Friday, November 26, 2004

Post Traumatic stress

Well , well, well. Isn't it amazing that when you start to relax things turn out ok? Well my tooth came out on Tuesday. I took the valium 1 hour before as prescribed. While Jeff and I were eating wor won ton at Little Dumplings, I realized I couldn't lift my Thai tea and the won ton in my soup just seemed silly. Those pills are great! By the time I took my second one at the office I was looped and feeling no pain. The dentist was awesome. I really did not have any problems. However, The reality of my home situation of having two broken toilets and two days before a houseful of people brought me to a nervous breakdown and a tear laden yam cassarole for Thanksgiving at Abbe's. Joey said the yams were awesome so my tears were in vain.Thanksgiving was so beautiful. We had a great time but it went too fast. Today I just cleaned while watching my favorite.. Gone With The Wind. It was on AMC channel.No commercials. I wept like a baby  when the townpeople get the flyers on who was dead, when Bonnie Bell fell of the horse and when Melanie died. Sigh... What a wonderful movie.  Tomorrow my brother in law and his family come in for a week. I probably won't be writing much but visit THIS instead.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Have  a great yummy Thanksgiving.

After the new year I WILL relax

This week is a mad house. Cleaning cleaning cleaning! Fixing fixing fixing.

I have my tooth taken out today at 4 PM I need to take my camera back to Costco. I need to shop for next week and plan what I will make for dinner and lunch and maybe even breakfast! I need to make my dishes to take to Abbe's for Thanksgiving. I need to clean out my car to trade with Mom. ( She has a mini van)I need to take Spooky to get groomed because he is starting to do the boot skoot boogie on the floor. I need to organize towels and beds for everybody.

My mind is racing and I just want to sleep.

I guess I will do that at 4 today knocked out at the dentist office. drooling like Pavlov's dogs. I wont mention how I still can't hear out of my right ear and how it is still infected. No, I won't mention that.


Both our toilets are acting up. We are going to have 9 people in this house on Saturday. I am not stressing because Jeff says he will take care of it. I wont mention the gabillion other things he needs to do before Saturday. I am having my wisdom tooth taken out today. I will not be in a good mood.

It is really hard to watch TV. Everything reminds me of Jesse. Even Rosanne. They were going to ride their motorcycle and it made me think of him. Howard Stern makes me think of him because of the strippers, which is a whole other story. Apparently they are easing him of his morphine cocktail so he can wake up. What his mental state will be is anyone's guess. I have been trying to go to the hospital everyday.

I am so bummed about my camera. I want to cry. I called Nikon and they told me that I have to send it in for repairs and it could take 4-6 weeks before anyone even looks at it! I loved my camera. I may just buck up and buy a new one. I don't know. I can't wait 4-6 weeks. I have so many things going on this month.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Laguna pictures

Here are some of the Laguna pictures. I will have more when my mom gets her developed. My camera is broken so I am sad to say no pictures of the girls sleeping for awhile.

No change with Jesse. I will see him tomorrow since the hospital is right next to my work.

Saturday, November 20, 2004


I just came back from the hospital and Jesse is doing better. Apparently the coma he is in is a medicated one to keep him still while he heals. He responded to Kim's (his girlfriend) commands to grab his hand. I went in to talk to him and told him that we loved him. If Jesse were conscience he would ask me if I was mad at him like he does evrytime he does this. How can I be mad when I just want to crawl in the bed next to him and hug him and tell him that everything will be ok. If one good thing that happend from this is that Frickin' bike is demolished and that we have seen a lot of old friends.

Not very good news

I had a fabulous time in Laguna with my family and Julia's. Unfortunatly I came home to news that Jeff's best friend, Jesse had been ina horrible motorcyle accident as in in a coma at UMC's trauma center. This is not the first time we have been through this with Jesse. It is however the first time with his new girlfriend, Kim. We went to see him last night. Jeff was hesitant since this is his best buddy and he didn't know what to expect. Only one of us could go in at a time. I went in after Jeff and was a little shocked at what I saw. Both of his hands are broken and the right side of his face is pretty much mangled. He has had swelling and bleeding in his brain and they have to play the waiting game to see what will happen. Jesse has been in our lives for ten years. We have been through two wives with him and a miriad of girlfriends. We love him but he is self destructive. He is an alcoholic. The last accident he was in was so bad that the engine of his truck ended up in the back seat. He had an angel watching over him that time. His angel was probably exhausted and went out for coffee this time. We are on the edge of our seats waiting for news.

I will have pictures soon of my trip. Emma broke my camera in Laguna so I have to get the pictures made up. The girls come home today.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

owww owww owww

SO MANY THINGS!!! Ok. Some not good, some bad, some ok. The girls are in California with my parents right now. It is really strange. I have never been without them for this long before.I keep thinking that I am forgetting something. Jeff and I are alone for the first time in almost 8 years. But instead of making Monkey love all over the house, (sorry Mom) Jeff has been working until 10:30 and I am getting the house ready for my brother in laws arrival. ( Thank you Rick for calling today to let me know how proud you are of Jeff. It means a LOT to him to know that you and Jen care.) We did go out to a really nice dinner tonight and then he took me to his place.  His fine gun room isn't open yet but should be soon. I was completely overwhelmed by how enormous this place is. Today was the official opening. We were there at 7:30 PM and the place was so packed that you could barely walk. Tomorrow I leave for Laguna to join the family. Unfortunatly, I have a perferated (sp) eardrum. Cause unknown. But it really is bad. I am nervous about flying and may take a celebrity oxycontin pill beforehand. AND I also have an impacted wisdom tooth which has a cavity in it that has to come out on Tuesday. To which they prescribed me valium to take beforehand. I will be just like Anna Nicole at the American Music awards.

The pictures are the leaves outside our house. ARen't they a pretty color of pink?

Friday, November 12, 2004

this makes that Bush thing almost alright

Scott Peterson Convicted of Murdering Wife Jury Delivers Guilty Verdict in Peterson Case Scott Peterson listens to the prosecution during his trial. (AP) Scott Peterson listens to the prosecution during his trial. (AP) Scott Peterson was found guilty of murdering his wife Laci Peterson and their unborn child

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Deep inside the DORK Forest

There are many levels of the Dork Forest. There are levels of Trekkies,
Star Wars fanatics,  Dungeon and Dragon nerds and I personally believe, the
deepest of all lies the Nascar freaks. Jeff and I stroll through the
dork forest every now and then with a little addiction of our we like
to call Buffdictions. It is a little addiction based on the show Buffy
the Vampire Slayer.
First let me begin by telling you that we are not
this  bad. But we do enjoy the show and we seriously love this. We
have it playing in all our cars and the girls know the words too. We
weren't always Buffy fans. I am not even sure how it happened. All I
know is that UPN plays  their reruns and so does FX. We do NOT watch
Angel. That is further in the forest.

Jeff has been crazy at his job. They open next week. He likes it though. It is hard to adjust to him not having cash everyday but soon we will have paychecks! I like my job too. November is speeding by. Next week my parents are taking the girls to Laguna. I will join them on Wednesday evening. Then the week after is Thanksgiving. And the week after that my brother in law and sister in law are coming with their kids. I have plans everyday for them. I am so excited! In December, I have finals. UGH!

Saturday, November 6, 2004

As sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

That is so profound. Life is going so fast. So many things that are happening that I have to stop and take a breather.

The past year has been difficult. I absolutely hated the fact that Jeff was a cab driver. HATED IT. It freaked me out whenever I couldn’t get a hold of him on his cell and although the pay was good, It was inconsistent. It was hard to budget. Well new things are starting for us, the Tatum’s. Jeff is starting a new job on Monday morning. Yes, it is true. No more cabbie. I didn’t want to write anything about his three interviews because I didn’t want to jinx it. He is the new Asst Manager of the fine gun room at Bass Pro shops. Back to his love of guns and thank the Lord above, back to him being home at night and a (almost) normal schedule. Now with me working, we will almost be a normal family once again. Although my job is part time, it is with the county and things can only get better as far as pay and hours over time. Right now it is perfect for me with school and taking care of the girls. Take a gander at my Monday schedule.

7:00 wake up get myself ready.

7:30 wake girls up

8:00 breakfast for girls

8:45 leave for school

9:00 School Alyssa’s school and Emma’s are right next door

10:00 work

2:00 get off It takes me 20 minutes to get back to my car

3:00 Pick up Alyssa

4:00 Ballet for Alyssa

5:30 Pick up Emma

6:00 Drop off at my moms and rush to school

6:30 school

9:20 school gets out drive home to pick up girls from moms house

10:00 get girls in bed and do my own thing

12:00 go to bed.

Things are really only that hectic on Mondays and Wednesdays. School is almost out for this semester and it was a lot harder then I thought. I am sticking with it though. I leave you with pictures of Emma’s Ballet class. This week was observation week. That means the parents were allowed to sit in. Alyssa’s was on Mondays and I had forgotten my camera. She was very beautiful and very graceful but very serious. Emma, Not so serious but still very beautiful.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

What A gentleman

Dear Supporter:

Earlier today I spoke to President Bush, and offered him and Laura our congratulations on their victory. We had a good conversation, and we talked about the danger of division in our country and the need, the desperate need, for unity for finding the common ground, coming together. Today, I hope that we can begin the healing.

In America, it is vital that every vote counts, and that every vote be counted. But the outcome should be decided by voters, not a protracted legal process. I would not give up this fight if there was a chance that we would prevail. But it is now clear that even when all the provisional ballots are counted, which they will be, there won't be enough outstanding votes for our campaign to be able to win Ohio. And therefore, we cannot win this election.

It was a privilege and a gift to spend two years traveling this country, coming to know so many of you. I wish I could just wrap you in my arms and embrace each and every one of you individually all across this nation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

To all of you, my volunteers and online supporters, all across this country who gave so much of themselves, thank you. Thanks to William Field, a six-year-old who collected $680, a quarter and a dollar at a time selling bracelets during the summer to help change America. Thanks to Michael Benson from Florida who I spied in a rope line holding a container of money. It turned out he raided his piggy bank and wanted to contribute. And thanks to Alana Wexler, who at 11 years old started Kids for Kerry.

I thank all of you, who took time to travel, time off from work, and their own vacation time to work in states far and wide. You braved the hot days of summer and the cold days of the fall and the winter to knock on doors because you were determined to open the doors of opportunity to all Americans. You worked your hearts out, and I say, don't lose faith. What you did made a difference, and building on itself, we will go on to make a difference another day. I promise you, that time will come -- the election will come when your work and your ballots will change the world, and it's worth fighting for.

I'm proud of what we stood for in this campaign, and of what we accomplished. When we began, no one thought it was possible to even make this a close race, but we stood for real change, change that would make a real difference in the life of our nation, the lives of our families, and we defined that choice to America. I'll never forget the wonderful people who came to our rallies, who stood in our rope lines, who put their hopes in our hands, who invested in each and every one of us. I saw in them the truth that America is not only great, but it is good.

So here -- with a grateful heart, I leave this campaign with a prayer that has even greater meaning to me now that I've come to know our vast country so much better and that prayer is very simple: God bless America.


John F. Kerry

Monday, November 1, 2004

this My other family

This is Jeff's Brother and my SIL, Jennifer. With their kids, Mathew, Anna Beth, and Sarah. They look fabulous! The are coming to Vegas at the end of this month.