Wednesday, December 29, 2004

microwave goes boom

Our microwave broke. Now how are we going to warm up our food? Ugh. Just another expense. It totally sucks. I suppose we could Laura Ingall’s it for a while and use the stove but that is so time consuming. The girls don’t even know where popcorn comes from if it’s not in a folded up bag. And how will I warm up their TV dinners?? I don’t even think that there are directions for a, a, a.can I say it?? Should I say it?? Conventional oven!!!!  It has been raining like mad here. Or has Emma says. Naining. And cold! It is so cold and windy. I finished another scarf, which I am keeping. I bought this great book. Stitch and Bitch, which Stace assures me, will teach a monkey to knit. The book is really entertaining so far.  I haven’t read for pleasure in quite a while. I like to knit. It keeps me off the streets.  Mom is going to sit me down and teach me another stitch other then knit. I would like to make something more than scarves and square hats.

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