Tuesday, June 29, 2004

what up, buttercup?

I have so much going through my head. My life is going so fast! It is already Summer of 2004! Jeff and I have been together 11 years. We met at the the girl scout camp we both worked at. He was the assistant cook and I was the counselor. I should've known it was meant to be since his camp name was Thumper and mine was Flower. But that was so long ago. In a time where I could just run off in a moments notice to 7-11 to pick up a pack of smokes. For Jeff, not me. I only smoke crack. Anyway, now I have to lug each of the children out of their car seats and into the store and warn them the whole time that if they even THINK of asking for something we are leaving. It never works and I usually end up buying something sugery and sticky that will end up on the couch or inside Spooky.

How did I get here? A mommy with two kids with minds of their own. How did I get so much stuff and not enough storage space? I have had  31 jobs since I started working at 16. I counted. 31!  I had 13 boyfriends before I met Jeff , 7 cars and 1 hairstyle.

We went to yet another birthday party at the Lied Children's Museum. It is a totally cool place. They have a stage and dress up clothes and a fake store. giant bubbles and a bunch of science experiments.http://www.ldcm.org/ Emma went into her own little world on the stage and just danced and danced to "it's a Hard Knock Life" from Annie. Alyssa played with the giant Lincoln Logs and freaked because she couldn't get out. I ate three pieces of pizza.

Monday, June 28, 2004


We have no money This is why:

1. Spent $52 to go see Shrek 2 for a 3rd time on Friday. Price breakdown includes: 4 tickets at matinee prices, 1 hot dog, two medium sodas, nachos, gummy bears, sour whips, butterfingers, popcorn.

2. $35 at the dollar store with the gross misconception you are saving money by shopping but actually buying 50X more items then you normally would because they are only $1

3. $150 for a biopsy for my dog, Otis' big giant lump which turned out to be benign and just a big giant lump.

4. $1 for the razor to shave Otis' big giant lump so we wouldn't have to pay $50 for the vet to do it.

5. $25 for honey. Well I went in for honey at Whole Foods but ended up getting peppers, garlic, monkfish, oysters, and cucumbers.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Happy Dance Part deux

YEE HA!! My computer has been blessed with revival!!! Thank you Rick for the Spyware 411 and Abbe for the system restore help. I am happy this puppy is reborn.

Ok. I have a week of update. Alyssa is on track break for 3 weeks and this was the first week. We take Emma to day care because it is a sort of camp in the summer. She rode ponies on Tuesday. "Mathew fell off, I held on."  I don't know who Mathew is but Emma keeps repeated this sentence. On Monday we ran errands, Tuesday she went galavanting with my dad, and on Wednesday I took her and Abbe's kids to a paint your own pottery place. This week lasted 2 months. It went very slow. And Alyssa time cuts in seriously into my nap time.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Ebay, AOL and a thing called patience

I am so frustrated. I i have been on the phone with AOL for the past 4 days. They tell me that I have exhausted my options. I must get professional tech help. At a fee of course. Something I do not have. I am taking my computer to Best Buy on Monday. What is happening is everytime I submit information such as Ebay listing, or Blog entry or even putting my name and info in for a mailing list.. As soon as I hit the SUBMIT button, off I go. Without warning. This means no Ebay. I am at Abbe's writing this.  I am about to scream. Be careful what you ask for because I had wanted to quit Ebay a few weeks ago. I looking into getting a full time job. When I start to know all the times The Cosby show is on TV, that is my cue to get the Hell out of the house.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

AOL. wah

I have been on the phone with AOL for two days. I keep getting knocked off. I have done everything they have told me to do and it stiil knocks me off. I am so sad. I am nothing w/o AOL. I can't even list. Sad.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

The Haunted House

My parents house is haunted. They have lived there since 1988. They are the only people that have ever lived there. When you are downstairs you hear noises upstairs and visa versa. You can hear footsteps at all times of the day and I always hear the sound of ruffling. Like petticoats or something. A long time ago when Jeff and I lived there I heard that sound. I asked Jeff what it was and he said that must be the wind. I hear it for about 30 more minutes and when Jeff goes out for a cigarette I ask him if it was really windy. He says, "It's not windy at all." I said to him. " I thought you said that it was windy, that the sound I heard was wind." He says "what sound?" I hated him. Then there is the toilet that flushed by itself and the missing items. My mom is always missing stuff. But that could be the lack O' gingko. But then there was the night that Emma had nightmares. While my parents were in Alaska we stayed there. Emma woke up, really sweaty and scared to death. She saw spiders. All over her and on the bed. Jeff layed down with her and tried to calm her. But she was really upset. Her lovely, toothless sister comes in trying to help and says, " I wouldn't be upset about the spiders, Emma, I would be more worried about that little boy under the bed." EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! I see dead people came screaming at me. The little shit was lying but I do have to say that she is really clever because not only was Emma up all night but Jeff couldn't sleep either.

I am exhausted!!!!!!

Busy, busy, busy.. I am exhausted from this really busy weekend. First off,  I was totally sick again. I had to go to Quick Care to get antibiotics. Yucky. I am sick of being sick. I was supposed to go to the flea market with Abbe to find the Holy Grail but I wasn't feeling right. Saturday morning we got the girls haircuts at the beauty school. (see pictures) Very nice work but these students were soooo slow and detailed. They pretty much cut one strand at a time. It took an hour to cut the girls hair. And honestly, Emma doesn't have that kind of time in her three year old day. Bored now. But it ended it up Ok. At noon we met my mom's cousin, Robert at the Suncoast for the Buffet. ( Vegas thing) He came back to my moms house while I went to Quick care for my quickly closing throat. It is very difficult for me, card carrying member of the "I love food fan club" to go to a buffet and only eat broth. uh uh, not happinin'. Turns out that I still have traces of the bronchitis I had weeks ago. I asked for samples and when the Dr said she was out (lie) I almost choked up. For those of you that don't know, I have no insurance. I freaked. Funny enough, she found some samples and put them in a brown paper bag for me. I am not sure if they are antibiotics or antidepressants, they were free and I am taking them twice a day. AT 5 PM we had a birthday party at Satan's Den. AKA Chuck E Cheese's. This party was huge and an hour and a half later of Chuck E doing the birthday song on continuous large screen TV loop, it was time to bail. Unfortunately, Emma did not think the same. Running around on a napless high, she was obsessed with the crawl through tubes. She saw me coming and ran the other way. Now I am not about to run through and get her. Far be it for me to ruin the rest of the Chuck E fun by having the establishment call 911 to get the jaws of life to pull me out of them. Alyssa and I quickly covered both exit and entrance of the toddler tubes and caught her by her stinkin, dirty shoeless feet. By 8 PM I was brain dead. We slept over my moms haunted house ( long story, next chapter) and got up early to wrap my dad's Father's Day gift and make him breakfast. I made my dad a t-shirt that says " I sold my grandkids on Ebay" and it has a picture of them on it. He loved it. At 11 AM it was off to the Bellagio to say goodbye to Robert. The flower garden changed again to an America theme. (see earlier entries) It was beautiful. But the piece de resistance' (sp) was the dancing waters outside, This is beyond words and description. It is incredible. They choreographed water to music and it really tears me up. A definate must see on the Vegas tour. I was to also totally impressed with the fact that I paid $10 for bottled water at the Bellagio. That cracks me up.  We THEN went to McDonalds for the girls to really get some exercise in. We left when two children got in a pushing fight. I love playing white trash on a Sunday. We came home at three to make Jeff Fathers Day Cuban sandwiches and chill after our crazy weekend. We got Jeff the original 1970's poster of Farrah Fawcett Majors for the garage. Incentive to clean it up.

Well that was it. I want to throw out some kudos to a few peeps. Alyssa for Signing the pledge of allegience to us all weekend, She learned sign language at school. My mom for taking us in all weekend. My dad for considering to let me go to the flea market with him as long as I don't speak to him on the way there or hang with him while we were there. Stace for turning me on to the BEST recipe website in the world. http://www.recipezaar.com/ so I could make Jeff the Cuban sandwiches. Robert/Bob for offering to pay for the $10 dollar bottled waters and for the lottery tickets you always bring me. and Abbe for being crazy just the way I like her. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a long entry.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Sea monkeys

Sombody got Alyssa Sea Monkeys for her birthday. It is so early to teach her about death.


Uh... Jeff let me drive MY car to the doctors. Not his.   Sigh.I can't drive stick anyway. Double sigh.;

Sunday, June 13, 2004

You can Love your Dim Sum Just don't LOVE your Dim Sum

Before I get to the pictures, Let me tell you about a little addiction of mine. It is the miracle I like to call Dim Sum. For those of you that do not know, Dim Sum are little tiny chinese appetizers. I love them and love is too weak a word. They are mostly little steamed treats made with shrimp or pork and stuff. Mom and the girls and I go almost every single Saturday to a place called Cathay House on Spring Mtn. They know us there and usually give us extra napkins and stuff. Special treatment don't y' know. Well, while my mom was on her trip, the girls and I did not go. Yesterday we went and I swear to you, It was as if I had just gotten out of prison. I could not stop eating. The dumplings were divine and the shrimp balls were the bomb. egg rolls were excellent and sticky rice was super. I love Dim Sum. I am Cyndi Tatum and I love Dim Sum. Out and proud baby.

Ok, Now to the pictures. Today was Alyssa's party. Her hostess for the evening was Mrs Cinderella Charming. Alyssa had 8 little girls there. Even though we invited 18 (grumble grumble) These girls made that poor Cinderella play Duck Duck Goose in her gown. They all "goosed" her and the poor thing almost killed herself on that gown each time. Emma couldn't believe her luck. Cindawewa, her hero, right there. She quickly changed into her Cindawewa dwess and made that poor princess carry her all over. I would've gone over to help but they were getting paid, I wasn't. This place, Steve N Kids http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2004/Mar-29-Mon-2004/living/23463831.html is awesome. They do everything for you. Cake, Pizza, dress up, playhouse, jumphouse. And they have these little twenty somethings all over to play with your kids. I love them. Kinda Pricey though. But it was fun.

Very sick week. Jeff had tonsillitis. I knew he was sick when two things happened. 1. he wanted to go to the doctor, which he never does, and 2. he let me drive. That never happens either. apparently he only had an 1/8th of an inch between his two toncils. They gave him fixer uppers and he feels better now.  fin

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Happy Dance

You can't see me right now but I am doing my happy dance. MY PARENTS ARE HOME!!! I will get back to that.

Today is Alyssa's birthday. She is seven! My baby is seven. She was actually due on the 19th of June but my water broke on the 8th. I never got my week of rest. It has been seven years but it still troubles me. I was going to work up until a week before my due date and take that week off to do nothing but chill. Well that didn't happen and I actually had to leave work that Friday before because I was having labor pains. Everybody tells me that I just need to get over it. That lost week is gone. It's been seven years, I am still not over it. Anyway, today is her birthday but her party is Sunday. It is a princess party, no boys, princess costume optional. She has already received a few gifts, As you can see from the picture, she got a makeup kit from Aunt Luba, My Sister-in-law's sister. Thanks Luba, I look pretty and I feel pretty!

Now back to my parents. Happy dance, Happy Dance. They are back! And they brought gifts!! They got me a magnet with an eskimo on it and a bunch of LUSH stuff from Vancouver. I love Lush because they last forever and smells really clean.http://www.lush.com.ph/where_is_lush.htm. Yay! bath stuff! I also got Jellies. One of them is Salmonberry which sounds odd but I will try anything if it involves food. Anyway, I am just thrilled to have my mommy home safe and sound.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004


This will be for my family that always asks what cute things the girls say.

 Every morning I make a lunch for Alyssa and every now and then Emma wants to bring a lunch too even though I pay for a lunch for her every day in her pre-school. Well this one day I made a peanut butter and marshmellow fluff sandwich for them and completely forgot that Emma's pre school is a nut free building due to allergies. Well, Emma's teacher, Miss Brittney (pictured) took her sandwich away and let me tell you she was pissed. Emma, not Britney. All we heard was "Bitney not my friend, Bitney took my samich" For two days, all day. Finally Alyssa got sick of it and yelled at Emma, "You're just gonna have to get over it Emma." And she never mentioned it again.