Thursday, December 30, 2004

Dear House

Dear House,

Thank you for being there for the last eight years. You were there for the births of my children, the crying and screaming of daily life and the laughter we all shared. You have kept us dry in rain and cool in summer, warm in winter and safe from the night. Have we done something to upset you? I know that we haven’t painted you or fixed you up at all and you hate that your garage is so cluttered but really, what have we done to set you off? First, you take away our heat. The gas company can’t figure it out. Then you take away our dryer.  Ok, So it takes 4 days to dry a shirt, no big deal. But yesterday the microwave and last night the TV in the kitchen. Now, really. Is it something we said? Have you overheard us talking about moving? What is it? You can tell me.

We love you.


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