Friday, April 30, 2004


Fridays depress me. Jeff has to go to bed early because he works on Saturday mornings. I feel as though I only have one real day with him. We did some good thriftin yesterday though. Hopefully got some stuff that will sell on Ebay. Gotta make money y'know. It is always about money. I bought a buckeye today at the Psychic Eye bookstore. Interesting little place. I read in in the book,  Where the Heart Is  by Billie Letts That the buckeye is a very lucky seed. WTHI is one of my favorite books ever. Along with  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn -- by Betty Smith. Both of which I have read numerous times.  Well at the Psychic Eye you can pretty much buy any herb you want for spells or potions. I do neither but I love going in there for some reason. I also but some insence that is supposed to promote energy. I am back to being very tired again. Reason being that the symptoms of my POS have come back again. ( see earlier entries) I am going to start taking the iron pills again.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

staying positive

The above picture is my corroded 7 year old water heater. It leaked out into the garage and through the wall and floor of the girls room. I am not sure when. I only know that I discovered it last night. We had to go get a new one today. And clean the garage. It felt like 150 degrees today.

Monday, April 26, 2004

my test

The test was hard. I get confused by the chemical breakdown things. Oh well. We will see how I did on Wednesday. Right now I am pulling a strong D in thsi class which is not good. Registration is tomorrow. I am excited!   I just want to finish.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

The Miracle I call Ebay

The miracle of Ebay. I cannot believe how much I have a love hate relationship with this site. I have been selling on Ebay since 1998. Just junk. Crap I had around my house. People love other people's crap. I have lots of it. Thanks to Ebay I am allowed to stay home and only work part time. Actually as of right now, my part time is doing Ebay for a department store. Hmmmm. one might say I was obsessed. I even got Alyssa to put a picture she drew on Ebay. Just  a joke to see if she could sell it. Bidding starts at a $1. I am starting her young. The kids need to start earning their keep. Check out the goods on the taskbar to the left.

Friday, April 23, 2004

my friend Abbe

Jeff and I had a killer week! It surprised the crap out of me. It has been a long time since things went well. The worst thuing that happened was that my back kept going out but the miracle of Lortab helped me through. I tried to stay positive all week and it really does make a difference. Attitude is important. Ok. So enough of my soapbox, I got a stinkin 61 on my last test and have another this Monday. It is only two chapters so I need to focus. I need to at least get a C in this class so I can get credit. I register for my Reflexology classes on Tuesday. They are all night classes so my friend, Abbe and I are looking for jobs on Monday. I still want to do Ebay because I love it but Abbe has a great lead on a cool job for us that works around our schedule. Abbe is a real inspiration. She just finished her masters to be a teacher and just finished her student teaching. She is waiting for her teaching assignment. She is an inspiration because she waited to start a new career too.She took a huge pay cut to do what she loves and that is fabulous and brave. Abbe is an amazing woman. I went through 30 years thinking that I had met all the close friends that I will ever meet then I met her through a job I had at a hospital. I talk to her everyday. I can't make a decision without talking to her. You should meet her. She knows aomething about everything.

Monday, April 19, 2004

The power of positive thinking

This is a picture of me at Thanksgiving. I really like it because I was truly happy that day. I was also a little drunk. But I was really happy because I was with my best friend, her family, my family and some really neat friends. . I have tried the power of positive thinking today and to my amazement it worked. I had an unbelievable fabulous day! I have also strarted an excellent vitamin program that I know will do wonders for my health and well being. I am trying to stay this way. It feels so good to be happy. But it really scares me because I am always expecting the worst. I am going to bed now because all this happinesss has made me exhausted. Thanks for the call, Rick. You are so cool!

Friday, April 16, 2004


I quit my job in December. I was an activities director for a senior apartment complex. Carefree. I really liked it but got burned out pretty quick. I had worked with seniors for 5 years. The idea was for me to quit my job, go back to school and do Ebay full time. and maybe get a part time job. It is now April and school is the only thing I do. I left Carefree as a floater which is basically a part timer who fills in. Well, they finally called me this week and I have been working about 1 to 2 hours a day. I worked a total of 8 hours this week and I am bushed! It is hard working and going to school and taking care of kids.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Umm that didn't last too long.

Well, Ok, I did drink the stuff up until 12:00 when someone from work asked me to go to Sweet Tomatoes which is this incredible giant salad bar. But then we ordered pizza for dinner.  I have no will power. Today I had a Gyno appt. It is a follow up to my current ailment POS  This ovarian thing which I have ovarian cysts. Mine have burst so now I have other problems. The deal on this is that you gain weight from it. You need to stabalize your hormones so I was prescribed birth control pills. So I am not just fat from food. So there. Today Jeff and I went to the store to but a bunch of salad stuff and vegies and fish. We are going to try and diet together. We are much larger then we were 11 years ago. Jeff says we are big boned.  I say we are fat whales that neeed to get a grip. We need to stop watching reruns of Buffy and take walks.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

later that night

Uh oh I have a blog now and all of these thoughts are going through my head. I am attempting to start a cleansing diet tomorrow. Not only to lose weight which I really need to do but to also clear my mind, clear my skin and clear my body. I am attempting the Master Cleanser. Anybody who knows me knows that I have a terrible case of eczema due to stress. I know eliminating the stress will be far more difficult then eliminating the toxins from my system but I need to change something. My attitude for one. It sucks. I am trying to be more patient and more relaxed. I will keep you updated on how long it lasts. I made enough of the drink for tomorrow and I will strart fresh. I am sure that by 12 PM I will kill someone for a whopper.

I am so tired

These are my little girls. I love them with all my heart BUT.. They are so noisy and busy and needy! No, They are just little girls and I love them but sometimes I feel bad because I am so tired. I don't give them enough attention. I am trying to go back to school and do my business on Ebay which is sort of a waste of time because nobody wants my junk. It seems as though I never get anything done.

 I am going back to school after 18 years for my reflexology certification. I first had to take Anatomy and physiology. IT is hard!!!!!!!!1 SO much terminology. And studying is hard because I have to wait until  the girls are asleep before I can read but by then I am exhausted. I was taking a multivitamin but I don't think it worked. I may go on a cleansing diet.