Sunday, October 31, 2004

My brother is so cool.

My brother, Rick is a graphic artist genius. He is head of graphics at TV Land. So cool. So I sent him these pictures of Alyssa and Emma that we took at the Glamour Shots place. They took these pictures with intentions of adding flowers and a bird all around her. and Emma was supposed to have wings around her. But they wanted $200 for it! So I just got the proofs without the graphics. But when I sent them to my genius brother he added all that stuff! YAY! The pics are the before shots and after what he did. Cool huh?

Happy Halloweenie

Free candy! We had a blast. Went to Abbe's of course. The kids got tons of candy. Alyssa was supposed to be Barbie Swan Princess but she left her costume at home so she wore Julia's Barbie Bride costume. Thank goodness it was still in the Barbie genre or the night would have been a complete bust. Emma went from being a butterfly fairy to the tooth fairy. She kept changing her mind. It was pretty cold out.

Last night Jacque taught me how to sew with my sewing machine. I was so jazzed. I wanted to run to Super WalMart right then and there and make stuff.

So, a horrible thing happened to me the other day. There is a girl, Jesse in my class who is about 22 and has two kids ages 4 and 2. She is way cool and we talk  a lot to each other. Well, The other day at class I asked her how her kids were and she asked about mine. I said they were great. And she asked me how old they were. I said 7 and 3. She asked me how old I was. and I told her that I was going to be 35 in March. AND SHE SAID.......... Oh.. You and my mom are about the same age. 

I said what?? She said yeah, My mom is 38, She had me pretty young.

I am no longer friends with Jesse because being friends with her means that I could be a grandmother. I was pretty upset.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bad mood Molly

It took me a really long time to realize that not everyone in the country got Halloween off. October 31st has always been a day off from school and work here in Nevada. It is Nevada day. While the rest of the country toils and sweats, Nevadans sleep till noon. October 31st is the day that Nevada was admitted into the union by a one Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Thank Mr Lincoln. So we slept until noon on Friday. Not really but geesh, I was bushed after my first week of work. I wasn’t used to it and it totally cut into my nap time.

I know it has been awhile since I have written. This week flew by. On Monday I went to court to fight against a speeding ticket I am totally denying. It is $300!! So in lieu of going to traffic school or paying the full amount I chose to go to real court and fight it. That will be December 9th. I actually started my job on Tuesday. And on Friday I had the day off because of Nevada day!! Yay!! Jeff and I meant to vote on Friday but we didn’t get out of bed. We watched several teen flicks which we are addicted to. Mean Girls and The Girl Next Door. Both really cute movies. I didn’t realize it at the time nor did I do it on purpose but I have almost seen every movie Rachel McAdams has been in. Today we bought a new couch. We have had the old one for 8 years and it was starting to smell like us. And nobody wants that. It will be delivered on Nov. 12th. Tomorrow is Halloween. A true Pagan holiday which the kids adore. Which brings me to my beef of the day.

I HATE People who tell me what to read, watch, listen to or say.

I HATE people who will only listen to one side of things and think that their opinion is always right.

I HATE people who hate gays and lesbians. Because what it truly is really about is that person is just afraid of what they do not know about so they must criticize. Really. How does someone else’s love life impact your life in any way? If I chose to love another women why do you get your panties in a twist? I don’t even know you. Mind your own business.

I HATE people who tell me how to eat or what I should be doing with my body or what I am allowed to do with my body.

And I really hate people who tell me how to raise my kids. If you want kids go make them yourself. It takes some Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill wine and a back seat of a car and about 7 ½ minutes of your time.

I know that Hate is a strong word but I cannot explain my beef any better. Just leave me alone with your opinions. Your lifestyle may work out great for you and I am happy for you. Just leave the Tatum family alone and love us for who we are. Fun and groovy and basically just good people.


Sunday, October 24, 2004

If days had grades

Remember in "It's not the end of the world." By Judy Blume? She would grade her days. I think I will start doing that and focus on A days. Yesterday was just about a D-. Bad day in lab, And then Alyssa had another urinary tract infection which led us to the ER again. It is so frustrating to see her in so much pain.We got home at 2:30 AM. Alyssa is so courteous that she has her UTI's on Saturday so we can sleep in on Sunday. Some good things that happened this weekend were:

1. Abbe and her girls got a new puppy that I cannot wait to squeeze. She got one so I don't have to. It is a German Shepard that they named Francy.

2. I still have that job at the county!!!!!!!!!! 

3. Some guy just gave me a Singer sewing machine for free!!!!!!!!!! We were in the parking lot of the Super Wal Mart putting things in the car and some guy said that they wouldn't let him return it and did I want it? Did I? Why yuppers! I don't sew but my friend, Jacque is going to teach me!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Color me happy

Wowsers! I got me one of them there jobs! Yuppers, A super job that I will have forever! It is with the county and it is in the Health and wellness office. I am so happy! I am a professional now! Look at our new TV. Courtesy of Rosner and wife INC. Yee ha. Jeff is a happy boy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

raindrops done fall on my head.

I went to lunch with Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Steve today at Macaroni Grill.It was so yummy! It was even yummier when Steve picked up the check. Elizabeth is due in December. You can't even tell that she is pregnant from the back. It was really nice to see her again. It was also raining very hard today. The pic is from the view from my window. School was very tough tonight. The nervous system. The chapter is 50 pages! It is very hard. I get very frustrated.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Is is stormy here and the pressure is really low so I have a very bad headache. The girls screechy voices are like nails on a chalkboard. As soon as it actually rains my headache will go away. Some interesting things are going on this week but I will tell you about them as they happen. School is going well. It is still very difficult but I am sticking with it. I cannot even imagine being a certified reflexologist but my professor promises me that I will. You really know that you are a mommy when you recognize voices on the cartoons and realize the same actor does voices on several different cartoons. Paper napkin said it best in her Oct 12th journal entry.She has one of the best MOMMY blogs I have ever read.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

In most cities, people go to the park on Sundays....

In this city we go to theme casinos! A whole brood of us went to Excalibur today. Four mothers and nine little children. It was hectic but fun. If we were Mormon this would be the norm I guess. They have an arcade that we promptly spent more than as if we were sitting at the roulette table. But thank goodness all the girls won something. THANKS TO THE AMAZING ALLIE!!!!! You know that game where you manuever the claw to drop on a stuffed toy and then you drop it in the box?? Well, Allie is amazing at this game and won all the girls a Strawberry Shortcake doll! I was so impressed that I tried to talk Abbe into letting Allie drop out from school and let her go on the road as a carnie. We had a fun day.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Would you like to be my neighbor?

Jeff and I have lived on this street for 8 years. We have never socialized with anyone on it. We keep to ourselves. We wave politely when we see one of them and we do chat a bit with my next door neighbor, Joe. I like to keep nice nice with him because he shares our backyard wall with us and he has to hear Otis and Spooky have a bark attack over a pidgeon every day. I don't want him to hate us because of it. He once told me that he feels safe with Otis next door because he barks if there are strangers near. He really is being nice because the dogs bark when the wind is over 2 miles an hour. I saw my neighbors that live across the street from us and asked where they were going and the woman said, "Divorce court." GULP! Apparently my boobs weren't the only ones the guy was looking at. Maybe I will talk to the new neighbors. I doubt it. Why start now?

Friday, October 15, 2004

Baby Boy's birthday surprise

Jeff's 34th birthday is tomorrow. Jeff is not big on birthdays.  I always make sure everyone knows when it is mine. March 26th. He is my special, beautiful honey bunny. Happy birthday babycakes. I loves ya.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The first president I ever voted for was Mr William Clinton in 1992. I was so proud and nervous. Stace and I talked about it a lot and even called each other right after, We had to double check what lever we were pulling. It is a special right to be able to vote. I feel that if you do not vote you cannot complain about anything. And if you vote for Bush, stop bitching about the price of gas.

so sad

Christpher Reeve was truly a wonderful man. He was the star in one of my favorite movies of all time. Somewhere in Time. I even got married with the music from the movie soundtrack.

He will be missed.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

For a three hour tour.. a three hour tour..........

We went on a boat today. A Ferry, if you will. It was a breakfast cruise on Lake Mead. It started bad. Many, many, many, hungry seniors shoved in a very, very, very, small space. Grumpy children waiting to eat. Alyssa crying and saying" I came here for breakfast, not lunch." Emma drinking shots of half and half. Dozens of ladies from the Red Hats Society for what appeared to be their annual meeting.

After we ate we felt better. It was nice. The day would've been better if the A&W was open. I was craving a frosty cold A&W root beer. This A & W was very old and the entire city of Boulder City shuts down on Sunday.

Friday, October 8, 2004


I saw Fahrenheit 911 the other night. WOW. It is a powerful movie that made us really angry. You must see it. Rent it now, Go, now and get yourself to a Blockbuster. We had a nice time at Abbe's. We saw the movie and had fantastic Omaha Steaks dinner and did the poor man's version of kareoke. The picture is of Abbe, her sister, Jacque, Jacque's son, Joey and Allie, Abbe's daughter. They were dancing and kind of acting out "The Last Kiss" By Del Shannon, I think. I am not sure. But it was really funny. We got to meet Joey's new boyfriend, Mike. Joe's friend Ebony was there and of course Jeff. Who Ebony says is "daddylicious" Giggle. We had a great time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Baby part deux

I don't have pictures yet but my sister in laws sister (get that?) Luba, had her baby today at 4:30 PM . A girl! Natalie Jade Hodges. I think she was 7.2 lbs. Much smaller than her big brother, Daniel. Who I do have a picture of. See this entry.

Went to Abbe's today to help our friend Marti get on Ebay AKA Satans software. I shouldn't say that because I know that I will be back on it soon. I have a slight addiction. I also caught a picture of Alyssa thinking. Actually thinking. It is amazing.

Monday, October 4, 2004

I push lawn mowing machine so Grandpa's Hiena doesn't act up**

My father had hernia surgery today. All went well. He was a tad loopy for awhile but he is ok now. I took pictures.

One big Hey Hidey Ho to my neighbors across the street who put up a for sale sign today.

Dear neighbors across the street.

Dear mother that lives there. You are an anti semite. I never really liked you. When you found out I was Jewish you said to me.." You're a jew?? Do you eat that gefilte fish stuff? That stuff is nasty." No, I don't like you.

Dear father that lives there, My boobs are very smart but they do not talk yet. Staring at them when I am talking to you only makes them more shy. And P.S. Black socks with your shorts really are not attractive with your pasty white legs.

Dear little boy that lives there. If you bring that whiffle bat near my husbands 56 Chevy one more time he will have a coronary. I am sorry that because of you and your nasty little friends, Jeff is now known as Old Man Tatum, The cranky old dude that doesn't return our balls when they are thrown over our gate. Stay away from my dog. Otis doesn't like you and he finds you boring.



** Long Duck Dong - Sixteen Candles

Saturday, October 2, 2004

Just one dinner at the Tatums

These pictures were taken after one dinner at the Tatums. That is how many dishes I used. All we had was baked mac and cheese, Corn on the cob and chicken pieces for Jeff. Oh and tomatoes and mozzerella with olive oil for me. Geesh. But look at the after. I did clean up with the help of Alyssa who mopped.

OK OK, I have no interesting blog journal tonight.