morning and Alyssa’s in the afternoon. By some sheer coincidence they get the same costume. I was so worried that they would be arguing over whose costume was prettier so this works out really well. On Saturday afternoon we went to Gage’s birthday party. Gage is my friend, Nicole’s little boy. I mentioned him before.  So we did that and on Sunday Nicole, Gage her sister, Stephanie and her son, Donnie came over. Stephanie had Donnie exactly one year before I had Alyssa and Gage is exactly 1 year older then Emma. They all grew up together and all chase each other like little monkeys. Stephanie informed me of her recent boob job. She had to tell me, I didn’t see a difference. Sorry Steph. But hey, congrats anyway. And congratulations go out to Stace for becoming a Canadian , Irene for becoming a Jew, and well, Stephanie for becoming the next waiter at Hooters.

Ballet pictures are here

Friday, May 20, 2005

My eye surgery

So basically I am blind as a bat. Except I read somewhere that bats have excellent vision. As of right now, four days after my surgery I am very sorry that I had this surgery. It has been a painful, drippy, gooey eye mess. I can barely see my monitor.  On Friday I got a call from the Dr’s office that said to come in at 9:15. They had a cancellation. My original apt was for 10:45. On Monday morning they called at 8AM and said they had another cancellation and to come in as soon as I could. I was wondering about all these cancellations. I did know that if you had a slight cold or fever you could not have the surgery. So, off we went, my mom and me. Both of us a nervous wreck. We got there is about 15 minutes. I sat in the waiting room and the nurse asked me which eye it was, I told her the left and she took out a sharpie and made a mark on my eyebrow.  I then went into the prep room. They told me to go to the bathroom because I had to eliminate any pressure in my body.  I am assuming that this meant physical pressure because if it were any mental pressure then it would’ve taken a lot longer to eliminate. So I went and I then laid down on a operating table to “relax” The nurse asked me again which eye it was and put in my IV and complimented me on my lovely hand veins. I was very proud and told her I was chosen Miss hand vein 1986. We laughed and laughed. We didn’t really and I actually wasn’t saying much at all because I was pretty tense. Then I met John. John was my anesthesiologist John was ummmm I’d say about 70. John kept telling me Henny Youngman jokes. He whispered in my ear, “ When I was born I was so ugly my doctor slapped my mother.” The nurse kind of just ignored him. Me, Well I knew John was the candy man so I laughed and laughed because I wanted some of Johns Happy candy. He gave me some and I got happy. I next remember a nurse taking me back into the bathroom and making me pee. The nurse and me. Peeing, together. I know that I was looped by then because I just peed in front of a woman and I haven’t done that since prison.  I then went to the operating room and they put the eye scapula in my eye. I am not sure of what it was actually called but I told them I felt it. The Dr, who I vaguely remember seeing, said that my eye was numb but not my eyelid. I told them that that was not good enough; I didn’t want to feel anything. So John came around again. And that is all I remember from that. I woke up and the nurse was asking me what I wanted to drink. Never ask someone coming out of surgery what they want to drink because she will say tomato juice. I don’t know why, It just felt right.  Mom was waiting for me and we went home. I just slept on that first day.  Now, the second day. (Danger music)

I went in for my post op appointment. The doctor looked at my eye and started clucking his tongue. This is never a good sign. He said that two of my stitches had popped and he would have to re stitch them. I thought it would mean back into the operating room. He meant come back at 1 and we will do it with numbing drops. That’s right. In the back alley of his office we are re stitching. Needless to say, I felt every moment of that needle going in my eye and was crying so hard that I was shaking. He kept telling me to hold still. I kept thinking, let me stick a needle in your eye and see how still you hold. I was in PAIN. Crying, hysterical, three-lortab pain. So needless to say that whole day was a blur. Blur as in I was on the couch in and out of conscientiousness and listening to American Idol and dreaming / hallucinating being in the audience.

 Day Three. Back into the office and a seal of approval from pokey finger doctor who told me that I could start on my medicine drop cocktail. I am due back on Monday.

In the meantime……

Back at the home front. Mom is taking care of me. Thanks mom. “What? The house isn’t really as clean as you would like it?? OH Ok. Go ahead, clean it.” “Yes. I know the kids stay up way to late.”  “I know, I know. You know what is best”. “Whet Mom? I really don’t know how we could not have onions. Yes, I know they are important.”  “ What mom? Dog hair? Yes, they do shed. I know. “  “ Mom? Are you going to take off your shoes the entire week? Please take off your shoes. PLEASE TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES MOM.”  “ No I do appreciate you being here. I really do. I need you here. “ “I don’t know why Jeff had to work on his days off and be in to work at 5 AM everyday this week.” I think it was an coincidence.” 

So in the end, I regret having this surgery. I know I needed it but it is frustrating waiting each day if I can see.

 Here are pictures of my eye. And a chance picture of my mom with out her shoes.