Saturday, July 31, 2004

I hate Sears

I hate Sears. They opened a new store right by my house. I hated Sears at the mall because the salesman would sit around and have a gabfest while you needed help. I went once and three salesmen were hanging out . I asked for some help with computers and they actually said that someone will be over soon to help. No one called anybody and no one made any effort  to go and look for someone for me. I waited 10 minutes then left. I hate the Sears by my house now also. I don't get the big deal about Sears. They had a nightgown for a toddler for $24.00. I don't even have a $24.00 nightgown. I thought Sears was supposed to be cheap. This place just opened up this week and it looked as though the entire city was there. They were having a promotional raffle where you had a raffle ticket for each department and you would fill out your name and put it in the box in that area. Me and my mom dragged those poor kids to each department in a little less then 4 minutes. We bought 2 bean bags which are extremely hard to keep in a shopping cart. Especially when you add four $3.99 pillows. The kids were sitting on top of the bean bags and pillows because there was no room in the cart. Apparently safety is second when you need pillows. We were very tense when we left.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Smokey the Bear AKA Jeff

Update on Jeff's leg. He actually did go to the Dr on Tuesday. Today his leg resembles Freddy Kruegers face. but the swelling has gone down and it actually does look a little better.

On other subjects: I was approved for financial aid but wait, get this... I don't receive it until the 17th of August. Payment for classes are due on the 13th of August. Nice. I called financial aid and told them that it didn't make any sense. They told me this: "Just pay for the classes and you can reimburse yourself when you get the aid check"

Ummmm They don't seem to get it. IF I HAD the money in the first place I wouldn't need the financial aid. So my only hope is to write a check on that Friday (Aug 13) at exactly 5 PM, and by the grace of God they do not cash it until after the 17th.They NEVER works for me. I think I can bypass the system but there is no bypassing the system. Books are going to cost me $214. For books. $214. For books.I just need to keep repeating it.

A must see movie.

I just saw a movie that scared the crap out of me. Thirteen. It is a really powerful movie about being a teenager. If you have girls, it is a must see. And if you think that it is purely fiction and can never happen to you and it would never happen in your family. Wake up. It does happen. I know. The more naive you are the more it is happening to you. I am now going to pick Alyssa and Emma up and keep them in a plastic bubble. The most amazing part of this movie is that the actress (Nikki Reed/ Evie) wrote this movie. She was born in 1988! I graduated from high school in that year! Kids today are so much more than I was. They are amazing. Which scares me even more about raising kids. Anyway. The movie is very powerful. Jeff wants us to buy it and show it to the girls on a continuous loop as soon as they turn 10.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A love letter to my children

I love my children for millions of reasons but here are 15 that really stick out about each of them.


Her tushie. I have never wanted to bite a tushie as much until I saw hers.

How she always manages to get something in her hair when she eats.

Her sense of humor.

Her need to wear a dress every day because shorts are for boys

Everything revolves around her ( I don’t know where she gets it from)

Her facial expressions when she is telling you something serious

Her love of the color purple

Her independence

She knows who Bill Cosby is

She lets you know exactly who she is talking to

She holds grudges for days

The way she will chase you around the room to hit you

How proud she is of her panties

How she makes Alyssa hug and kiss her when she goes to school

How she always says " I love her" after we drop Alyssa off and then repeats it.


The way she laughs out loud to TV shows when she is watching by herself

When she dances in the mirror when she doesn’t think anyone is watching

How well she draws

How she can still be fooled by" I have something for you" when she knows it is just a way for us to get her to come over

How brave she has been during her 7 years with Urinary tract infections

Her stick legs

Her long finger toes

How unbelievable she is on the computer

How she loves to pose for pictures

How she still loves to curl herself into the tiniest little ball just to sit in your lap

How she thinks that we had Emma just as a plaything for her.

How she cries with real tears when she looks at my boobs and says" I don’t want big boobs!"

How sensitive she is

How she helps me with Emma and gets her everything she needs when I am not available.

How I can have a real conversation with her in the car

Target Rocks!

I called the place that I interviewed for and the HR department said that it takes two to three weeks after the initial interview for them to notify me!! Two to three weeks!!! Don't they know that I need to plan out the rest of my life?

Killer deals at Target. School supplies were practically free. 1 subject notebooks were 10 for a $1 and crayons were 3 boxes for a $1. Now I just need to know if I am getting my financial aid or not. I spend 96% of my life waiting for something.  I got my bill for school and that is due on Aug 13th.

Monday, July 26, 2004

artist rendering of event

Thanks to to my paint program, I have drawn for you my version of what happened on  July 23, 2004 aprox. 6:32 PM


No news about job.

really gross, but healing

Well, here is day 4. What do you think?

Sunday, July 25, 2004

And to complete my perfect weekend....

We just got back from the hospital. Oh Good, you are thinking, Jeff finally came to his senses and went and saw a doctor. No, that didn't happen. I took Alyssa, She had another urinary tract infection attack. As those of you close to us know, Alyssa has ahad UTI's since she was 6 months old. They used to be every month. and then they tapered off a bit to every other month then finally 2 or 3 a year. She has been in the hospital 3 times for them. You chicks out there know, The burning and pressure of feeling like you always have to go. Well imagine trying to potty train with that and imagine being a little girl with that and afraid of having stanky smelling pee and your friends smelling you. It totally sucks. Poor baby has been so brave. Well tonight it came out of nowhere. She was in so much pain. She knows all the rules. Wipe back to front, lots of water, cranberry juice, etc...... But with help of my two sister in laws and advice from Abbe, I came home and looked up some natural medicines and read something new that NO ONE, not her pediatricians or even her uroligist had told us. No citrus fruits. No one EVER told us that. Well coincidentally, She has not had oranges in a long time and last week we bought a bunch and Alyssa ate about three or four AND we just made a few pitchers of pink lemonade that Alyssa has been gulping up as if she were lost in the Sahara. HELLO!!! Coincidence? I think not. We are just going to pretend like she is allergic to citrus. And in a way she really is. In the mean time, I have another presciption for her. No more orange juice, tomatoes, lemonade, and she will have to do without her usual lime in her gin and tonic.

PS: you are going to have to do without jeff's owie picture tonight. We were at the hospital and he was asleep when we got back. I can take a picture now but the flash on my camera may wake him. Is it worth it?

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I don't want to think about it today

Better day today, Jeff says he is feeling ok. He went to work. Lucky for him there is a nurses convention in town so he had one of them look at his leg.

Picked up our pictures at Glamour Shots today and went to see the 3D movie at the Luxor.

Day two of Jeff injury is being documented. Called UMC Burn Center and they said we are doing everything correctly.

Friday, July 23, 2004

life part deux

I am going to say more about this evening. I have finally stopped crying. I have stopped because I have spoken to my best friend and my mother. Both who have made me feel a little better. But I stopped crying for more reasons. 1. I got all my vitamins together and I am going to start taking them again 2. I have done some laundry 3. The kids are sleeping. and 4. The dishes are done. But these are the real reasons. 1. Jeff was not seriously hurt in that fire. 2. No matter how mean and ugly I get, Emma and Alyssa still tell me they love me when they go nite nite. 3. Otis knows when I am sad and lays his big ugly lump and neck on my leg when I am at the computer. 4. My mommy will always love me unconditionally no matter how much I mess up.

 I really feel that the van going up in flames was a sign. A sign to finally stop Ebay. That's it. I can't take the stress.

PS : I really am feeling better. Now all I have to worry about is Jeff driving his cab on only 5 hours sleep. He promises me that he will come home if he gets tired. I just changed his dressing on his leg. You have to keep a wet towel over the burn to keep it moist. (thank you internet)

PPS : In all of this ugliness. My family can definitly keep their sense of humor. When the girls and I got home, Jeff came out of his room and Emma wanted to see daddy's owie. He showed her and she said " You want to see my panties, Daddy?" He said no but she showed them anyway. I saw a vision of Emma at 20 saying the same thing to a bunch of frat boys and I was scared.

PPPS : How come I have 250 + readers on this site but NO ONE leaves comments?? If it doesn't let you then by all means, email me.


It's a not so wonderful life

Before I get started, Thank God for my family and for my fabulous husband and incredible girls. Thank God for our health, Thank you Lord  for giving me everything you have given me, Thank you thank you thank you.

With that said, why do you throw such huge boulders at me to dodge? Why do you give me such large potholes to jump over? Why is my life absolutly nothing close to what I need it to be?

We sold the van for $400. We received NOTHING for it. On delivery to the man's house it caught on fire. Only to be doused entirely by water by the fire department that showed up within minutes. Jeff burned his leg and hand. He couldn't get the van door open and could not get out of his seat belt. We don't know what happened. But when we went to the guys house after, Jeff handed him the title and said "take it, it's yours" I was crushed. I knew it was the right thing to do because of it's condition but I really NEEDED that money. We lost $100 listing it.  We have nothing to show for it wexcept 2nd degree burns and an oil stain on our driveway.  I am so sad right now. Our life is like this, We can never catch a break. I am afraid I will really lose it if I don't get this job our if I don't get my financial aid for school. I won't be able to handle my depression.  The guy we delivered the van to felt absolutly horrible about Jeff. He just called us to make sure everything was ok. Jeff will be fine but I am not so sure about me. Why couldn't people pay their bills with wit and humor?

Thursday, July 22, 2004

HOT Very hot

Las Vegas, NV (89117):
Current Conditions: 105F, Mostly Sunny View Detailed Forecast   Need I say more. It is actually 109 by my house.  109!!! Put your oven on 109 then stick your head in it. That is what it feels like and it is only July. We have all of August to go where the average is 118. Still haven't heard about job yet.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Ho Hum

Well, Haven't heard about the job yet but it has only been one day. But, I am an Aries and I need things NOW NOW NOW! Abbe hooked me up with the job and is taking it to heart. If I do not get this job I am afraid that she will fall on a sword like a samarai warrior who has let himself down. I should know by Monday. The whole weekend, UGH! Anyway, I am still sick and I pretty much slept all day which was great. That is why I am up now. Alyssa conked out on the couch and Emma, decked out in baby boxer shorts and a baby wife beater feel asleep on Jeff's legs. I have a great shot but it shows Jeff in his chonies and I don't think he would dig that too much. He doesn't have a tushie though. A lot of men don't. I wonder why. I have enough tushie for the both of us. He worked hard this week, Bringin home the bread for mama. Snap snap snap. (in Z formation)

 In other news, They are moving Emma to Pre K! Well, it is actually Pre pre K but my baby is moving up. as well as Alyssa who just got her 2nd grade teacher assignment today. Jeff is bummed about Emma moving up because "Bitney" (As Emma calls her) wont be her teacher anymore. Britney is a hot young studette who flirts shamelessly with all of the daddies. They all love her. The mommies, not so much. She is also a toucher. She touches arms when she talks to you. Men are so easy they fall for it. It may be my imagination but I think she gets a little too giggly when she is talking to Jeff. "Step back Heidi, that's my man"

Tuesday, July 20, 2004


I had a job interview today. I don't want to say anything about it because I don't want to jinx it. I haven't been on an interview in over two years. I give great interview. But everytime I have a great interview they usually tell me that they are hiring internally. DRAT. They always do that. I even wore makeup. And hose. Panty hose gives you swamp crotch. especially in 109 heat. It has been so hot here. I never get used to it. They don't even let the kids out to play because they fade.

Nothing new on the homefront. I am sick again. I have no idea what is going on but I think it has something to do with me not having insurance. I am drinking tea and I am very tired. I am going to bed now because Queer Eye is over.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

There are many things wrong with Las Vegas

So many things.

1. There are many streets that are named the same but are no where near each other. Twain, Lake Mead, etc... Hmmm

2. It hardly ever rains but when it does the children go into shock and dance around like Carnies.

3. A lot of the themed hotels have live animal exhibits. MGM has the lions, Mirage has the dolphins, and the Flamingo has well, Flamingos.

The Flamingo also have penguins. Yes, penguins. "Say, Cyndi, Aren't penguins ARCTIC animals??" Why yes they are. So, hmmm, maybe 110 degree heat, not the best for them? Oh but it is ok, They have arctic cold air blowing on them. That is just the same, right?

If you look closely at the picture of the penguin he has a note attached to his neck that says "kill me now" on it.

Also, Emma bit her finger at breakfast this morning. She hasn't learned where the food ends and the finger begins rule yet. I myself have done that many times eating french fries.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Do you want this?

Do you want this van? We are selling it here It would make a great love nest. Add a twin mattress and a disco ball and ooh wow, Hot stuff.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

"You're out of your mind"

"You're out of your mind!" That was what my mom said to the lady at Glamour Shots. A photography studio where they do you hair and makeup, you wear their clothes and get pictures taken that are model quality. What my mom meant by her statement was actually her response to the lady telling her that the pictures we had chosen will cost $400. Ok. Hmmm. No that can't be right because we only chose 6 pictures and we had a gift certificate for the sitting fees. "let's take a looksie. Hmmm. No, we don't want to pay $65 per PICTURE to take our wrinkles out. That was a lot off the bill. Oh and the butterfly and flowers digitally inserted into Alyssa's pixie picture??? Uhhh no. No, thank you. But they did turn out nice. We got one shot of the four of us together, one with my mom and the girls and one with me and the girls. and two amazing shots of the girls by themselves. I will get them in 7-10 working days. The whole process took 4 hours and given that, the girls were great. They love being pampered. My little princesses.

Monday, July 12, 2004

I LOVE the 90's

VH-1 kicks ASS!! I love that channel! I just finished the first two years tonight. It was so funny. It is amazing but I can completley remember exactly where I was in every point of the show. The 90's were my clearest decade. Of course I met Jeff in 93 and that adds to the clarity in my life. I met him at a time where I was seriously confused about my future. I had just left UNR and had no idea where I was going, physically and mentally. I figured I would go to New York to be with my brother and hang there until I got it together. Well, to make a long story short ( ha ha remind me to tell you a joke) I met Jeff at the camp. and he said to me " I will do anything to keep you from going to New York." Boomo! I was a smitten kitten.

IN FACT! Today is actually the anniversary of our first date!!! Yuppers! We went shopping , saw The Firm, ate chinese food and then he kissed me. On top of the Caesars Palace parking garage. I knew then I wasn't moving to New York. My mom called him a summer thing and Jeff with his Hercules hearing heard her from a car 100 feet away. Well, he proved her wrong. 11 years later, my mom bought us two fabulous pies from Marie Callenders to celebrate.

Ok here is my joke I heard. The inventor of Cliffs Notes was on a talk show and the host says, " Just how did you come up with the idea of Cliff's Notes?" and the inventor says " Well, to make a long story short...." Get it? hahahahahahha.

Well, I am stuck on I Love the 90's for the next week. I have a real dilemma tomorrow when Queer Eye comes on. I am recording it for Jeff but I have to see it live.

They are calling for Rain ion Wednesday and Thursday. I hope so. It was 109 today!! But it's a dry heat. Yeah, right. Have you ever stuck your head in a oven?  The children are wilting. By the way. Alyssa's first day back to school today. YAY! I got so much done!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

And the seven deadly sins are?.............

Pride Envy  Gluttony .Lust Anger Greed Sloth I experienced about 4 of them this weekend. Today was Gluttony.  The Rio Carnival World Buffet is a vulgar display of food. Words simply cannot describe how much food one restaurant can offer you at an obscenely low price. ($4.99 for residents)Well we went with Abbe and her family today and I still feel guilty about the starving homeless on Fremont Street. I must describe the pictures to you. 1. There were TWELVE of us!! 2. The girls sat at their own table. Notice all of the creamers from the creamer tower they built. 3. Dim Sum ( yum) My favorite. 4. The Prime Rib I couldn't finish. 5. Abbe's crab legs. 6. My Buffet of drinks ( Hot chocolate, Rasberry Iced Tea, Strawberry smoothie, and Orange juice) 7. Jacque's perfect Crab leg pull. 8. Armondo, our bus boy, 9. Jose our awesome waiter, 10 The happy, stuffed and jaded little girls.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

You too can look surprised ALL the time!

Stace sent me this link. Did they honestly think they would get MORE clients with this picture???? It is so funny!

The children's alternate agenda

I think the girls are planning to drive me crazy. I can feel them  conspiring against me. Whispering all of the time. They are planning to send me far far away, Maybe not right now, maybe not next year but some day. For why, I do not know. I have no fortune, I have no estate. If they weren't planning all of this then why would Alyssa intentionally paint Emma's face red? Why would Emma open the fridge door, take out the food and feed it to Spooky? Why would Alyssa tell Emma that "mommy" has a big present for her and she will get it if she cleans up her toys ( Alyssa's) When she finds out there is no toy, a tantrum that could start an avalanche begins. Why does Emma tell me to go away while she is pooping then call me in to wipe her tiny tush? Why?

Please see the picture. It is Emma's blurry face covered with blush and then Alyssa trying to scrub it off with baby oil.

By the way. I know a lot of people read this site and I am thrilled! It is for everyone, not just friends and family so if you have a comment to make, please do. Sometimes AOL says you need a password and sometimes it will say that you are blocked. That is not true. I have blocked NO ONE. I don't know why that happens.But you can always email me at and I will add it to the site. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2004


mmm, NOT a good day, SCREEEEEEEEEECh is what Emma did all day long. Alyssa teasing her and apparently just looking at her is not helping. Emma is at that lovely stage where if she doesn't get enough sleep she turns into Reagan from the Exorcist. Except for the pea soup part becuase if you know Emma , she doesn't give up her food too easy. She is crazy. AND , she is repeating everything a million times until she gets what she wants, i.e. "I want milk"" I want milk" I want milk" I want milk" Over and over until she gets it. She usually wants it the second I drop myself down to go to the bathroom. She will repeat what she wants and slide her fingers back and forth under the door until you come out. Saw Spiderman with Jeff and Alyssa. It was OK. A guy movie.Oh yeah,  Emma is also throwing things. Alyssa never did that. She looks so angelic when she sleeps. So did Cujo.

Monday, July 5, 2004

100 things about me

I see this in a lot of blogs and I LOVE it. Learn about Cyndi now.

Firecracker day

Hey Howdy ho another holiday came and went. The 4th was really nice. Abbe had a wonderful party that contained 13 little girls!! It was pretty screechy. The girls had the time of their lives! Alyssa, my baby cakes! Alyssa stood up and sang "the Star Spangled Banner" and " America the Beautiful" All by herself in front of everyone!! She read all the lyrics perfectly. I am not a stage mother but if you want to book her for family events or weddings, just email me. Emma had a little accident and was burned by a sparkler. She spent most of this morning applying and reapplying her Mickey Mouse band-aid over her boo boo. We had such a fab time. Jeff said when he came home, Spooky would not get off of his heels. He was so shaken up. Spooky followed him to the bathroom and waited patiently until he could jump on the bed with Jeff and crawl in his womb. Wussy dog. No poo on the floor though. Or I just haven't found it yet.

Sunday, July 4, 2004

something new

I am trying new things with this blog. But I found this old picture of the girls. It was taken when we flew to New York for my cousin's wedding. Emma was 2 months old and Alyssa was 3 1/2. This was about the time that Alyssa just LOVED her sister, so much that Emma's eyes bulged out a lot.

Saturday, July 3, 2004

My Dam day

We had a really neato day today. We spent it in Boulder City which is about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas. It was built to house the workers of the then named Boulder Dam which name later changed to Hoover Dam after Herbert Hoover. The town was supposed to keep the workers from going into floozyville AKA Las Vegas. It is a really cool town that is straight out of the thirties.

 "the Eighth Wonder of the World," the dam stands 736 feet high, 1,244 feet wide at its crest and is 660 feet thick at its base. There's enough concrete in its structure to pave a highway across the continental United States.

Anyway. We went on a railroad trip and over the dam. It is so cool but very sad too. If you see in the picture, the white on the mountains in the background is what the water level used to be on the Colorado River. It is so low that things that used to be under water are now exposed. But we had a great time. The girls loved the train and I was really thrilled with the Dam.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. A day filled with parties, happiness and shit. Oh yes, when my dogs freak out by the fireworks they will most certainly crap on the floor with fear to celebrate their own America 's birthday.

Friday, July 2, 2004

Last night.

Looking for a job. I am a fun gal. Lots of office knowledge. Senior know how galore. RESUME Went out with an old friend, Elizabeth last night. We had dinner at Olive Garden and went to see The Notebook.  It was a sweet movie but oh my gosh, What a tearjerker. I think I stopped breathing for a minute. I had such a cryie headache when I left, I couldn't focus on the road and went the wrong way home. Elizabeth is 2 1/2 months pregnant and she just found out she is having a boy! She has a tiny penis inside her! I am so excited for her. From the picture you can see that this is what you are supposed to look like at 2 1/2 months pregnant. She says she can't fit into her size 4 jeans anymore, That is truly a shame. ( snicker snicker) Alyssa thinks Elizabeth is Cameron Diaz. She gets told that a lot. Anyway, it was great seeing her again and hope to go out with her more often.

The other picture is the girls when Jeff came back to our room after we played about 100 hands of Texas hold em in the kitchen. It is our new thing. We are addicted to the shows too. It is much more hip and cooler then Nascar which is prohibited in our house. It is strictly trailer.